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Lyf and the Lunker

ODE TO A GORGE: To all our phriends making the passage through the Gorge to get to the Gorge, we bid you safe travels and heady jams. While en route, take in the scenery, consider your surroundings, and enjoy that mighty mighty Columbia River. It's the most powerful river in the West - it's 1,243 miles long, it drains by far the largest volume of water of any river west of the Continental Divide, and the 14 dams(!) produce 44% of the country's hydroelectric power. It also provides the home and natural cycle to the Northwest's greatest icon, the Salmon. 

Over half of the world's salmon is now farmed (not all of it bad, mind you), but we're blessed to live among its natural habitat with access to the best wild caught kind. To wit: that big ol' lunkhead above (and the fish he's holding). That wild caught Chinook Salmon comes from Lyf's tribal connections upstream near The Dalles. 

Also caught out on the Columbia, the petite (as salmon go) blueback babes, Sockeye Salmon. We're feeling it so much that it's this week's feature product down below, so peep the full story and then try your hand at butterflying a whole fish on the grill. It's actually really easy and the fish are small enough to do it, do check that super simple recipe from The Oregonian over on the right. 

We'd be remiss if we didn't include some steely here too. Steelheadis a large anadromous trout in the Salmonidae family, effectively a blood cousin of the salmon throughout the Columbia. Our steely comes from a sustainable farm in the Okanogan region of the upper Columbia, and we have to say, it's a spectacular fish. Hell, all of these are - in the parlance of our times, gotta catch em all.

Seriously. Look at that salmon. Wild caught Columbia Chinook.

A SONG I HEARD THE OCEAN SING: Of course we're gonna talk up the Columbia River so beloved to the region's natives andAmerican history, but don't get it twisted: we got sea salmon too. Troll-caught Pacific Ocean King (Chinook) Salmon's comin' atcha, as well as its paler brethren, Ivory King (Chinook) Salmon, a lighter look with a similar sizzle. 

Alaska's cold Pacific waters send their salmony regards as well:Kenai Sockeye Salmon and Coho Salmon join the red fish party.

THEME FROM THE BOTTOM: In the heart of the country, people love the bottom feedin' catfish. Out on the coast and up to Alaska, the bottom feeders grow just a tad bigger. Pacific Halibut grow so large that they've been on record at over 500 pounds. A single fish! The ones we have aren't quite that big, but we'll do our best to get you a 500 pound fish if that's what you're after. In the meantime, have some Oregon-caught Halibut that's a little smaller, but still big on the grill. Alaska Halibut's comin' down too, fillets and tasty sweetcheeks. While we're on the subject, take a peek up at this week's deal (top right) and get your fish tacos ready. 

Opah pah, Opah pah 

THE O(KEE)PAH CEREMONY: We say it every year, and every year it's true: Mario Batali loves him some moonfish, so for Mario, some moonfish. Moonfish, a.k.a. Opah, is an odd-shaped fish with a pinkish flesh whose taste falls somewhere between tuna and trout. Dare we say it's best raw? Maybe drizzled with a little coconut oil and sea salt. It's fresh from the Honolulu hookup, as is, as usual, Bigeye Ahi Tuna

GET IN YOUR CAR AND CRUISE THE LAND OF THE BRAVE AND FREE: Taking it to the east, shoutout to Massachusetts for the fresh Atlantic Scallops, dry-packed with no preservatives that bleach the light orangey flesh. It's au naturel, babe. Back out west and a little south to sunny California, wee fish fries, Surf Smelt, and the spiky sea urchin with the ocean custard center, Uni

IT'S ICED: The fish, when it's reeled in wild, one at a time by Oregon fishermen and fisherwomen, it's iced. Lingcod, flaky and mild; Black Cod (Sablefish), rich and silky; Rockfish, hunky and chunky;Petrale Sole, your vessel for savory toppings-capers and lemon advised. Also from Oregon: tiny pink Bay Shrimp and precooked and picked Dungeness Crab Meat. Yep! 

I THINK I'LL TRY ALASKA: Already mentioned the Halibut and Coho and Kenai Sockeye. Forgot to mention the True Cod. There it is, True Cod, mentioned.

File footage: BBQ Chicken. 

I JIVE AND STRIVE TO STAY ALIVE, AND OFFER YOU SOME MEAT: The Meat Monger's reppin' Northwest Farms and Ranches hard and true. Starting with steak, a tip of the cap to the Wallowa Valley's Carman Ranch for their grass-fed, grass-finished Beef. Down the Willamette Valley, yo to Joe and Karen and the good folks at Rain Shadow El Rancho for their pasture-raised Pork and Chicken. Speaking of fresh Chicken, what up Scratch Farms! Lookin' at you over in Washougal, Reister Farms, producers of fresh Lamb. And a big ol' shoutout to Laney Family Farm for their fresh Rabbit.

WALLS OF THE CAVE: That's where oysters live, sometimes. Not so at the Flying Fish Oyster Bar, as it were, but hey, it's segue. We got us another six-pack of fresh oysters on the half shell: Taylor Shellfish'sKumamoto and Shigoku Oysters, Nevør's Netarts (triploids) and Torkes Oysters, Samish Bay Pearl Oysters, and for the love of the sun, Pacific Soleil Oysters

I STOOD AND WATCHED THE SMOKE BEHIND THE FISH SHACK CURL: Them smokers are smokin', guar-on-teed. Stick out your tongue and taste some Smoked Sockeye Collars (pictured, with oysters, at the Oyster Bar), some Smoked Steely, someSmoked Swordfish, and yes indeedy, some Smoked Albacore

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