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News : April 11th - 18th

Hawthorne Fish Shack:
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Local Chinook Salmon so big we couldn't fit the whole thing in the picture.


CHINOOK TWINS: WHAT WE DO. First off, a great big hand for our friends and fellow Sandpoint, Idaho natives the Shook Twins for all the buzz leading up to their new record What We Do. Show 'em some love and party hearty at its release show this evening at Mississippi Studios. But don't go on an empty stomach; don't get Shook without Chinook. As pictured above with Jeff (one of our Garibaldi Gurus) for context, we're in full on beast mode for Troll Chinook season. The salmon we're bringing in -- directly from the fishermen in Newport and Garibaldi who catch them via hook and line drawn from the boat -- are most eloquently described by Lyf himself: "OMG amazing!" And he's right -- this fish is as good as salmon gets, and they're nice and fat because they've been in the ocean and haven't headed back upriver yet. That translates to extra high oil content, the good kind, and ultimate Chinook Salmon flavor. It's the best -- come see why. 
TROLLIN' FOR ROCKFISH TOO: Also on the line from the Garibaldi Gurus is the black fish with the white flesh, a commoner amongst its better known royal peers, which is just fine with the Black Rockfish, thank you very much. Check the feature product below and recipe at right to give this mild, slightly sweet fish its due. Available in whole fish or rockfish fillets, tiptop stuff. 
SURVEY TIME -- WE NEED YOUR INPUT ON FISHERY MANAGEMENT: Flying Fish is honored to have been approached by Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio for a conversation about the Magnuson-Stevenson Act, a Congressional Act passed in 1976 to regulate fishery management and conservation. It has been amended several times since then, most recently seven years ago. Congressman DeFazio is among our elected officials taking the initiative to reauthorize the Act. He and Lyf are meeting on April 24th, so we have a couple weeks to gather our thoughts and determine our greatest priorities. We'd love to hear from you -- email Lyf -- and we'll put together our collective voice and help out Congressman DeFazio. Thanks! 

OREGON, MORE AGAIN: We got a Black Cod, caught it on a black rod, and the crew that reel it in we call them the Mack Squad. Black Cod, or Sablefish, is straight up decadence from the Oregon Coast. Buttery and succulent, it's the type of fillet you want to pan sear and smother in stuff like that pictured at right: mushrooms, shaved carrots, cilantro ... work your magic. Also from our Oregon bait flingers, we've got a fresh supply of Sand Dabs and Skate Wing. 


EVEN MORE OREGON: We're happy to announce that we're partnering with Port Orford Sustainable Seafood to provide the Portland pickup site for their Community Supported Fishery. Like a CSA, only a CSF. Based in Port Orford -- the westernmost town in the continental United States! -- the family-owned POSS makes its fish pickup available the first Thursday of every month. To learn more about how it works, check out the site HERE


WASHINGTON: STANDARD FARE. Fresh Steelhead, Fresh Manila Clams, Fresh Penn Cove Mussels. What could we possibly say about any of them to make a better sell than just picturing what each is? Mouthwatering, yes? 


HALIBUT IS BIG, JUST LIKE ALASKA: It's big on everything: size, flavor, potential. Fresh caught Halibut is so big we don't even bother calling its cuts fillets, we just jump right into it and call 'em steaks. We got those -- Halibut Steaks, and we got Halibut Cheeks, which are like a bigger version of Scallops. Halibut: go big! Matter of fact, here's Lyf: 


 "That sucker was heavy and awkward to hold." -L. Gildersleeve


MONKFISH HAVE CHEEKS TOO: And that's the triple truth, Ruth. These Massachusetts Monks come to us direct via airmail, both fillets and cheeks. And as usual, their pals the Scallops have tagged along for a cross country journey. All natural, never any preservatives or bleach. 


MEAT. MEAT! MEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAT!!! Hey there, nice to meat ya. That's the official greeting of the Flying Fish Meat Buying Club, but you have to come in to the fish shack to learn the secret handshake. (You also have to wash your hands before you learn it, because there's meat involved.) The FF Meat Club is for serious consumers and cooks; buy in bulk -- beef, poultry, pork, game -- and save big. We've got packets available on the counter in the shack, and you can always email Lyf for more info:


BIG MEAT, FOR EXAMPLE: Pat-n-Tam's ranch in Eastern Oregon provides a steady supply of the best free range, grass fed Beefaround. We've got quarter-cows and half-cows available in the next couple weeks, so if you want to fill your freezer with many many beef based meals, here's your chance. $3.49/lb hanging weight, plus packaging. Stop in or email Lyf to order. 


WAKIN' AND BACON, SMOKIN' NO JOKIN': Come closer. Smell the Bacon. We like to think that our house smoker does nice work, but man, ain't no scent like the aroma of Pork Bacon in a smoker. It looks like this (at left), and it smells like ... well, you have to come in for that. Then fulfill your sense of taste and take some home for breakfast or dinner or both. Other House Smoked Goods this week include Smoked Canadian King SalmonSmoked King Bellies(!!!), Smoked Sockeye SalmonSmoked SteelheadSmoked Escolar, andSmoked Albacore.


MAKER MARK, NEAT: Brother Paul Cullinan, he's posin' for pictures with King Crab Legs (right side of this email). Brother Mark Cullinan, he's workin' up a sweat in the kitchen, cranking out Canadian King Salmon Cakes this week. Salmon Cakes, man. Gonna need some of his Tartar Sauce for those, and some Cocktail and Chimichurri Sauces just in case. 


MAKE @FLYINGFISHPDX YOUR E-PALHere's our friendly reminder that this email is only accurate at the time of its emailing. That is, it's good for Friday, but the only way to stay up on what's fresh and in stock is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. And when your tongue and belly are happy with your decision to do so, give us some love on Yelp!


BUY AHEAD IN CREDIT AND GET FREE FISH: Our credit program, through our partners at Credibles, goes a long way to save you money and let you walk away with more product. Purchase $250 in advance and get $25 in bonus credits, plus a $10 hunk of smoked salmon. Buy $500 in advance -- think at how long you'll be using that, or alternately, the extravagant fish party you'll be hosting -- and earn yourself $75 in credits, AND $10 smoked salmon, AND, AND, a free sushi class! That alone's worth sixty bucks. Pretty sweet deal, and we're happy to offer it. Click HERE to partake, then come on down to the fish shack to collect your winnings. 


Thanks for paying with cash whenever possible. (Credit card fees are expensive!)

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See you soon,

Lyf (pronounced "leaf") Gildersleeve & The Flying Fish Team: 
Mark & Paul (twins!), Maria, James, Dave, and Bobby. Plus additional help including Brad on the email & web site, and Chef Erika in the kitchen. 
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