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We offer the following membership types:

Introductory Package Membership

Curious about getting a glider pilot rating? Not sure if flying gliders is right for you? The Willamette Valley Soaring Club has a special introductory package that might help you decide. This package allows a new student to complete five lessons without paying the initiation fees or joining WVSC as a full member. The training package includes:

  • 5 lessons with an FAA Certified Instructor
    • Ground Instruction
    • Flight Instruction
    • Flight Time (including glider rental and tow fees)
  • Log Book
  • Package of Student Materials
  • Introductory Glider Instruction Textbook

The cost of this package is $500, $50 of which can be applied directly to the initiation fee if the student decides to join WVSC and continue training. The package must be completed within 4 months of the first lesson date, the student must be in good health and at least 13 years old. For more information, contact us at flywvsc@gmail.com.

Regular Membership

  • One time Initiation fee $500 ($250 Each Aditional Family Member)
  • Annual dues $250 ($125 each additional family member). (Dues are per calendar-year, due on January 1st and must be paid prior to any flying.)
  • Instruction fee is $35 per hour
  • Rental fees are between $12 and $30 per hour (depending on the type of aircraft)
  • Towcharges are $12 hookup + $0.90 per 100 feet (a tow to 3000 feet AGL will cost: $39.00)

Every member is expected to assume the duties of the operations officer twice a year.

Family Membership

  • For additional family members
  • Initiation and dues are 1/2 of Regular Membership
Junior Membership
  • For younger members who are not eligible for the Family Membership
  • Age 13 to 26
  • Pay Dues plus 1/2 of Regular Initiation prior to solo
  • Pay remainder of Initiation fee after solo

Ground Crew Membership

  • For individuals or family members wishing to participate on the field in glider lauching and retrieval.
  • $25 annual dues

Tow Pilot Membership

  • Initiation $100 plus $200 training deposit (refunded after 100 tows)
  • Annual dues $25

Daily Membership

  • Allows use of your own personal aircraft 
  • For visiting glider pilots who live greater than 100 miles from North Plains
  • $30/day

Visitor Membership

  • for visiting glider pilots who live greater than 100 miles from North Plains
  • allows use of club aircraft 
  • $60 for a maximum of 1 month
  • $500 deposit

Membership Benefits

  • Affordable Instruction and Soaring Opportunities
  • Safaris (popular destinations include Montague CA, Ephrata WA, and the Alvord Desert, OR.)
  • Large pool of experience (hundreds of combined years of aviation experience, tens of thousands of combined flight hours)
  • Social events (year-end Banquet, Summer BBQ, etc)
  • Monthly Meeting: We meet the first Tuesday of every month from February to November. Our current meeting time and location are: 7pm at Baja Fresh, 12286 Scholls Ferry Road, Tigard, OR.
  • Online Services facilitate the sharing of news, stories, pictures, videos, and other data

How to Apply

If you are new to the sport, we recommend first taking a ride, then using our special introductory package. Your instructor will provide you with membership application forms. If you are already a pilot, then you will just need to be checked out. Get a copy* of the Membership Application or contact us at flywvsc@gmail.com.
* To download the Membership Application, right click on the link above and open it in a new window.  Then use the File option to download it to your computer.