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Cullinans go Surf n Turf

LEAN, MEAN, ELK MACHINE: We've been sitting on that photo above for almost a year. Paul just couldn't help himself but beam about his delightful creation - Fresh Elk steak cooked properly rare, house-made Dungeness Crab Cakes from his twin brother Chef Mark's kitchen, wilted arugula with cherry tomatoes and garlic, and clearly an ample amount of Flying Fish Tartar Sauce. The photo's time, at last, has come. We got a mess of fresh elk coming in next week from Rosse Posse Acres, which you can read all about in the feature product at the southern end of this email, and those tasty crab cakes? They're on sale as we speak. Win/win, right? Email Lyf - to reserve your favorite cuts of elk, and when you come in next week to pick them up, don't forget the crab cakes. 

And might we suggest a pairing...

The Anam Cara collection, 2011-15

SHARING IS CARA-ING: It goes without saying that Oregon pinot noir goes with pretty much any meat you want it to go with, but in the case of Paul's surf-n-turf, Chef & Sommelier Mark definitely recommends Anam Cara's 2011. Nick and Sheila's Anam Cara Cellars cranks out a steady stream of the best Willamette Valley wine, and we just re-upped on their medium riesling, a wine that's not too sweet, so it can work equally for dessert or paired with a tuna poké, or even a plate of oysters. And the rosé goes with everything - or nothing at all!

OY! OY! OY-STERS! Speaking of oysters and what you might pair with them, we've got all sorts of suggestions at the Flying Fish Oyster Bar in beautiful Providore Fine Foods at 24th & Sandy. WE LUV U, NORTHEAST PORTLAND. And our menu of love this week has a new addition, all the way from the wild and rugged North Island of New Zealand, Kaipara Oysters. The cold and clean water of the Kaipara Sound around the North Island is the perfect breeding ground for a sustainable oyster farm. Deep cups, plump meats, with a creamy, salty finish. Have some with the usual suspects,Kumamoto and Shigoku Oysters from Taylor, and Netarts and Torkes Oysters from Nevør. 

And on the Oyster Bar soup menu: creamy Clam Chowder, meatyMeat Monger Chili, hearty and savory Tomato Bisque, and more.

MEAT MONGER CHILI, MEAT MONGER CHILL: And while we're here dancing that meaty Providore dance, the Meat Monger would like you to know THAT: we've got Grass-Fed Beef from Carman Ranch in the Wallowa Valley fresh, we've got Pork from Rain Shadow El Rancho in the Willamette Valley fresh fresh, and all cuts of Lamb from Reister Farms in Washougal, Washington, fresh fresh freshhhhh. 

Ohhh mamacita, @mothermanzanita!

SHELLFISH DROOLIN': Thanks a LOT, @mothermanzanita, for the pool of drool on my phone for the above post on Instagram. We welcome more like it. Try your hand at her creation with some Penn Cove Mussels, Manila Clams, both fresh, and wild caught US Gulf of Mexico Shrimp, in the freezer. All rice, corn, seasonings... this is your call. Just use a nice photogenic pan, wouldja? 

Elsewhere in the shellfish shack, keep an eye out for fresh OregonBay Shrimp, precooked and picked Washington Dungeness Crab Meat in tubs to go, ooey gooey Uni, aka California Sea Urchin, andAtlantic Scallops drypacked and delivered fresh without preservatives from the great state of Massachusetts.  

FREAKY DEEKY CHEEKY: Also not shellfish but also not unlike shellfish in consistency and delicate taste, Halibut Cheeksfresh outta Alaska. Pan fry some up in a little coconut oil, wilt some spinach and sauté some mushrooms, spread over basmati rice, lemon zest and pepper to taste. Try some, you'll like it. 

Of course if you want to go a little more traditional, we've got big ol' honkin' fillets of the flaky chunky white Halibut steaks too. And while you're fishin' and chippin', get down to the True Cod sound. It's all Alaskan, and it came down to Portland to be fresh, just like Portugal the Man, just like Leah and the Juneau kids. Luv u too, Alaska. 

SLAMMIN' SALMON MEDALISTS: Also on the Alaska-to-Portland party wagon, a solid grip of Copper River Coho Salmon for the bronze, yessirree. Hitching a ride on the wagon, wild caughtSockeye Salmon from the Nass River in Northwest British Columbia, near beautiful Prince Rupert, clocking in with the silver. And as usual, the Michael Phelps of the salmonidae world, gold medalist Columbia River Chinook (King) Salmon. Solid gold, every time. 

And don't forget the fierce competition from the great state of Idaho, the lil' cousin of the big salmons, sustainable farm-raised Rainbow Trout. And that trout's big twin brother? Steelhead? Got that too from up Washington State. 

Cooking is optional. Stick out your tongue, try this. 

ADD'L OREGON ROUNDUP, WITH ALBACORE: Those loins of love come to us and to you from the good folks at Tre-Fin Day Boat Tuna. Fresh Albacore Tuna with love. Elsewhere down the Oregon Coast, Black Cod aka Sablefish rich and delicious, Petrale Solefine and flaky, and funky chunky Lingcod. Oh, Rockfish too. All these things in bold, so fresh and so clean clean. 

ADD'L HAWAII ROUNDUP: Can it really be "additional" if there was no first mention? Is this germane to this discussion? Shall we just get on with the fresh selections from the Honolulu Fish Auction, the freshies from the middle of the deep blue Pacific? Right you are. Fresh Hawaiian fishes: Marlin. Swordfish. Bigeye Ahi Tuna. Now ya know. 

CALIFORNIA SURF PERCH: Small, easy prep, eat the whole thing. Fresh and delicious. Check out this recipe on

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