Reviews of the CD "Flying Jenny"

From "Flying Jenny Flies High on New CD," music review by Ben Windham, Tuscaloosa News:

"A new recording from a homegrown old-time band -- both named "Flying Jenny"-- is an earthy, barefoot delight. . . .The originators have passed away but their legacy shines like the golden image that floats on the folk-art album cover above the heads of the Flying Jenny members. The torch has been passed on, to most capable hands."

From review by Jim Nelson in the Old-Time Herald (Winter 2003-04):

Flying Jenny seems to be guided by their choice of material, exploring the intricacies and possibilities of each individual piece and allowing those explorations to guide the way.  They know when to add the extra little push that makes for a good dance tune like "8th of January" or how to bring out the delicate stateliness of one of those crooked, archaic pieces like "Jenny Broke Her Wooden Leg a'Dancing at the Ball." In addition to being well chosen and played, the material on this CD is well recorded and mixed.

From a Friend in Florida:

I finally get that Stripling Bros tune out of my head about 6 months ago and then Jim hands me a Flying Jenny just as I'm leavin' this weekend...and somewhere around High Springs here comes Horseshoe Bend out of my speakers...sounded so  good I 'bout lost conciousness and ran right off the road!  I like to broke the "back" button on the dang cd player I hit it so many 100 miles on only one tune some kind of record?"