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Into the abyss?


THE RED FISH ON THE SILVER SCREEN: Put this one on the calendar, folks. We've preached the gospel against the construction of the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, as the potential for catastrophe is too great in one of the last untapped natural resources in the world-and the largest habitat for Sockeye Salmon. But don't take our word for it; go HERE to watch the trailer for the film that's already won two film festival awards for best documentary. The Breach, by Northwest native Mark Titus, explores the modern realities of the salmon, the impact humanity has had upon it, and what the mine could mean for the population's remaining wild salmon population. It's powerful stuff, and the screening at McMenamin's Mission Theatre on Monday, May 18th includes a reception with wild Alaska salmon following the film. Go HERE to register. 

ENJOY THE SALMON WHILE WE'VE GOT IT: It's iconic, it's important, and it's impossible to beat. Chinook Salmon is Oregon's official state fish for a reason - or rather, for thousands of reasons, from an eggy, oniony hash made with Flying Fish's house Smoked Salmon to the simple poached salmon recipe at right. It's ocean troll season, so our fishermen friends on the Oregon Coast are out there with hook and line, reeling em in one at a time. They're the King, these Chinook Salmon, and they're this week's feature product down below. And while we're here tootin' and toutin', and related to the film above, we'll mention that Copper River Sockeye Salmon season is a comin'. And we would mention all our Smoked Salmon, except ...

AAAAARRRRRRGGHH THE WALK-IN FRIDGE BROKE! Ugh ugh ugh, and not in the Popeye way. Our large walk-in refrigerator has broken and requires a new compressor. That's a spendy endeavor indeed, but we're turning it into a "Help Us Help You" situation. You knowCredibles, the penultimate paragraph of most of our emails, outlining our credit program? Well here it is further up the chain in a call to action that benefits everyone, including you. With Credibles, you pay up front for future meals, and the more you buy, the more you get for free - up to and including 15% extra goods, free smoked salmon, and admission for two to our Sushi Class. For our side, the more folks who use Credibles, the more cash is allocated to specific projects, like replacing the compressor on our walk-in fridge. To lend us a hand and to get yourself some extra swag, go HERE.

SMOKE EM IF YA GOT A FRIDGE: With the previous paragraph in mind, please note that we do have some house smoked fish available, it's just in limited quality while we fix the walk-in fridge, taking up space amongst the regular fresh fish fridges. (Say that three times fast, fresh fish fridges.) Check in for Smoked Coho Salmon, Smoked Steelhead, Smoked Bigeye Ahi Tuna, andSmoked Swordfish. Might find some Smoked Bacon (Pork and Lamb) in there too if you dig deep.

JAM ON IT, wiki wiki wiki

CAN I GET A SUUUUUUUU SHI CLASS: Nuff respect due to the B-A-M-BOO. Bamboo Sushi Chef Kevin Trinh is our own method man, the man with the method, the method to share with you. Kevin brings his top level instruction to you, gathered 'round the table at Jam on Hawthorne with piles and piles of fresh Flying Fish ingredients. It's two+ hours of fun times on a Sunday night, you eat what you roll, and every class comes with complimentary saké tasting. It's only $60 a head for a class that includes a full meal and drink, so why not add your name to our growing list of famous alumni? Protect ya neck and sign up HERE.

MY FRIEND MY FRIEND HE'S GOT A KNIFE. PSA: Darrell the Flying Fish mobile knife sharpener will be on hand next Friday, May 8th, all day (10am-5pm) to sharpen your knives, your scissors, your Leatherman®, your garden tools ... got something that needs sharpening? Bring it by, Darrell's got you. And once you're all sharpened up, you'll need to cut something. Might we recommend a whole troll caught Chinook Salmon, or perhaps a whole Tilapia aquaponically raised in Southern Oregon? Lots of selections of fresh whole fish to choose from. Mife. 

BIG BEEF, BIGGER BUFFALO: Calling all carnivores, sharpen your knife and step right up, cos Red Meat Roundup starts ... nowPat-n-Tam's fresh, pasture raised Beef from Eastern Oregon is always a hit, and all cuts are available: loin, roast, shank, round, ground, steak steak steak. And as you may have seen up yonder, this week's special is a whole lotta beef. Quarter-cows are coming, so hire a chef to man the grills at your family reunion, and clear space in the freezer chest in the garage. $3.99/lb hanging weight plus packaging. And if you're into going just a little leaner and a little meaner, get ready to get a whole lotta buffalo burger on. Straight from Powell Butte Bison Ranch, eighth- and quarter-buffalo is also available. That's $6.99/lb plus packaging, frozen and all cuts. 

TRUE COD, OREGON: And with the number one pick in the Flying Fish draft, the pescetarians select ... Pacific Ocean Chinook Salmon! Wait a second, we already knew that from up above and down below. All right, second pick: True Cod! Alaska traded up its pick with True Cod this week coming from local seas and Alaska representing on theLingcod tip. Joke's on Alaska though, as in a late selection, Oregon came through with the green monster pictured here. This Green Lingcod has a rainbow colored flesh, a rare treat indeed. Get it before it's gone!

Elsewhere on the Oregon depth chart, Black Cod (Sablefish) brings the star power, Bay Shrimp is the power-packing little guy, Sand Dabs are #1 off the bench, Petrale Sole is a perennial all pro, withDover Sole and Rex Sole its first subs, Rockfish is the hard working veteran, and on special teams, Nevør Shellfish's Netarts Bay Oysters always score big.

LINGCOD, ALASKA: And hey, if you do miss out on the rare Oregon Green Lingcod treat, fret not, Alaska Lingcod always does the trick. Always mild, and always flaky, Lingcod's one fish where cooking a little too long isn't always a bad thing -- it firms up the flesh to a point that some even compare to lobster texture. But if you want a real firm, real flaky fish, look no further than to the giant fish from the giant state. Alaska Halibut is as good as it gets, and as large as that fish is, you can have fillets just about as large as you like, too. And don't forget the cheeks. Cooked right, Halibut Cheeks have a scallop-like consistency, and their flavor is sweeter than that of a fillet. God they're delicious. 

CAPE COD, MASSACHUSETTS: Sorry Washington, you done gotEast Coast bumped. We went a little overboard (that's not a Moby Dick joke) on our East Coast order this week. On top of the usual Atlantic Sea Scallops, we've filled out a mega order involvingMackerel, Redfish Fillets, Monkfish Cheeks, Skate Wings, Surf Clams, and ... what the heck is an Atlantic Silverside??? 

The Atlantic Silverside is a unique species of Anchovy that grows only to a very small size. They're incredibly flavorful from a life living in the sea grass of brackish, inshore waters. They're also more mild than most anchovies -- put em on a pizza, garnish em on a bloody mary, or fry em up in a pan and eat em up whole. Fries with eyes!

AND NOW, ANOTHER EXCUSE TO USE THIS "SMILEY FACE GEORGE" STICKER GRAPHIC: Aww yissss, Sassy George has returned, and he's brought his Sassy Seafood Series along. Washington State roll call for the general, if you please: SaltyManila Clams! Briny Penn Cove Mussels! Shucked Willapa Bay Oysters! Petite Kumamoto Oysters! Always fresh, sustainably farm raisedSteelhead! Big meaty Razor Clam steaks! I cannot tell a lie, that's a good lookin' list, George ol' boy.

CHEF MARK IS HEATING UP THE KITCHEN AND COOLING DOWN THE FREEZER: Trusty Chef Mark Cullinan's been busting his butt out back prepping up his delicious Steelhead Cakes and Crab Cakes, both of which you'll find in the freezer, and next to those, grab yourself a tub of frozen Cioppino to go. His chunky Cioppino has just about all of the ingredients listed in this email but for the Buffalo and the Beef. (Funny thing is, he'd probably put them in if you asked him, but he'd also probably advise against it and recommend doubling down on the Spot Prawns.) And as always, his sauce is boss and it comes in three fancy flavors: Tartar Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Chimichurri Sauce.
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