There are many opportunities, volunteer work and workshops in FMIG. 
Below are some  examples. Please Join our Google Group (FMIG) to see what those subgroups are doing and what's happening in FMIG

Girls, Inc.  OHSU students prepare and deliver interactive presentations to teenage girls in correctional facilities about health topics important to them, like skin care and sexual health.  Sorry, boys, the presentations are for girls only! 

Baby Beeper   This program pairs a medical student with a resident who is seeing a patient for pre-natal visits.  The program is becoming even more interactive this year, with students sitting in on all the pre-natal visits and being called at delivery time, and with more direct contact with the family! 

SW Clinic  This is one of the low-income clinics inPortland where students can work.  There is an elective for the clinic, where you can get 1 credit for doing a few shifts working in the clinic, doing translation, basic medical exams, and other great applications of what you are learning in class. 

Tar Wars   Working with the AAFP, a small group of medical students gives a fun, hands-on presentation about the dangers of smoking to elementary school kids.  You can sign up to go with a group of your friends, and help kids stay healthy! 

Ward Walks   This is a great way to get out the classroom learning!  Walk with residents as they work in clinic, seeing patients and learning great exam skills—a great way to see what hospital life of the family doc is like.  AAFP student members are given priority due to space limitations. 

Clinic Skills (aka Procedure Clinics)  Family Medicine sponsors clinics with residents and third or fourth year students who want to teach our MS1 and MS2s practical skills like suturing and casting that you will use in practice every day. You can even request a topic!  AAFP student members are given priority due to space limitations. 

Other opportunities and programs 

No One Dies Alone program, Ready, Set, Fit health education program for school children, College outreach program, Rural high school outreach program, Meet the Community FPs night, Potluck dinners and Post-Interview dinner for 3rd & 4th year students, "Strolling Through the Match", Procedural Workshops, Travel to state and national conferences, Monthly meetings with presentations on a variety of Family Medicine related topics, Graduation Mentor Dinner