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Hawthorne Fish Shack
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Wednesday11am - 7pm
Thanksgiving (Thursday 11/2611am-2pm
Black Friday 11/27, CLOSED
Saturday 11/28, 9am - 7pm
Multnomah Village Fish Truck
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CLOSED Thanksgiving & Black Friday

 SNEAK PEAK: Natalie, Mark G and L.E. go to town


PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! Whoa! Yeah! Kickstart my heart, give it a start! Whoa! Yeah! B-b-b-b-b-baaaaaby! Remember our Kickstarter campaign over the summer? Well 436 of you splendid and wonderful people pledged and helped us make it a raging success - and in the process, you done earned yourself some goodies... including a ticket to our Kickstarter party! Hot diggity damn, that happensTOMORROW, from 5 to 9pm, at Southeast Portland's swankest new building with the magnificent murals. If you took part in our Kickstarter campaign, you already know all about it. If not, no worries, we've got a few extra tickets, and they're only $15 for food, drink, music, one killer photo booth previewed above, and all in all, seriously good times. Peep the flyer above and come on by to the Breathe Building tomorrow evening. It's gonna be a time all right. If you want to purchase your ticket ahead of time then click HERE.


Oh - and if you did pledge, be ready to pick up your just rewards. Yeah, buddy. 


GMO SALMON? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Hey, thanks FDA! Our esteemed federal Food and Drug Administration has, for the first time, approved genetically modified salmon to hit the retail market. Atlantic Salmon, nearly extinct in the wild and heavily farmed and distributed across the country, takes the gene for a growth hormone from our local Chinook Salmon, enabling the fish to grow twice as fast as in nature. Wired has a great breakdown of the science HERE, and KGW did a great report with our own Lyf Gildersleeve that you can watch HERE. As always, we would never tell you what to put into your body (although we're happy to advise at your request); but we do, unequivocally, think that you should at least have the right to know. There are no federal or even state requirements to label genetically modified food, and especially in light of this kind of salmon, we think that we ought to at least have the option of knowing and choosing. 



But on a lighter note... 


TOO SOON FOR SNOW? NEVER! For the first time since Valentine's Day, Snow Crabs are back! Just look at those babies above, all sweet and delicate and ready to eat. Check em out in the feature product down below, then get your NOLA on and try a Louisiana Crab Boil in the recipe at right. Strap on a bib and get crackin'. 


OREGON FRESH ZONE: From Coos Bay to Hells Canyon, from Steens to Fort Stevens, P-town to our home on Hood: we luv ya, Oregon. And this week that local love extends to a fine, I say fine, looking list of fresh goods. Like such as: flaky and earthy Petrale Sole, back on the menu after a brief absence; chunky and mildRockfish for your fish tacos; sustainably farm-raised whole Trout to fry up in some cornmeal and serve atop some cheesy grits; and the ocean-flavored goodness straight outta Cape Lookout, lip-smackin'Netarts Bay Oysters. If you need some shuckin' help or want some good lookin' entertainment for your holiday party, better call Paul. (Seriously, our Paul Cullinan is the oyster master and he's available for hire for your parties - he brings the oysters.) 



Steady, stupendous Sturgeon


YOU GOT ME LOCKED DOWN IN THIS COLD, COLD WORLD: That's the GZA song a lot of fishermen on the coast are singing this week. All this cold, windy weather has made the ocean rougher than usual, so the load is light this week from the coast. With that in mind, perhaps we could interest you in some of these goods from sustainable farms: Ora King Salmon raised in the coldwaters offshore of New Zealand and Creative King Salmon raised in a certified organic habitat in British Columbia, neither which will ever, ever include any genes or chromosomes or hormones from another species; Manila Clams, Kumamoto Oysters and Penn Cove Mussels from the South Puget Sound; the local whole Trout mentioned up above; and as pictured directly above in a black and white photo by Ansel Adams*, fresh Sturgeon from a sustainable fish farm in Idaho.

*Well, it wasn't so much taken by the ghost of the late Ansel Adams (who went to that darkroom in the sky over 30 years ago) as it was perhaps inspired by him. At any rate, we like the Sturgeon photo.

TURKEY TIME: Thanksgiving! Six days away! Get em now - pasture raised Thanksgiving Turkeys from Totum Bonum Farm out past Corvallis. $5.99/lb, pickup Tues/Weds. Fresh, local, delicious, pumpkin pie not included. Call the fish shack with a cc to reserve - this is last call! 971-258-5212

AND THEN, THE HOLIDAY AFTER THAT: Ol' man winter's right behind the turkey dinner, y'know, and you know those dumb decorations are already up at the big box stores. That doesn't mean that you can't start thinking about Christmas and Hanukkah and New Year's. And on that note, especially for Lyf's fellow Scandinavians, that holiday treat of soaked and salted, gelatinous whitefish, Lutefisk. Hey, don't knock it till you try it. Oh and don't forget about the pickled herring...we've got that too!

THE HAWAII HOLD STEADY: As long as our Honolulu peeps come through - and they always do - our stacks of Polynesian Poissons stay full. This week? Steady stalwart Bigeye Ahi Tuna; constant companion Kampachi; rich and silky Escolar; and big hunky chunkyMarlin, longing for a spot on your fire grill.

SMOKE EVERYTHING IN SIGHT: Smoked everything, smoked galore. We smoked it all, do you want more? Never fear, we've got all the hits. Need visual evidence? Looks something like this: 

Someone better fess up to that chimichurri typo

HOUSE CALLS: You know how Mark and Paul and Josh usually man the smokers and kitchen, while Lyf is running around town like a free-range chicken with his head cut off keeping the operation in order and the fish coming? Well heck, this week he somehow found time to whip up a batch of something that'll help you whip up a batch of something. Come get a quart or two of Lyf's homemade Beef Broth and Stock, made from Carman Ranch grass fed beef batch-roasted in the oven, then simmered for 30 hours. How's that grab ya? It's nutritious and the vehicle to delicious. 

HAIL MARY: In case we forgot to mention (and we did), here are some other tasty fresh items for sale in the fish shack and fish truck: Alaska True CodAtlantic Scallops from Massachusetts, and precooked and picked Washington Dungeness Crab Meat. Aloha.

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