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Uhh, Lyf? We don't use umbellas in Oregon.

I DID IT ALL FOR CHINOOKIE: Shoobie doobie doo, shoobies, let's start up here in the front with the main dish of the main fish, the salmon from your grammin', that Northwest fishin' tradition:Columbia River Chinook Salmon. We love it, you love it, the Yakama Nation live it. Read all about it in the feature product at the bottom of this email, whet yer appetite, and go full Oregon with the recipe on the right that marries a big ol' Chinook fillet with a marionberry topping and a side piece of Flying Fish house-smokedBacon. Best of all, because it's nearing the end of the season, we're getting a whole mess of it, and we want to pass the savings on to you. Pre-order ten pounds or more and take five dollars off per pound - that's $14.99/lb for wild, Native-caught Chinook Salmon (normally $19.99/lb). Pre-order only though, so contact Lyf

ALBACORE FOR SURE: Speaking of seasons that are finite and changing... peace out summer, hello autumn! For yo fall equinox, how about some fresh Albacore Tuna caught in the big blue Pacific offshore from Oregon? There's still a little time for fresh wild Albacore, but the window's creaking southward. Lyf himself is joining the boys and gals from Tre-Fin this weekend and he's bringing back everything he catches. Cross your fingers for a bounty day. 

Aaaaand speaking of going fishing, don't forget we've got us a Garibaldi Charters chartered, so why not join us for a fun-filled fishin' afternoon on Sunday, October 16th? It's only $105 for a professionally led session where we'll throw light tackle rod and reel for Rockfish and Lingcod, plus we'll throw some Dungeness Crab pots in the water on the way out and grab em on the way back. Keep what you catch, we can offer recipes and pairings. There are only 20 spots, so don't lollygag - sign up right HERE.

Kris with a K, Paul with a P, Chris with a C, fish from the sea

ELSEWHERE IN OREGON FISHESAll righty, let's add to the Oregon Chinook Salmon Kris and Paul have above and the Oregon Albacore Tuna Chris has (in front of Samantha Fisher's killer mural) with the following Oregon fishes for your Oregon dishes... this triple shot of cod: Black Cod (Sablefish), True Cod, and Lingcod. Let's do some Petrale Sole and Rockfish too. And some Bay Shrimp. Sound good? Good!

Let's stay in Oregon for a minute with the Meat Monger. Coming in fresh from the Wallowa Valley, Grass-Fed Beef from Carman Ranch - ribeye, skirt, brisket, ground beef and more. Coming up fresh from Scio down the Willamette Valley, Pasture-Raised Chicken and Porkfrom Rain Shadow El Rancho. Need Farm Fresh Eggs? Got those from Martin's Farm and Chicken Scratch Farms. Fresh Pasture-Raised Lamb is comin' too, and though it's not technically from Oregon, we can practically see it from Oregon, since they're set up in Washougal, just past Camas heading east on Highway 14 on the Washington side of the Gorge.

That's a lotta oysters 

WE GOT AN OYSTER BAR AND IT'S GOT OYSTERS: Okay okay, we admit and apologize for last week's gap in the weekly email newsletter chain gang, but it was for good reason: team building and research out on the Coast, where so much of our fish and so many of our oysters come from. Matter of fact... you might be eating one of the ones picture here right now. Travis and the crew at Nevør Shellfish Farm are steady delivering the goods, with Netarts and Torkes Oysters front and center all the time. Pop in to the Flying Fish Oyster bar and have Paul shuck up some of those alongside some Blue Pools, Minter Sweets, and big ooey gooey Hama Hamas. Down the hatch, baby. 

YOU'VE GIVEN ME A WA-WA: More like a WA-WA-WA-WA. It's a four-peat of four-peats: Manila Clams, Penn Cove Mussels, Dungeness Crab Meat, Steelhead. Simple as that. WA-WAAAAAAAAA. 

49 & 50 FRESHIES: Alaska (49th state) and Hawaii (50th) got them fresh goods too. Heading south from the Denali Country, troll-caught Coho Salmon from Yakobi Fisheries and big white, fresh Pacific Halibut fillets and cheeks. Speaking of, be sure to check this week's special over on the right if you really wanna get down to some halibut for your grill. And in from the central Pacific, our Honolulu connections keep the Bigeye Ahi Tuna fresh - have it as a deep red sashimi, the star of a poké, or grill it slightly till it whitens and slap it on a pizza with avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes, a pesto cream sauce, and whatever else you wanna top it with. Go ahead, you're an adult!

EAST COAST OOPSIES: CORRECTION: In last week's edition, this publication erroneously identified our Atlantic Scallops from Massachusetts as sustainable farm-raised, when in actuality they are wild caught. We regret the error and refresh the stock. Come grab some fresh scallops, why don'tcha. Massachusetts Monkfish is back too. Or... 

PERHAPS YOU'D LIKE YOUR SCALLOPS SMOKED: Not only can we do that, we have done that, and it's already ready. Flying Fish's house Smoked Scallops, hogging up space on the smoked shelf with Smoked Black Cod (Sablefish), Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Smoked Chinook Salmon (with Bellies and Collars), Smoked Steelhead, Smoked Albacore Tuna, and Smoked Swordfish. Bacon too.

INCENTIVE FOR YO GREENBACKS: Credit card fees, what a drag. We give props to old school cash heads with our cash incentive: a $25 gift certificate will be given out each month to a customer paying with cash. When you pay with cash, you get a raffle ticket to toss in the ol' raffle bin, and once a month that drawing will earn one lucky winner 25 bucks toward the freshest fish in town. Cash money baby!

MAY WE ADD SOME BISON BURGERS TO YOUR FLYING FISH CATERING? We're slowly but surely testing our hand at Flying Fish catering and oyster party options. We recently catered a 65-person wedding at the coast, and the photo here is the reason we skipped a week on the newsletter tip - Cookin' with the Captain on the Cape. Lyf manned the bison burgers at Cape Lookout with salmon and sausages the following night.
There may or may not have been beer and wine consumed. Party with us - or rather, let us party with you. Contact Lyf for more info while we get our official promo stuffs in order. Holler at

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