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Bias List

This is a [giant] list of celebrities, either singers or actors, that I'm interested in. 

Not exactly sure why I'm doing this haha... probably because I have too much time on my hands & because I want to keep track of them so I can see more of their stuff in the future.
Also, because the online communities I'm a part of like to compare lists like this.  ┐(´-`)┌


When it comes to celebrities, it seems I either really like the charismatic, carefree, energetic people, or vulnerable & cute, (or a combination lol).
I also really like people that have a lot of natural talent and have the self-discipline to work hard to develop it.
(And after looking through this list... it seems like I admire Virgos most lol....)

Oh, and it's not that I "only like Asians" (a literal quote said to me). It's just that I'm just mostly into the Asian Entertainment genre and so these are the only celebrities I really know.  
There are a lot of interesting celebs from my own country, but since I'm not as invested in the stuff from here, I don't really know anything about them other than they look attractive, so I don't really have a good list for them haha...

But I will note that Elijah Wood was my first celebrity crush after seeing him in The Faculty.
(Before that, I just liked fictional characters lol. I had a big crush on Niles from Frasier. I also liked Joxer from Xena. I just like submissive innocent kind of guys~ )

Top Biases:

I will watch/listen to anything just because they're in it~

Very Interested in These People:
I'm very interested in the things these people do~

I Like These People:
They catch my attention~
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