One of the original members of Flying Jenny, Duncan Blair, discovered he had early onset Parkinson's disease a few years ago.  This disease steadily eroded Duncan's ability to play the banjo and practice his profession, law.  He resigned from an active law practice several years ago and now has resigned from performing music.  Duncan firmly believes that his playing music with Flying Jenny helped him cope with the disease.  As Parkinson's made inroads into Duncan's banjo playing he took up the banjo ukulele with success and continues to perform with the band.  So far Parkinson's has not had a noticeable impact on his fine ear or his vocals.  His nephew Charlie has stepped into his very large shoes.

Duncan has immersed himself in fund raising for Parkinson's research and in working with organizations dedicated to easing the burden of Parkinson's disease on the victims and their families.  Flying Jenny assists at Parkinson's functions whenever we can.  An excellent article about Duncan appeared in the Birmingham News on April 09, 2009.
You can find out more about Parkinson's at the following websites:

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