Star Trek: The Lost Chapters 

星艦奇航: 失落的一章 - 劇情

Behind Victory, There is a Price... 

西元 2366 年底,在偏遠的星聯邊境,通訊站和殖民地接連失去消息,數十年來的和平眼見就要破滅。星際聯邦在兩天內秘密集結了數量龐大的艦隊,並對此事高度保密,所有高層以下的人都毫不知情。

Bellerophon全艦開始升級、校對裝備,兩位輪機部的少尉,Josh和 Fil 忙得不可開交。而安全部門全面警戒,艦上大小演習不斷。Susan 則認為,不管發生了什麼事,都沒有聯邦解決不了的。

看星艦 Bellerophon 號上的成員如何解決這次的難題。

In the end of 2366, near the far out quadrant of the Federation,  comm stations and outposts went silent. Decades of peace is about to end. The United Federation of Planets secretly gathered an armada within two days, and managed to keep this secret from all the non-essential personnel.

The Bellerophon started upgrading and calibrating systems, two ensigns from engineering, Josh and Fil, were working continuously for over a day. Security has gone crazy, one drill after another. Susan thought whatever the problem is, the mighty Federation can take it head on.

Watch the crew of U.S.S. Bellerophon face this crisis.