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Flying J Actively Censoring Critical News Reports

In order to protect themselves Flying J attempts to squash news reports of their activities.  FJW 's purpose is to create a living historical document of these atrocities in spite of FJ's policy of information suppression.

Hence, many of the links you find here are no longer active.


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Flying J is not your friend

Across our country, these vile, toxic monuments to stupidity and greed defile our highways, blotting out the sun while attracting crime and fostering pestilence.

The news stories linked here are true.  Only the headlines have been changed to protect the innocent.

Judge for yourself.

Flaming J: Fire Hazard

Posted 12/09/08

The kitchen got a little too hot this morning at the Flying-J Truck Stop in Fort Chiswell at exit 80.

Firefighters say a fire broke out in the cooking area of the kitchen a little before 3 a.m.

Flames spread through the ceiling of the restaurant and extending into the rest rooms.

The fire department believes it was a grease fire, but is still investigating.

FJ: Unhealthy for Children and Other Living Things, Part 2

Posted 12/02/08

An ailing truck driver was rescued from his semitrailer by a state trooper on Monday morning.

The 63-year-old Iowa man was found babbling incoherently inside his cab parked at the Flying J Truck Stop on Indiana 2, east of Interstate 65 in Lowell.

Around 11:31 a.m., the Indiana State Police received a call from Barr Nunn Transportation in Granger about a welfare check on one of its drivers. A tracking device indicated the truck was in the parking lot since 7 p.m. Sunday, but the man would not answer calls. A Flying J employee tried to contact the driver but could not get a response.

FJ: Unhealthy for Children and Other Living Things

Posted 11/26/08

A man is dead after being struck and dragged by a semi truck in a Strathcona County truck stop parking lot.

The man's was struck and killed in the parking lot of the Flying J truck stop, near Pembina Road, just east of Broadmoor Blvd., about 7:30 a.m.

Richard, a truck driver stopped at the Flying J who didn't see the collision, said the dozens of drivers at the truck stop were putting themselves in that driver’s shoes.

“I guarantee there’s a blind spot where (the victim) walked the size of a pickup truck,” he said. “If someone doesn’t make eye contact (with the driver), you’ll be lost in the blind spot.”

FJ Involved in Illegal Drug Trafficing

Posted 9/23/08

It happened at the Flying J Truck Stop in Edinburg, located off Highway 281. A belly dump truck was carrying dirt and 156 bundles of marijuana.

Police say the driver accidentally hit the dump button, which opened the bottom doors to the trailer. The bundles of pot fell to the ground.

"The individual was pursued on foot and apprehended. He's been detained right now pending further investigation," says Edinburg Police Chief Quirino Munoz.

Police are now taking inventory of the bundles of marijuana.

FJ: pumps are for chumps

Posted 7/7/08

What you see on the display screen and what get's pumped isn't always the same.

The State allows gas and diesel pumps, a difference of about 6 tablespoons of fuel plus or minus the number on the pump's screen.

Each year, 75 inspectors with the Texas Department of Agriculture test 65,000 fuel pumps around Texas.

Just in May and June alone inspectors placed out of order tags on thousands of pumps around the state.

Those tags will stay put until the gas station can get those pumps back into compliance.

In our area, here's the breakdown. At the Flying J Travel Plaza at 100 East Pinehurst Street in Pecos. 6 pumps delivered less fuel then they indicated on the digital display.

FJ disrupts holiday parade, truckers blamed

Posted 7/6/2008

Firefighters were called to a minor brush fire behind the Flying J gas station on Federal Way at about 6 p.m., a half hour before the city's We the People Parade.

"I think some truckers shot off some fireworks," Assistant Fire Chief Dave Hanneman.

Insane blogger rails against Flying J

Posted 6/25/2008

I wonder why Flying J doesn't turn their crappy (and I mean CRAPPY...) food restaurant into a Sonny's BBQ or something, I'd eat there every day.......or a retro diner with really good food like Lester's........bad food on the road is the biggest disappointment to me....well...after fuel costs, bad drivers, bein' homesick, uh, let's see what else....oh right...listening to politicians fight over the same stuff every day(they look and sound like such idiots...), watching big business close it death grip around the throats of working people, more and more sex and porn on the tv, more casinos and other ways for people to undermine their own futures......(I'm thinkin'........I'm thinkin')God being taken out of almost every way and walk of life......and did I mention fuel costs??......hell man is there anybody out there?....you know, the kind of men they don't seem to make anymore....I really miss Grandpa sometimes..I know Grandma does too...sometimes she stares out the window for awhile and I wonder if she's waiting for him to come across the pasture up to the house for dinner.........

[ Editor's note: Everybody's trying to steal my act! --JW ]

FJ defies local laws to blight highway

Posted 6/16/2008

Flying J wants a big sign for its proposed truck stop on Oliver Road – bigger, in fact, than local bylaws allow.

Thunder Bay city councillors are to vote on whether to make an exception for the site at tonight‘s council meeting.

For reasons of esthetics, the city‘s sign bylaw limits ground signs to a height of 7.5 metres.

The sign Flying J wants to erect is 10.7 metres tall.

Flying J - filled up or ripped off?

Posted 6/14/2008

CBS 5 News obtained records from Arizona's Department of Weights and Measures showing over the past few months, dozens of gas stations across the Valley have been cited for not having accurate pumps.

The Flying J on 67th Avenue south of Interstate 10 in Phoenix was fined $2,100. The station has been cited four different times for faulty gas pumps since January, according to documents.

[ Editor's note: $2,100 is chicken feed to the likes of FJ. They probably made tens of thousands of dollars from this obvious scam against the American people. --JW ]

Flying J exposed in new undergound video

Posted 5/30/2008

[ Editor's note: The anonymous author of this video obviously risked his life to create this disturbing footage of one of the darkest, most sinister plazas on our highways today. An absolutely shocking expose. Not for the faint of heart. See it NOW before the FJ censors find it! --JW ]

Freedom Fighters attack Flying J with car bomb

FPosted 3/23/2008 (link censored by FJ)

A pickup truck carrying fireworks lost control and crashed into a semi-trailer truck at a northern Alberta gas station, causing a huge fire that destroyed both vehicles.

It happened late Friday night at the Flying J's Truck Stop in Grassland, about 100 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.

[ Editor's note: Is it any wonder FJ crushed this story? These brave Freedom Fighters know the truth and have the guts to act. When will the American People join them in this fight? --JW ]

Flying J hackers develop new Web based root kit

Posted 3/20/2008

“We are live now on a scaled-down beta version with several of our customers, and plan to officially roll the system out on April 7,” noted Cade Mund, product manager for DriveLine. “It was developed completely by Flying J and is hosted here on our own servers. All the data is backed up here and all the support staff are here to help users."

Flying J eatery closed, "substantial health hazard"

Posted 3/19/2008

Morton's Flying J Travel Plaza deli, 1000 E. Cheyenne Ave., North Las Vegas, received 19 demerits March 3. Violations included workers unable to wash hands because sink not working.

GRADE: Closed for substantial health hazard.

[ Editor's note: Pardon me while I puke. --JW ]

Death stalks Flying J

Posted 3/16/2008 (link censored by FJ)

For nearly two years, Michelle parked her motorcycle outside the Country Market restaurant, hung her helmet and riding jacket on a designated hook, and prepared for the work day.

Customers and employees at the Flying J Travel Plaza, where the restaurant is housed, didn?t find her motorcycle in its usual parking space Tuesday. Michelle, 36, an assistant manager at the restaurant, died Monday night in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident.

Flying J offering free fuel

Posted 3/16/2008 (link censored by FJ)

About 220 gallons of fuel worth about $680 was taken at the Flying J Travel Center on Allegheny Boulevard in Brookville.

Brookville borough police said a diesel fuel pump was pried open and damaged so the fuel would pump without registering on the pump's meter. Damages to the pump were estimated at about $900.

Flying J to be fined for environmental disaster

Posted 3/16/2008 (link censored by FJ)

Eight months have passed since the Flying J Travel Plaza was pinpointed as the source of a petroleum spill in Clive's Walnut Creek.

So far, the truck stop at 11820 Hickman Road has not had to pay a fine for the March incident, but that may soon change.

Wednesday the Environmental Protection Commission will decide whether to send the Flying J before the attorney general. This could mean a fine of more than $10,000, the cap for what the Iowa Department of Natural Resources can recommend as a penalty.

"Flying J needs to be responsible for their actions and maintain the systems they have whether they are in Clive, Iowa, or anywhere in the United States",
said Bart Weller, Clive director of public works.

The Rapture begins - at Flying J

Posted 2/25/2008

A female truck driver from Arizona vanished from the Flying J truck stop in Middlesex Twp., Cumberland County, police said.

They said Lillie, 40, of Hickory Ridge, arrived at the stop along Harrisburg Pike with her co-driver on Friday.

At 6 p.m. Saturday, she went into the main building at the Flying J, leaving her purse and belongings in the truck, and didn't return, police said. She was reported missing Sunday evening.

Flying J to Lawmakers: FUCK fair competition

Posted 2/5/2008

The state of Wisconsin is being sued in federal court over a law designed to ensure fair competition among gas station owners.

The filing comes after a federal judge ruled in another lawsuit last year that the law is unconstitutional.

Gas station operator Flying J filed a new lawsuit Jan. 29 in light of the previous ruling asking the court to force the state to stop enforcing the minimum markup law.

[ Editor's note: John D. Rockefeller would be proud. --JW ]

Flying J offering free apparell

Posted 1/23/2008

Lubbock Police need your help to find this man. They say he walked into the Flying J Travel Center at 602 4th Street around 10:30 p.m. on December 26th.

The man allegedly took approximately nine jackets and then left the store without paying for the jackets.

The thief is a black man about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 175 pounds. He was last seen wearing black pants with a grey pullover sweatshirt & a black doo-rag.

Government crackdown on Flying J begins

Posted 2008 (link censored by FJ)

A unanimous vote by the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission on Wednesday put the fate of two Iowa Flying J truck stops in the hands of the attorney general's office.

The truck stops could face fines of up to $5,000 per day per violation, said Bob Brammer, spokesman for the attorney general's office. It would be up to a court to determine the number of days and violations for which the Flying J is responsible.

[ Editor's note: Again and again FJ suppresses bad news. How much did it cost to have this article yanked? --JW ]

Flying J thrives on human misery

Posted 2008 (link censored by FJ)

By South Dakota standards, a couple inches of snow and a bit of breeze isn't much of a winter storm.

But the system that passed through southeast South Dakota on Monday caused a disproportionate amount of trouble for motorists and led to the death of a 5-year-old boy.

Dozens of minor accidents were reported across Sioux Falls starting with the morning commute and continuing throughout the day. But beyond the city limits, drivers found more hazardous going.

The weather actually helped drive business at the Flying J Travel Plaza in Sioux Falls, said Jared Zach, one of the company's assistant owners.

"We've had a lot of traffic through here today," he said. "It's been kind of crazy for us."

FJ, local police harass truckers

Posted 11/30/2007

On Friday, Nov. 30, Rick Donais awoke about 7 a.m. to a policeman knocking on his window asking to search his Volvo dry van. He was at the Flying J truck stop in Effingham, IL near Interstate 70 and Interstate 57.

Donais allowed an officer to look through his cab and allowed a K-9 officer to inspect his trailer, he told Land Line.

Donais said he also noticed about eight investigators randomly walking from truck to truck, inspecting vents on several back doors of trucks.

"They were going around and just randomly picking trucks", Donais said.
"I don't need the harassment. It's bad enough you get it at the scales and occasionally the roadside without getting it at a place where you're usually comfortable and safe."

Flying J hooker vanishes

Posted 11/20/2007

Fifty year old Janet has sisters and brothers who love her. But they don't know where she is. The last contact relatives had was on Oct. 28th. Vanessa, her oldest sister contacted police. "We just know that's not her character. She knows to contact us. She talks to me every day."

Three metro east locations have the attention of the Belleville Police according to Capt. Don Sax.

"We know she frequented the area at Ninth Street and Exchange Ave. in East St. Louis, The Flying J in Alorton and the Route 203 truck stop in Troy."

FJ Practicing Unlicensed Health Care

Posted 11/22/2007

Early Thursday morning there was a double shooting in north Birmingham. Just after 1:00 a.m. police found two men at the "Flying J" truck stop on Daniel Payne Drive. They say the men had been shot at another location, but drove to the truck stop seeking help.

Flying J implicated in credit card scam

Posted 11/8/2007

Detectives at the Barstow sheriff's station are looking for information about a woman wanted in connection with the illegal use of a credit card.

The woman was last seen driving either a red or burgundy Chevy Astro mini-van and is believed to live in Barstow, he said. She also made transactions at the Flying J truck stop, Jack in the Box and KayBee Toys in Barstow.

Flying J crushes competitor K-Bob's

Posted 10/31/2007

On Monday, five former K-Bob's employees went to the state's employment agency seeking assistance, said Bill Griffin, area director of the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions based in Tucumcari.
"Of the five that came in, I referred four of them to the Flying J," Griffin said. "It is fortunate that there are several local business and a new large company that is hiring servers and cooks when a similar business closes."

[ Editor's note: Flying J will not stop until all competition has been eliminated! Soon our highways will be littered with the empty, rotting shells of once-thriving, legitimate businesses like K-Bob's. Wake up and smell the coffee, America! --JW ]

Flying J benefits from government pork barrel

Posted 10/22/2007

EDON, Ohio - A $500,000 grant from the Ohio Small Cities program will help pay for the construction of a water tower and water and sewer lines in this Williams County village.

The construction, which includes 3,350 linear feet of water and sewer lines, will help Flying J Inc. with its new $12.2 million service plaza on St. Rt. 49 at Ohio Turnpike Exit 2.

Freedom Fighters block construction of Flying J

Posted 10/1/2007

After two years of delays, the Ontario Municipal Board public hearings into the controversial Flying J Truck Stop proposal for Thunder Bay got underway Monday at City Hall.

Over the next two months the fate of the multi-million dollar development will be deliberated between the city of Thunder Bay, the Flying J and counsel representing citizens who reside in the proposed development area.

Town doesn't want any shit from Flying J

Posted 2007 (link censored by FJ)

Saugatuck officials have made it harder for a proposed Flying J travel plaza to go up on Blue Star Highway at 63rd Street.

Though the city has no direct jurisdiction over the sale or use of the Laketown Township property, the council found a way to block the development.

It's all a bit complicated, City Manager Kirk Harrier admitted, but by selling excess sewer capacity to Laketown Township, with the stipulation that it not be used for certain types of developments, Saugatuck can quash the project.

[ Editor's note: Congratulations to the Saugatuck City Managers. However, the battle may already be lost, if the experience of other towns is any indicator. --JW ]

Flying J offering $50 blow jobs

Posted 2007

A woman arrested Tuesday is accused of offering to perform oral sex on a man at Flying J Travel Plaza, 2250 N. Ohio, for $50.

Deputy Police Chief Carson Mansfield said the woman approached a 47-year-old Alton, Mo., man as he sat inside the store. The man refused, telling the woman that his wife was seated next to him. The woman then told the wife to leave so that she could make some money, Mansfield said.

Flying J shakedown closes two plazas

Posted 2007 (link censored by FJ)

Two Flying J travel plazas in Wells, Nev., have closed and will remain so Thursday while officials inspect area fuel delivery systems.

The two plazas are located off Interstate 80 and Highway 94. They offer diesel and gasoline, a full service restaurant and other travel services.

"The sheriff's office has asked that the power be turned off," said Flying J marketing coordinator Cathy C. Johns. "Fuel dispensers, lines and tanks have been shut down. Flying J has arranged for extensive testing of the integrity of the entire fuel delivery system and operations will not resume until these experts have cleared the tanks for use."

[ Editor's note: This is news FJ doesn't want you to hear. As usual their army of goons crushed this story --JW ]

Flying J manager gloats over price gouging

Posted 2007 (link censored by FJ)

At the Flying J truck stop and fueling center on Indianapolis' Southwestside, general manager Tim said truckers weren't fuming over diesel prices, which hit $3.21 a gallon at that station Tuesday.

"They understand. They're pretty savvy. There've been wide swings in the market for so long now, they're used to it."

[ Editor's note: Translation: "We will charge whatever the market will bare and crush the little guy!" --JW ]