Constructing a Garden for your School!

 You are the present and the furture of our school's garden

  • If It was up to you what would you design?( Watch this You-Tube clip of a student project. He designed a garden utilizing his understanding of sacred geometry.)

   Geometric Garden

( Above and right are some examples
 of garden designs.)

 Students will design a multifaceted garden at our school. Students will submit designs for how to best allocate space for individual projects within the confines of the garden area. Students will be part of collaborative team of five members. 

Within their team, each student will have a particular focus and role. This will allow for every student to become an expert in their particular focus area. 

Working as a collaborative team in order to create the garden together assures that every student learns all the necessary components and standards within the project.

Check out this video

( An introductory film on creating a garden and outdoor learning laboratory at Wilson Middle School)

How will you work together with classmates to  design and construct?

  • What would it look like?