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 Flying Fish Oyster Bar & The Meat Monger
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Providore: The food playground
Providore: The food playground

AT THE PLAYGROUND, YA KNOW? Hot damn, there it is: the latest video from vidmaster Nate Murray and Sound Theory Productions. Now that all the wheels are crankin' at Providore Fine Foods, it's fun to step back and see how it's all put together, with interviews from the folks who bring all this great food under one roof at 24th & Sandy. Thanks Nate for the hot take, and thank YOU for being here. And while you're here... 
WHAT'S DOIN' AT THE OYSTER BAR: Flying Fish holds it down triple-time at Providore with our fish market, Meat Monger meats (more on this week's selections to follow), and our shellfish de résistance, the Flying Fish Oyster Bar. The raw bar's a Northwest grand slam, Jay Buhner mashing one Kingdome style, 1995: Nevør Netarts Oysters, Nevør Torkes Oysters, Hama Hama Blue Pool Oysters, and Taylor Shellfish Kumamoto Oysters. On the soup board, our house-madeClam Chowder (with Manila Clams) and  Pasta e Fagioli, the classic pasta-n-beans soup. On the hot boards, Smoked Salmon Collars and Smoked Steelhead, smoked by us, warmed on site, complemented by pickled stuff and capers, eaten by you, maybe washed down with a Total Dominationor a cool Pinot Blanc.

CAN'T TOP THE COPPER SOCK: Keepin' it fresh from Cordova, Alaska, yessirree, we're back with week two of Copper River Sockeye Salmon season. Don't sleep on the top of the top sockeye salmon, because the window's short. We're encoring the feature product at the bottom of this email, but we're tossing a new recipe over on the right that pretty much IS this unofficial first weekend of summer: a nice cold salad and a nice grilled sockeye salmon fillet. Perfect. And if that's not enough to getcha going, here's a photo from Fish Truck Kris, quote hers: 

"Copper River Sockeye Salmon pan fried in brown butter, and lovingly placed on a quinoa salad with corn, orange pepper, green onion, kalamatas, olive oil and balsamic, with
Beautiful Pig Smoked Chorizo, then lovingly placed in my tummy."

To wit.

Speaking of, happy two-years to the fish truck! That's two years of Kris' foodie photos, two years of Multnomah Village love. Here's to two more (and more)! 

MEAT, MEAT, MEGA MEGA MEAT: The grill's already fired up for the long weekend, so are you in need of choice cuts of meat to heat and eat? Sweet. How about some... 

* Fresh Top Sirloin and Ground Beef from Pat-n-Tam's pasture-raised cattle out in Eastern Oregon
* All cuts of fresh Lamb from Reister Farms in Washougal, WA
* Fresh Pork and Chicken from Rain Shadow El Rancho in Scio, OR
* All cuts of fresh Chicken for grillin' from Scratch Farms in Canby, OR
* Fresh Duck Breasts from Nicky USA, brought to market here in PDX

EGGSCELLENT: If that ain't enough terrestrial protein for ya, well here's some extra... terrestrial protein? It's true, the taste of localFree Range Farm Eggs is intergalactic planetary, but we promise they're raised on small local farms, the hens foraging and eating bugs like hens do, producing bright orange, nutrient-rich yolks. These are small, 100-chicken farms, not factory farms with hundreds of thousands of chickens. Breakfast tomorrow: Scrambled eggs with fresh grated Willamette Valley Fontina and cornmeal pan-friedIdaho Trout fillet. 

LOONEY TOONY SCALLERUNI: It's James we blames for nicknames. He's the one who dropped "scallerunis" on Atlantic Scallops flown in fresh and drypacked, chemical- and preservative-free from Massachusetts, and well, it done stuck. Pictured below is just a suggestion: quick pan sear with some chopped up bits of our house Smoked Pork Bacon, and some steamy broccoli florets. 

Ain't puny scalleruni

WE THREE KINGSHad your fill of Sockeye Salmon promo? Well pardon me! Perhaps you'd like to hear our line of King, or Chinook, or Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, Salmon. This week the King comes in threes, each one of em fresh to def: wild caught Columbia River, troll caught Pacific Ocean, and sustainable farm-raised British Columbia. Fresh King/Chinook Salmon, at yer service.

HALEAKALA HASH: We just made that up. Does it exist? Can it? Picture... a fresh Bigeye Ahi Tuna fillet, sliced and diced to perfection, pan seared very very briefly, just to give it some warmth and whiteness, tossed in with some shredded russet potatoes and red onion fried in avocado oil, with a heaping handful of chopped fresh dill. If that doesn't exist, it does now. Haleakala Hash. BOOM. If Ahi's not your speed, 1, why not? and 2, substitute in another fine fish from Hawaii: Escolar just might take that hash over the top, and Blue Marlin... nah, don't dice that up and put it in a hash. Make the hash and serve a grilled fillet over top of it. Keep Da Sauce handy.

ALASKA OTHERS: The 49th State sends its regards direct via Alaska Airlines, a cargo package including: a fillet o' giant sea beast called Pacific Halibut; sweet and tender morsels from the same beast, Halibut Cheeks; mild and flaky True Cod, and... hey what's this? Copper River Sockeye Salmon

WOWEE ZOWEE WASHINGTON: Pavement's third album was scattered and unpredictable; the weekly fresh list from Washington is focused and reliable. A weird pairing, huh? Let's go with it. We'll dance for precooked, picked Dungeness Crab Meat. I would sufferextradition to smuggle fresh sustainable farm-raised Steelhead from the upper Columbia across borders. Oh, that I could bend my tongue outwards for Penn Cove Mussels. I know I'm reeling in Manila Clams. And this week only? A remastered bonus track: Razor Clam Steaks.

Don't mind us when we say we're proud to not have any affiliation with any seafood caught with egregious labor abuse, including slavery. We only sell shrimp with full traceability-shrimp like theWhite Leg Prawns raised right outside Portland in a fully closed system by Oregon Aqua-Farms. We've also got wild caught Bay Shrimp netted by the good fishermen and fisherwomen ofthe Oregon Coast. In other Oregon freshies, keep an eye out for Black Cod (Sablefish), Rockfish, and a double shot of Sole: Dover andPetrale.

SMOKIN' THAT FISH: Smokin' out back... that's all that ever goes on at the Hawthorne fish shack. Just direct your nose next time you pass by on the 14 bus. You might catch a whiff of the house-smoked fishes that show up at the shack, the truck, at Sandy: Smoked Black Cod (Sablefish), Smoked Steelhead, Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Smoked Canada King (Chinook) Salmon, and Smoked Scallops.Unff. 

BUY IN ADVANCE, GO HOME WITH EXTRA FISH: We're very thankful to everyone who participates in our Credibles program, in which you buy credit ahead of time, saving yourself money in the long run and earning bonuses to take home with you. It helps us too. For you: Purchase $150 in advance and get $15 in credits. Buy $300 in advance and get $24 bonus and a $5 hunk of smoked salmon. A $600 advance purchase gets you $60 bonus product and a $10 piece of smoked salmon. And $1000? That's a grand slam. Do that and get yourself $120 bonus food AND a ticket to one of our Flying Fish Sushi Classes. Pretty sweet, huh? And you're just paying up front for what you'll be buying anyway! Click HERE to participate.

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