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USA, USA, USA: They say summer doesn't start in Portland till the Fourth of July ... well this year the adage was wrong, with the hottest June ever (by over 6º... ouch) and this ongoing heatwave. No Junuary this year. Better plan accordingly and enjoy this planet while we can. We'll celebrate our Independence tomorrow -- after we close shop at 2. Just a heads up, we WILL be open at the fish shacktomorrow9am - 2pm. Get an ice cold six pack and all your last second backyard BBQ needs. Like? Like... 

RED FISH BLUE FISH: Did you know that Sockeye Salmon are nicknamed both Blueback and Red Salmon? If that's not patriotic,then what is? The Copper River run is over, but those Sockeyes haven't disappeared, they've just moved on like Sockeyes do.Currently, the Kenai Peninsula is the place to be, and Alaska Fish & Game says the numbers are "good to excellent" -- just like the finished product coming off your grill, or skillet, as the case may be with this week's outrageously delicious recipe requires. In fact, for as hot as it is, maybe you should just stay inside and bust this one out. Check the feature product below on Kenai Sockeye Salmon, then go nuts with The Taste of Oregon's bomb diggy recipe. 

ONE FISH TWO FISH: However, Alaska lays not a claim to Sockeye monopoly. Nope. If you want to Oregon up your Taste of Oregon recipe, you can go with Columbia River Sockeye Salmon. We've got those, plus their brethren Columbia River King (Chinook) Salmon, and their kinfolk King Troll Caught in the Pacific.

Elsewhere on the Oregon docket, a mess of items that oughta share space on the grill this holiday weekend: Fresh Skate Wing, pictured left, which you can just brush with some olive oil and toss on the grill (keep it covered to let the smoke add flavor) for 15-20 minutes, and let it flake off your fork. So so good. 

Other local goodies this week include the return of sustainably farm-raised White Leg Prawns from just outside the Rose City, Octopus, Lingcod, Bay Shrimp, and the Oyster trio from Nevør: Netarts Bay,big BBQ, and Torkesall fresh

BACK UP IN ALASKA: Forgot to mention: it's not all Sockeye this week in Alaska. We've also got another batch of fresh Halibut, including delicious, delightful Halibut Cheeks. Shortraker Rockfish is also back, a big and funny looking pink fish with a slightly pink flesh that cooks up white and flaky, slightly sweet and a little mild. 

A little closer to home, the salmon was all night running, running, running. Columbia River Sockeye are doing their part to hang with their Alaskan brethren. Swimming upstream with em are Columbia River Chinook Salmon, and the ones that are hanging back in the Pacific are reeled in, Troll Caught Ocean Chinook Salmon. Salmon options all up in your GRILL. 

US GULF SHRIMP, TAKE TWO: Take even more if you please. These little babies, Wild Caught Shrimp fresh from the Gulf of Mexico by way of Alabama, are the stuff dream skewers are made of. And they're all American, not the garbage shrimp netted with corruption in Southeast Asia. There's 30 to 40 shrimp per pound -- and they're on sale this week. Hot diggity. 

ALL AMERICAN SMOKEOUT: Another round of smoked fishes out of the smokehouse out back with the Cullinan Twins. Keep an eye out for: Smoked Salmons, Smoked Tunas, Smoked Steelheads, Smoked ScallopsSmoked Sablefish, and a full line of Smoked Hawaiian Goodies:Opah, Escolar, Kampachi, Monchong, Ahi.

WHOA. YEAH. KICKSTART MY HEART: Hey, a quick thanks to Portland Monthlyfor the shoutout about our Kickstarter that we're about to launch. We've outgrown our happy little space on Hawthorne and need your help to grow and provide even more of the best, fresh, sustainable fish in Portland. We'll have details very soon on just what we're looking to do. In the meantime, go enjoy your Fourth with friends and family. Go America!

BUYING YOUR FISH IN ADVANCE HELPS YOU AND HELPS US TOO: We're on our way to fixing our compressor -- help us keep it going! With our Credibles program, you pay up front for our fish and house made products, and the more you buy, the more you get for free -- up to and including 15% extra goods, free smoked salmon, and admission for two to our Sushi Class. For our side, the more folks who use Credibles, the more cash is allocated to specific projects, like replacing the compressor on our walk-in fridge. To lend us a hand and to get yourself some extra swag, go HERE.
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