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 Flying Fish Oyster Bar & The Meat Monger
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SIGN O' THE TIMES - LYF ON WASHINGTON, ON EARTH DAY, ONLINE: Well now you didn't think Lyf was gonna spend a whole week in Washington, watching them make the sausage, making connections, and representing his own small business and the network that support him and not have something to say, did ya? Good news: our man on the scene does have lots to say - about the experience, about the success of the Magnuson-Stevens (fisheries) Act of 1976 and the importance of its renewal, and we're happy to announce today, Earth Day, as the day we launch Lyf's new blog, Sustainable Fishmonger. It's a work in progress and will probably take new shape as it (and the Flying Fish network web sites) evolve, but the main thing right now is that it's up. 

There's so much that goes into (and comes out of) the American fishing industry, and yet, as a country, somehow up to 90% of the seafood we consume is imported, mostly from Asia. And at the same time, we have a hard time managing what we do have here, fish like Striped Bass, extremely popular on the Atlantic Seaboard and pictured above at the DC Fish Market. 
Anyway, it's Earth Day - celebrate, participate, and educate. Check out Lyf's story on the new blog HERE

* * * 

Ask for the sampler.

STAR FISH AND COFFEE STOUT: Pictured above: oh, your average tray of Hawaii Bigeye Ahi Tuna, Hawaii Escolar, Atlantic Scallops, Hawaii Blue Marlin, a mess of Netarts Bay Oysters, and for good measure, some Frog Eyes Real Wasabi (not colored horseradish). And if no one minds too much, four beer choices, twowine choices, and a big ol' bottle of saké. Hungry or thirsty yet? We've got two locations where you can get any or all of the above, and we'll put good money on a certain fish truck over in Multnomah Village stocking a good bit of it too. Come and see us.

U GOT CHINOOK, U GOT THE HOOK: Sho nuff do be cookin' in my book. It's only the most sought after dish of the Pacific Northwest, after all. Good news: we've got a full stock of whole, certified sustainable farm-raised Chinook Salmon from Creative Salmon in British Columbia. Better news? Oregon Ocean Troll Salmon season is OPEN. It's this week's feature product down below, so read up on that, and since it's gonna be rainy this weekend, get the oven going with the baked salmon and spicy fruit salsa recipe at the right. 

Dig if you will the picture, of James and Kris engaged with a fish

CAN YOU MY DAR-LING: Can you picture this: pan seared Oregon Lingcod fillets. It's easy to picture, easier to make: heat the pan up to medium-high heat, melt some butter, have the fillets already salted and peppered to taste, and cook em no more than five minutes on each side. Marching along in the Oregon fish parade (ha ha, marching fish), whole Black Rockfish, Black Cod (Sablefish), Skate Wing, precooked Bay Shrimp ready to eat, and as mentioned above, ocean troll-caught King Salmon.

You sexy oyster shucker.

TELL ME WHATCHA DO, TELL ME WHATCHA EAT, I MIGHT COOK FOR YOU: Paul's got his shuckin' knife out and the Flying Fish Oyster Bar is OPEN. Hama Hama Blue Pool Oysters, Netarts Bay Oysters, Nevør Torkes Oysters, yep yep yep. Plus the usual rotating line of soups and chowders and chilis and stocks and stuff.

I JUST WANT YOUR EXTRA TIME AND YOUR ... F-F-F-F-F ... FISH: You don't need experience ... to cook a Trout. You just leave it up to me, I'm gonna show you what it's all about. Boneless Idaho Trout fillets, that is - heated olive oil and minced garlic in a cast iron skillet, skin side down for ~5 minutes, flip over for two, flip back over for two more. Lemon, salt, pepper, maybe a little paisley. Er, parsley. 

COULD YOU BE, THE SMOKED BEAUTIFUL FISH IN THE WORLD: It's plain to see you're the reason we bought a smoker. Couple of them, actually. Slow burning apple and cherry wood chips, raw honey-sea salt-secret spice brine, and trays full of smokin' fish: Chinook (King) and Sockeye Salmon, Steelhead, Bigeye Ahi Tuna, Black Cod (Sablefish), and Scallops. All smoked, all smokin'.

THE HITS: Meaty Alaska Halibut Fillets and tender sweetHalibut Cheeks, they been #1 hits for years. The top ten's full of other hits too, like Manila Clams, Penn Cove Mussels, and precooked and picked Dungeness Crab Meat, all fresh from Washington. And don't forget the shellfish of the year, Atlantic Scallops fresh, drypacked, and chemical free from Massachusetts.

THE B-SIDES: Wee little buggers, California Surf Smelt, the sleeper hit served up like french fries - tail, head, bone and all. It's a finger fish, a finger food, a finger licking good snack. 

BUY IN ADVANCE, GO HOME WITH EXTRA FISH: We're very thankful to everyone who participates in our Credibles program, in which you buy credit ahead of time, saving yourself money in the long run and earning bonuses to take home with you. It helps us too. For you: Purchase $150 in advance and get $15 in credits. Buy $300 in advance and get $24 bonus and a $5 hunk of smoked salmon. A $600 advance purchase gets you $60 bonus product and a $10 piece of smoked salmon. And $1000? That's a grand slam. Do that and get yourself $120 bonus food AND a ticket to one of our Flying Fish Sushi Classes. Pretty sweet, huh? And you're just paying up front for what you'll be buying anyway! Click HERE to participate.

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