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Hey, uh... we're here. - 04/23/0

So, uh... here's this new EarthBound site.  How about we tell you some stuff about it, hm..?

 Many years back, an abundance of Earthbound websites existed.  They contained various information.  Just about every website was as individual as a fingerprint.  Today, all websites are trying to become the greatest website ever.  However, what has happened to the old EarthBound fan works?

 There would be many flukes, fan games, fan comics.  As for now, things are advancing.  This website will serve as a simple normal website, trying its best to be individual, and stay alive.

 We have many sections available, including an old favorite.  In case you couldn't guess... flukes.  When other fan works are submitted, more sections will be added.  Now, here's to a nice, fun, EarthBound website.