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  1. Ralph McManus - 25913
  2. Carlos_G - 24042
  3. shashwat.s - 22801
  4. Pepsi=bad=pwned - 18188
  5. Pepsi=Bad - 17770
  6. Lord Magician - 15405
  7. Ralph McManus - 14628
  8. MR BRITTAIN!! - 14041
  9. logan wallace - 13883
  10. Voyto - 12922 

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Fly The Copter Game

Fly the Copter is a fun and addictive flash game. You can play for fun or try to beat the highscores on your left. Your goal in this game is pretty simple.Fly a mini helicopter as far as you can. Use your left mouse button to go up or the chopper will fall down.

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