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Actually, my research interests cover a broad range of topics in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. Some of the topics that I am working (or worked previously) are -

  • Information Extraction (Named entity recognition, Relation extraction, Event extraction, Co-reference resolution, Scope of negation detection, Acronym detection and corresponding expansion extraction, etc)
  • Application of Machine Learning in NLP (Active learning, Improving performance through automatic reduction of imbalance in data distribution, Building hybrid kernel based methods, Automatic corpus annotation, Deep Learning, etc)
  • Distributional Semantics (Concept disambiguation, Topic modeling, Distributional thesaurus building, Distributional frame semantics, etc)
  • Question Answering and Information Retrieval (Semantic search, Relevant term detection, Justifying passage scoring, Expected answer types classification, Customized search index building, etc)
  • Sentiment Analysis (from Tweets and SMS)
  • Syntactic Parsing (Automatic parse disambiguation)