This Week's Fresh and Frozen

April 10th - 17th

Price Guide
$- under $10
$$- $10-15
$$$- $15-20

FRESH - never frozen

Pacific Halibut (AK) $$$
The best is back: fillets and cheeks

Columbia River Chinook Salmon $$$
Springers, baby! Best of the best

Pacific Ocean Chinook Salmon $$$
Troll caught, first of the season

Canada King (Chinook) Salmon $$$
North America's only certified organic salmon farm

Oregon Black Cod (Sablefish) $$$
Ridiculous silky smooth flavor

Cobia* $$$
Sustainably raised off the coast of Panama

Hawaii Opah* $$
Great texture and oil content

Farm Raised Sturgeon* $$
Prehistoric fish in a postmodern habitat (ID)

Hawaii Escolar* $$$
Butter butter buttery!

Hawaii Kampachi* $$$
Amazing oil, texture, and flavor - Hawaiian treat

Hawaii Bigeye Ahi Tuna* $$
The reddest and raddest

Hawaii Swordfish* $$
Longline caught; make a steak

Oregon Petrale Sole $$
The Cadillac of sole - sweet flavor, fine texture

Alaska True Cod $$
Baked, steamed, sautéed, very white, medium firm

Oregon Rockfish $$
Heck yes to fish tacos

Oregon Lingcod $$
Moist and flaky

Oregon White Leg Prawns $ (more arriving Wednesday)
Sustainably raised in Portland

Washington Steelhead $$
Melts in your mouth. Sustainably raised

East Coast Jumbo Sea Scallops* $$$
Dry pack, chemical free

Netarts Bay Oysters $
Oregon's finest oyster, petite size

Kumamoto Oysters $
Creamy & briny, petite - Taylor Shellfish, Washington

Manila Clams $

Penn Cove Mussels $
Consistently Washington's best

Fresh Grass fed Beef $
Pat & Tams- all cuts available

Fresh Pasture Raised Pork & Grass Fed Lamb 

House Smoked Pork Bacon $$
Nitrate free, local pasture raised pork belly

House Smoked Lamb Bacon $$$
Most people have never even heard of it, wait till you show them!

House Smoked Fish $$$
Honey brined salmon bellies & collars, steelhead, sockeye, king salmon, albacore, bigeye ahi tuna, scallops & more... 

FLASH FROZEN - never defrosted


Alaska Halibut Cheeks $$$


Oregon Albacore Tuna Loins* $$

Langostinos Wild from Chile, cooked & ready to eat $$$

Oregon Sardines * $

Alaska Weathervane Scallops * $$$ Chemical free

East Coast Lobster Tails Chemical free $$$

Wild Oregon Salad Shrimp
cooked and ready to eat $

Alaska Sockeye Salmon* boneless $$

Hawaii Kampachi Yellowtail* $$$

Columbia River Chinook Salmon Fillets * $$$

Oregon Ling Cod $

Oregon Petrale Sole $

Ready to eat - Seaweed Salad* No MSG or food coloring $

Ready to eat - Squid (Calamari) Salad* $$ No MSG or food coloring

Alaska Halibut Fillet $$$

Tobiko* flying fish roe $$$

Wild Salmon Roe*  (ikura) $$$

Oregon Dover Sole $

Oregon True Cod $

Oregon Rockfish $

Wasabi Paste $ - 
No horseradish

Chopped Clams $- 
Clam chowder coming right up

Mackeral * $ - 
Sushi time

Alaska Coho Salmon Fillets $$*- 
Troll caught- great for sushi

Raw Octopus Legs $- 
Wild from Washington

Cooked Octopus Legs* $ Ready for sushi- Spain

Hawaii Escolar/ Walu $$* - 
Creamy, buttery, great for sushi

House-made Crabcakes $$- 
Sous chef Mark's own recipe

Ivory King Salmon $$$* - Wild White Salmon- a specialty

* Sushi Grade