Food Marketing Study Tour

Spring 2011

A Week in Provence

A Food and Wine Study Tour of Southern France



Mark Lang, Professor of Food Marketing, Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph's University


Learn why Whole Foods and Wegmans are such exciting stores to shop.  We’ll trace product and merchandising strategies back to their origins in the food markets and shops of Europe.  We’ll discover some of the influences of the specialty food trend spreading across the United States.



Retrace a sampling of the cultural and culinary adventures of author and foodie Peter Mayle.  We’ll use his bestseller book, A Year in Provence, as our text.

The markets, shops, and wineries of Provence will be your classroom as we examine the products, displays, and techniques used by some of the finest food merchants in the world.

Return home and perform an analysis of Whole Foods and Wegmans’ strategies with your new perspective and expertise.


Agenda: May 18 – 30, 2011


Fly from Philadelphia to Marseille, France

Shuttle from Marseille directly to Avignon for a welcome dinner

Spend three days in Avignon and area visiting markets, shops, cafes, and a Cotes du Rhone winery

We’ll see, taste, and experience the food culture of France

Drive through the countryside of Provence from Avignon to Aix-en-Provence stopping for a lunch along the way

Spend three days in Aix-en-Provence and area visiting more markets, shops, cafes, and a Cotes de Provence winery


Drive from Aix-en-Provence to Marseille and spend three days visiting ocean-side fish markets, food markets, shops, and cafes

There will be group tours of each city and lunches in and around markets and in local restaurants



This course is an FMK elective

There will be 4 lectures on SJU campus during the Spring term to prepare for the trip

In addition to our tours, there will be 4 lectures on site in France



Requirements are being an FMK major, a Junior/Senior, having taken the Food Industry Overview class, having an OK GPA, and having an open FMK elective slot.

If you are a traditional day student, then the study tour would be considered a regular spring semester course.  If it is a part of your regular full time load, there would be no additional tuition for the class; the only cost would be the program fee covering travel and trip expenses.  If it is an overload class, then you would pay overload tuition for three credits and the same program fee.

We are planning on taking about 16 FMK students on the tour.

We are currently reviewing proposals and will have a final cost in a couple of weeks but we’re shooting for about $3800 program fee that covers flight, hotel, buses, breakfasts, and some meals.

Info Sessions will be 10/7 & 10/12, 11:30am MV 107 and 10/8, 5pm MV 220


An application is available in the Food Marketing office, applications are due by 11/15.  We’ll be deciding on students near the end of November.


Mark Lang                    mlang@sju.edu

Christine Bater            cbater@sju.edu