Band Members

Jim Cauthen, recently retired from IBM, plays fiddle for the group.  Joyce Cauthen plays guitar. She is a folklorist who has written With Fiddle and Well-Rosined Bow: Old-Time Fiddling in Alabama (University of Alabama Press, 1989). Together they have researched Alabama’s fiddling traditions and produced an anthology of Alabama’s great old-time fiddlers (Possum Up a Gum Stump: Home, Field, and Commercial Recordings of Alabama Fiddlers)

Rachel Turner plays bass.  She grew up in Mississippi, the daughter of a Baptist minister, and adds just the right touch to Flying Jenny's old-time gospel numbers.  By day she is a dental hygienist.

Charlie Hunter plays claw hammer banjo and fiddle in the group.  Charlie grew up listening to Jim and Joyce playing with his uncle Duncan and has become a valued member or the group.  In addition to performing with Flying Jenny he performs on his own and with the fine old time string band the "Yahoos".