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NOW WE ROCK A HOUSE PARTY AT THE DROP OF A HAT: Dig that Beastie Boys fish eye lens above, yo. What other angle would we go with than the FISH EYE? Angle? That's right, we are stone cold ANGLERS. WOO HA! Got you all in check. 

Never mind the wordplay and listen up: you're invited! We want to kick off our Kickstarter campaign with a bang, and we'd love for you to be there. It's this coming Monday, July 27th4-7pm at Flying Fish headquarters, 2310 SE Hawthorne Blvd. With our Kickstarter campaign, we're seeking funds to help us bring our high quality, sustainable product to more people with a second brick-and-mortar location on NE Sandy and, more importantly, a much needed warehouse. Come by the beloved fish shack on Monday and see what we're talking about. We're sharing complementary oysters, smoked salmon, beer, and we'll have live music and the premier screening of the film (still pictured above) that will accompany the campaign. Peep the details HEREHere we go! 

FRESH FISH, FRESH AIR: Did you hear our man Paul Greenberg on NPR last week? The author of Four Fish and American Catchspoke with Terry Gross (actually archived from last year) on "The Great Fish Swap," the insane -- and true -- concept that 90% of the seafood the US consumes is imported, yet one-third of what we produce is exported. Seriously: W.T.F. This is precisely why Flying Fish takes such pains to get to know our vendors, our fishermen and fisherwomen, our farmers. Shrimp in particular is bad, with Americans eating more shrimp than tuna and salmon combined, driving up an insane demand. More shrimp means more bad shrimp, which is why we don't always have shrimp. We refuse to sell anything that is of questionable origin or inferior quality -- which is why we're proud to offer locally raised White Leg Prawns... 

PRAWN POWER: "Farm raised" is not an inherently bad word when it comes to seafood, especially among products like shrimp and oysters that are easy to produce on a sustainable scale. And theWhite Leg Prawns that come from Oregon Aqua-Farms just outside of Portland are very much a sustainable and superior product. Check em out in our feature product below, and since it's supposed to be our first rainy weekend in months, try the super easy sautéed shrimp recipe at right in the kitchen. 

Top chefs on high

UNDER THE ANTLERS, GOIN' FISHIN': We love these guys. Urban Farmer and Departure Lounge, each in the historic Meier & Frank building downtown, are definitely some of our favorite wholesale customers. Dining at either place isn't just a meal, it's an experience. And one of the best ways to have that experience is with Chef Chris (from Urban Farmer)'s Under the Antlers dinner. Mark your calendar, because it's back on Thursday, August 6th at 7pm. And -- here's the fun part -- he and Chef Greg from Departure are joining Lyf and Flying Fish for an Albacore fishing trip just before the event, which means that this fish will travel from the ocean straight to you, caught and prepared by the same folks. Pretty rad, innit? Check out the dinner details HERE.

ALREADY GONE FISHIN': That Oregon fishing trip is coming up soon, but we're happy to report that many an Oregonian fishing trip has happened within the last few days, resulting in a batch of freshies that, quite frankly, deserves a bulleted list, but we'll start easy on the formatting jolt and just go with an indent for now. 

ALBACORE TO THE CORE: No need to wait two weeks to have super fresh Albacore Tuna. It's the middle of the summer so it's the middle of the season for the best of the best tuna. Caught some 40 miles off the coast in deep blue waters, it is just a phenomenal fish. 

THE SLAMMIN' SALMON TRIO: Bullet points? No bullets necessary for catching Ivory King Salmon -- just a nice long line trolled behind the boat offshore from Newport. Speaking of troll caught, regular red King (Chinook) Salmon is coming in from the Pacific Ocean as usual, too. And, as usual, King (Chinook) Salmon from the Columbia River, the same river coughing up the best fresh Sockeye Salmon

THE PIMP SHRIMP DUO: As mentioned above, below, and at right, White Leg Prawns are rocking and rolling out of Canby, and just in time for the Dahlia Festival to boot. We've also got our usual stash of precooked Bay Shrimp, which Lyf has taken to calling Shrimpmeat. "Pink Shrimp," "Salad Shrimp," and "them wee buggers" are also accepted.

THE LOCAL WHITE FISH PARAGRAPHHalibut. Big, chunky, and waiting for your hand at a homemade fish & chips to give Hawthorne Fish House and Horse Brass a run for their money. (You better have some brown sauce on hand.) ¶ Dover Sole. A fine texture, a light and nutty flavor, slightly earthy tone. Sauvignon blanc recommended. ¶ Black Cod, aka Sablefish. Delicate, fatty (the good kind), and rich, so so rich. Octopus & Oysters (Netarts Torkes and large cooking oysters). Yep, yep, and yep. 

COLLABO COMING: We now return to your regularly scheduled indentation. A little something else Flying Fish has been cooking up (literally): Shelf Stable Smoked Salmon. This is a joint venture with our good friends at Bee Local (based on Salmon Street!) and Jacobsen's hand harvested Sea Salt. We like what we've done so far, but we'd like your feedback. Come try some, let us know what you think of the recipe so far, and take some camping or sneak it in to, say, a concert at Edgefield. (It's a shame Morrissey just happened, because that would have been the perfect show to sneak some meat into.) No need to refrigerate -- they're shelf stable, and ready to eat wherever you are. 

ELK COMING: This is a little farther down the pike, but just a heads up that we're going to get at least one Big Ass Elk© from the folks at Rosse Posse Acres down in Molalla. That's coming in October, so there's a little time to plan, but don't dilly dally too long because these cuts go quick -- they're that good. 

CRUSTACEANS AND MOLLUSKS, UNSELFISH SHELLFISH: A smoky July 2015 exhale of appreciation to our friends across the river for the sustainable supply of shellfish. Manila Clams, (precooked and picked) Dungeness Crab, Kumamoto Oysters. It's a veritable how-to of Washington Shellfish. Try one of each? This week ourMussels are arriving from Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada.

CATCH A WAVE AND YOU'RE SITTIN' ON TOP OF THE WORLD: Dine out on the deck at Departure and you're sittin' on top of Portland, anyway. We don't mind saying that Chef Greg makes THE best sashimi (pictured) from the surf capital: 
Kampachi. This yellowtail, native to Hawaii, is a cousin to tuna and has a slightly lighter flavor -- amazing raw and pretty damn good cooked up too. Speaking of tuna, we've got Hawaii's Bigeye Ahi and Albacore,Tombo, and their friends Escolar and Opah too. Aloha.

NOSHIN' THE NUSH: When one thinks of Alaska, one thinks of big mountains and cold, clean rivers. There's scarcely a better example of this picture than the Nushagak River, which empties into the Bristol Bay on the eastern end of the Bering Sea. It's as far as America goes, and there is a village near the river's mouth called King Salmon, if that's any indication of the lifestyle. Funny that, because the area is renowned for its Sockeye Salmon. And all of it is squarely in the crosshairs of the proposed Pebble Mine. Taste some of this Alaskan salmon to understand why that mine simply must not happen. The mine would put the entire estuary and lifestyle at risk. Also riding down from Alaska this week: fresh and sweet Halibut Cheeks, longline Rockfish fillets, troll caught- snow pass Coho Salmon and true blue True Cod

THE OTHER ONES: The house smoked stuff -- it's all here: theSalmons (Chinook, Sockeye & Ivory King), the Steelhead, theAlbacore, the Bacons (Pork & Lamb), the Scallops, and the Hawaiians, on sale for week #3: Kampachi, Opah, Escolar, Marlin, and Tombo. The house made sauces -- they're all here:Chimichurri, Cocktail, Tartar. All fresh, all good. The grab bag of other items not mentioned in any paragraph above: the East Coast Scallops, the Idaho Rainbow Trout, the Eggs, the Cheeses, theMilk, the Pickles, the Chocolates, the Sea Salts, the Hot Sauces, the Wines, the Sakés, the Beers... stop in, see what's new, say hi, live life, love life. Peace.
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