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Oppor-tuna-ties abound.

SOUND THE ALARM, IT'S TUNA TIME: Since it seemed to get lost in last week's shuffle, we're just gonna lead off like Rickey Henderson and put one ten rows deep in left field. Or should we say a couple hundred feet deep about 30 miles offshore, since we're talking aboutOregon Albacore Tuna. Oh oh! Don't take it from this paragraph - get your mouth watering with that house stock photo of flash-seared albacore from Departure Lounge, then head down to the feature product below, then try your hand at your own Albacore Poké with the recipe on the right. It's gonna be a good weekend if Oregon Albacore Season is any indication. 


Sockeye to me, Columbia!

And so this doesn't get lost in this week's shuffle, YO: BLUEBACKS ARE BACK! Columbia River Sockeye Salmon - bluebacks - are in season, little dudes best prepped whole. They're 3-5 pounds apiece, caught just above the Bonneville Dam, and cooking them whole (skin on, bones in) keeps their unique flavor intact. Don't cook them too long, though - just till the white protein albumin starts to show (the white gooey stuff) - that's when you know it's ready. Fire up that grill, bluebacks are comin'.

AND SOME OTHER SALMON FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE: The salmon, they're running, running like Usain Bolt, up that river up yonder. On top of those Bluebacks, the Columbia River Chinook Salmon run continues; their ocean-bound kin are also on board - troll-caught Pacific Ocean Chinook Salmon. A little farther afield, the paler version,Ivory King (Chinook) Salmon, wild caught in Alaska - light on hue, high on chew. And still riding that late-spring/early-summer wave, Copper River Sockeye Salmon coming down strong. A slight bit farther afield than that, way down in the Tasman Sea 'tween the Aussies and the Kiwis, the best offshore sustainable farm-raised salmon you ever did taste make their home till they make their way to Flying Fish Company. Ora King (Chinook) Salmon, as far as we're concerned the flavor of New Zealand, ready to rock. 

Wanna get more salmon specific? How about a nice batch of Chef Mark's Wild Salmon Cakes? If Mark would ever send Brad a photo of them in situ - cooked up and presented with Mark's discerning chef's eye - Brad would share that photo right here. Vacuum-sealed for max flavor, thawed, cooked, and eaten in under 30 minutes. And if Mark doesn't fill your Cullinan quotient, pop up to the Oyster Bar and check in with Super Shucker Paul - he's got a hot board of Smoked Salmon for ya - Smoked Salmon Collars and Smoked Steely, sharing a nice cedar plank positioned in front of your cold bottle of Total Domination. 

ELSEWHERE AT THE OYSTER BAR: Umm... Oysters maybe? More like Doysters. Yeah we got FF Oysters at the FF Oyster Bar. And it's a list that reads, in alphabetical order: Capital City Oystersfrom Washington; three shades of Hama Hama Oysters also from Washington: Blue Pool, Eld Inlet, and Sea CowKussi Oystersfrom British Columbia; and as always, our steady neddy, Nevør'sNetarts and Torkes Oysters from the Oregon Coast.

REMINDER: WE WANT YOU TO SLING FISH: Yessirree, we're on the lookout for a few good men and/or women. Or rather, at least one genial, friendly, ready-to-work woman or man who'd like to be a part of Team Flying Fish. Holler at the captain - his name is Lyf, it's pronounced "leaf," and tell him why you're that person. His email address is

Holy moly - California White Sea Bass?!?!?!? That's what you're looking at right here with the mango-red pepper-red onion-cucumber salsa. UNF. We don't usually have this, so come and git it - and go home knowing that wild caught, hook-and-line White Sea Bass from California is a Monterey Bay Best Choice.

Also in from the Golden State, NOT A CHAMPIONSHIP. HA HA, GO CAVS!!! Sorry. What I meant to say was: also in from the Golden State, more of that ooey gooey goodness from inside the spiky sea urchin shell: that oceanic custard, don't need no mustard: Uni. Fresh.

LET'S TAKE IT UP TO WASHINGTON: Wait, we already did that with all those Oysters up above. Okay, let's go back to Washington then. Climb Mount St Helens, hit a dinger like Junior Griffey, head to Aberdeen and come as you are, go to Bellevue by going to Start > Programs and Accessories. HEY WASHINGTON! We got yer Manila Clams, yer Penn Cove Mussels, yer pre-cooked, pickedDungeness Crab Meat to-go in a tub. You don't need a fork, just use your fingers. 

LET'S TAKE IT UP TO ALASKA: While we're here in Washington, might as well head down to the Port of Seattle and board the next cruise ship, get friendly with the Wayne Newton cover band and look out the portholes at icy blue glaciers en route to Juneau. And when we arrive? They'll greet us as liberators with True Cod fish & chips and big meaty fillets of Pacific Halibut.

LET'S BRING IT HOME TO OREGON: Because, like they say, home is where the sable is. Isn't that what they say? Sablefish, Black Cod, butter butter butter, comin' in fresh from the OC (Oregon Coast). As are... Petrale Sole, oh oh! Rockfish, that's the dish!Lingcod, gets the nod! Bay Shrimp, you big ol' pimp. 

Well that's one way to scallop.

SCALLERUNI FOR SHOONY: Pardon our language. James is out back smoking the Atlantic Scallops that didn't end up in your stovetop pan with coconut oil. We've got em fresh, we've got em smoked. Same goes for Idaho Rainbow Trout. Have some of both?

MEAT MONGER MEATSTACK: This week's big ol' meatstack starts with that hearty flank steak there, more rare than medium, obviously - grass fed and grass finished Beef from Carman Ranch out in the Wallowa Valley - flank steak, top sirloin, ribeye, tenderloin, ground beef... all yours. Next on the meatstack, Reister Farms' tried and true, always new, fresh farm Lamb. Climbing that stack, fresh Chicken and Pork from the superstars down at Rain Shadow El Rancho. Getting near the top, whole, skinned, oven-ready Rabbits from Eat Oregon First. And you know any meat stack better be topped with some farm fresh Eggs from Lazy B Ranch. Time for the meat stack.

BUY IN ADVANCE, GO HOME WITH EXTRA FISH: We're very thankful to everyone who participates in our Credibles program, in which you buy credit ahead of time, saving yourself money in the long run and earning bonuses to take home with you. It helps us too. For you: Purchase $150 in advance and get $15 in credits. Buy $300 in advance and get $24 bonus and a $5 hunk of smoked salmon. A $600 advance purchase gets you $60 bonus product and a $10 piece of smoked salmon. And $1000? That's a grand slam. Do that and get yourself $120 bonus food AND a ticket to one of our Flying Fish Sushi Classes. Pretty sweet, huh? And you're just paying up front for what you'll be buying anyway! Click HERE to participate.

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