News: January 22nd - 29th

Hawthorne Fish Shack
Friday & Saturday9am - 7pm
Sunday -
Thursday11am - 7pm

 Flying Fish Oyster Bar & The Meat Monger

Multnomah Village Fish Truck
Seven days a week, Noon - 7pm

It's getting real.
FLYING FISH OYSTER BAR, COMIN' YER WAY: Man oh man oh man! We are less than two weeks from opening out here, and things are seriously shaping up. If you've seen the progress from the outside driving by on Sandy, wait till you see the inside. The water is running, most of the back end is in place, and Kim and Brian are installing the gorgeous wood bar itself on Monday

The GRAND OPENING @ PROVIDORE FINE FOODS isWednesday, February 10th. Still a few things for all of us to iron out, but we're almost there! The market will be open from 9 am till 7:30 pm 7 days per week. Come check it out! It's going to be AMAZING!!! Flying Fish Company will sell our sustainable seafood, local meats, and we'll be shucking oysters in the Oyster bar.  Additionally we'll have hot smoked salmon ready for immediate consumption, house made soups, and our own bone broth heated up to nourish your body. 2340 NE Sandy Blvd. PDX. 

Speaking of, we're very very grateful to everyone who supported us in our Kickstarter campaign to help this endeavor along. We've come this far without any traditional bank financing, and we'd like to keep it that way. You can help keep us going three ways: 1. Continue to support Flying Fish at our Hawthorne home location, the fish truck in Multnomah Village, and come see us at Sandy when we open. 2. Prepay for future purchases with our Credibles program (see farther down this letter for details) and earn bonus products in the process. 3. Invest actual dollars in Flying Fish with a 1-2 year balloon payment and earn 8% interest on your return. Contact Lyf ( for more on this program.

And so to the freshnessssssss ... 


OREGON ROCKS: Sure sure, the salmon get the headlines and the crabs are the party favorite, but give the whitefishes their due, man. These beauties above are some of the prettiest Rockfish fillets we've seen, fresh in from the Oregon Coast. Just because it's winter, it doesn't mean it's not fish taco season. (It's never not fish taco season.) Perfection is a fillet still hot from the grill, brown grill marks on the nice white meat (maybe you basted it in Mark's Chimichurri Sauce before tossing it on the grill), flaked apart into a Juanita's or Three Sisters corn tortilla with thinly sliced avocado, diced tomatoes and red cabbage, a little chopped up cilantro and jalapeño, and a squeeze of lime. That's you, your partner, the kids. That's dinner.

Lingcod works in lieu of Rockfish too, and we've got that fresh from the coast too. Lingcod Cheeks too, but if you're putting cheeks into your tacos, you're living decadently, friend. (And we should hang.) And rounding out the Oregon Coast whitefish fest, lookin' like a Cadillac, tasty Petrale Sole

Speaking of Lingcod Cheeks, Fish Truck Kris keeps it simple: she pan fries the cheeks in just a little butter and Kelly's Jelly (pine-a-peño flavor for her, perhaps marionero for you?), garnished with fresh mint and chopped red onion. Easy! She's got all kinds of ideas like this, so we're dedicating this email to her. (There she is on the right with fish in her hands, go figure!) Pop down to our usual feature product place for a little profile on her and the Multnomah Village fish truck, then stop over and ask her for recipe pointers. She's got em. 

VALENTINE'S DAY IS COMING: Just a heads up - you're gonna need some Maine Lobster for that candlelit dinner, aren't ya? We'll have them live right on time, so call the fish shack (971-258-5212) to preorder yours, $17.99/lb. Wanna kick that candlelight up to a surf & turf? Can do. The next round ofFresh Pasture Raised Beef from Pat-n-Tam's is en route, and we can keep it as simple as a New York Strip or we can go full cow. Well, quarter-cow and half-cow anyway - if you'd like one of these, call in (same number) or email Lyf ( to reserve yours. Just $3.49/lb for delicious Oregon beef (plus packaging costs). 

SAY HEY, WHATTAYA KNOW ABOUT OYSTERS: You may have heard that we're opening an Oyster Bar. Gonna have em on ice by the dozens! Paul gonna be there with his shuckin' knife! That experience is 10 days away, but you can git yerself a head start with some Netarts Bay Oysters, harvested in the sunset shadow of Cape Lookout, or some Kumamoto Oysters, the legendary Taylor Shellfish staple from the south Puget Sound. Slurp em down! 

Still with the crabs? Always with the crabs.

LUNGE FOR THE DUNGE: Weren't we just talking about party favorites? Dungeness Crabs? Sounds about right? Look at this pic, they're having a party and they're already cooked! That's how it is with a Dungeness Crab party, you party till you're dead and then you party some more. Whole cooked crabs from Oregon, or prepicked to go in a tub from Washington. Discern your parochial tastes. 

INTERNATIONAL KINGS: This is how they do it in Tofino, BC. They oughta know how to fillet a fish - Creative Salmon, based in Tofino with farm operations in the Clayquot Sound, is 
Canada's first and only government certified organic salmon farm. They raise top quality King (Chinook) Salmon from hatchling to harvest, and the entire process is well documented on their web site - check it out HERE.

Just up the way in Juneau, Alaska, they kick it old school. Heading out on day boats, they're reeling in King (Chinook) Salmon via hook and line, in the wild. One great fish, two great options. 

HAWAII HOEDOWN: The Honolulu boogaloo's a familiar little tune, so sing along if you like: Ahi FRESH, Marlin FRESH, Esco FRESH. Get yer hula skirts and dance. (Bigeye Ahi Tuna, Striped Marlin, Escolar, FRESH FRESH FRESH.)

WASHINGTON WATUSI: This little dance will shake your pants, and we jig it every week: Steely FRESH, Clams FRESH, Mussels FRESH. Snap your fingers, touch your toes, these are fresh, they ain't froze. (Sustainable farm-raised Steelhead, Manila Clams, Penn Cove Mussels, FRESH FRESH FRESH.)

SCALLOPS, PORK, AND LAMB: We got em. We got em fresh.Atlantic Scallops drypacked from Massachusetts. Fresh Pork from our pals at Rain Shadow El Rancho. Fresh Lamb from our peeps at Reister Farms. 

BUY IN ADVANCE, GO HOME WITH EXTRA FISH: We're very thankful to everyone who participates in our Credibles program, in which you buy credit ahead of time, saving yourself money in the long run and earning bonuses to take home with you. It helps us too. For you: Purchase $150 in advance and get $15 in credits. Buy $300 in advance and get $24 bonus and a $5 hunk of smoked salmon. A $600 advance purchase gets you $60 bonus product and a $10 piece of smoked salmon. And $1000? That's a grand slam. Do that and get yourself $120 bonus food AND a ticket to one of our Flying Fish Sushi Classes. Pretty sweet, huh? And you're just paying up front for what you'll be buying anyway! Click HERE to participate.

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