Footprint on the Sky

Footprint on the Sky: Memories of a Chandler Mountain Spring
with Storyteller Dolores Hydock

Flying Jenny collaborated with actress/storyteller Dolores Hydock to create musical interludes and background music for her stories about a young woman from Yale University who comes to Chandler Mountain, St. Claire County, Alabama, to do folklore research in the early 1970s.  The people she meets and their way of life convince her to make Alabama her home.  The stories are funny, sad, nostalgic, and the tunes, so appropriate to the tales, help create a total experience for the listener.  Flying Jenny and Dolores are keeping this 45 minute performance in their repertoire for groups that would like to present it.

"Dolores Hydock's CD, Footprints in the Sky, is like a quilt, the patches of which bring you into Alabama mountain country in the 1970s. You meet characters cooking, quilting, picking tomatoes, singing, and talking about remedies like putting buttermilk on poison ivy. When the CD is over you've met people so real you want to thank them for their hospitality. The Appalachian music by Flying Jenny is superb."--Review by Jay O'Callahan, Nationally-known storyteller