Welcome to my house!

This is my gateway site.  It's really mostly just for me, but you can look around if you want.
 You can find all my stuff right here in this one spot~ Just follow the navigation over there to the left :D
I have a lot of musings that can get wordy, haha, but I like to sort out my thoughts here sometimes.

Add me to any sites you want, but if it's possible, tell me who you are when you do it~

I'm usually Flynfreako everywhere, it's the same to me as my real name online, since I've been using it since I was 13.
I do have a few other names as well, but those aren't for you to know unless we're close~

I use FB mostly for real life people/family, ect. I'm most like my real life self there.
Twitter is used for kind of speaking my actual thoughts.
Tumblr is secret because it's fully my real hidden self.

Also, I doubt anybody comes here besides me,
but it's perfectly fine if you're stalking around my websites. 
I do the same, so I understand. If I wanted the info to be private, I'd hide it.

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