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For hardiness and valor 
THE COPPER GETS THE GOLD: This weekend, we wave Old Glory high in memory of those who've served to keep us free. Memorial Day also of course means the unofficial start to summer, or the official start to summer vacation mentality. And with our Copper River Sockeye Salmon stash, there's nothing better to throw on the grill to kick off the season. Done right, grilled salmon is among the best dishes on the planet, and the recipe at right gets pretty dern close to that. Make it a full on red, white and blue meal with the reddest salmon around, some white asparagus, and some fresh blueberries. Do it for you. Do it for America. And check out the feature product below for more on this special, limited supply fish.

BONUS? Bonus. On top of Sockeye, we've also got a pile of Copper River King (Chinook) Salmon. How'd that happen? Doesn't matter, just come get some while it's here!

AND WHILE THE GRILL IS HOT... MORE SALMON: Looks like the weather's gonna take a few days to catch up with our summer mindset, but we say let's light a fire and bring it here quicker. Since the grill's already open and we're talking salmon, just have a look at all these salmon options ... King (Chinook) Salmon from Canada's Creative Salmon, the only certified organic salmon farm in North America; local King (Chinook) Salmon from both the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean (troll caught); all of the above fresh, never frozen salmon. 

AND WHILE THE GRILL IS HOT... MORE FISH: Keep the fire on low, we're not done with that grill just yet. Additional items on this week's fresh list tailor made for a summer session on the patio ... well, they look like this: Alaska Halibut, big and chunky and always best hot off the grill (pictured on the grill); two tunas from Hawaii-Bigeye Ahi and Tombo (Albacore), each of which sizzle with flavor; the white buttery goodness of sustainably raised Panama Cobia, which needs only a brushing of olive oil and lemon, with perhaps a little mango salsa to garnish; and an east coast/west coast Scallop collaboration: Atlantic Sea Scallops from Massachusetts and Weathervane Scallops from Alaska. In fact, check out this week's special on the right for a great deal on the latter. 

THESE OTHER HAWAIIAN OPTIONS COULD WORK ON THE GRILL TOO: Jeez, all-American dad played by Tim Allen, like to grill much? (GRUNT.) Well in fairness, dadbod is not only A Thing this year, it's apparently in. So this is for you, Tim Allen Dad: still more grill options straight from the Aloha State, all fresh. They're so fresh, in fact, they're all sushi quality, but for this exercise, we're grilling... Swordfish, which is pretty much meant to be grilled; Escolar, which loses only a little of its richness when grilled, but retains enough to put its grilled flavor in a different profile; and Kampachi. Now, with Kampachi, one gets maybe the most unique fish native to Hawaii, one that's perhaps best raw. But it's hella tight grilled up with a brush of coconut oil and some thyme, topped with red pesto. But back to sushi for a moment... 

Mark Cull made it

SUSHI SUSHI LA LA LA: If you've never rolled your own sushi, then you've clearly never taken Flying Fish's Sushi Class. It's coming 'round again soon, next month in fact, and half the spots are already taken. We don't fool around -- Bamboo Sushi Chef Kevin Trinh leads the way, sharing the knowledge he's spent years accruing in this two-hour session. We supply all the best fresh fish, Jam on Hawthorne provides the good vibes and table space, and SakéOne provides the saké tastings that accompany the sushi throughout the class. All of this-and you eat what you roll-for only $60. That's less than a night out and you go home full. Next one is Sunday, June 28th at 6pm, and you can sign up right HERE. Don't wait, this will sell out! 

Also, a friendly reminder: in our fresh list below each week, anything that has an asterisk (*) next to it means that it's sushi quality. #themoreyouknow

GRAB A CRAB, A WHOLE CRAB: So uh, we know we said a few weeks back that that was it for whole Washington Dungeness Crabs, and that we'd stick tight to keeping the cooked, picked meat in stock (and we have). Then Lyf went out this week and snagged a bunch of whole ones, and here we are unloading whole cooked Dungeness Crabs for $9.99/lb. 

Also from Washington State, all the usual suspects: Gabriel Byrne as Manila Clams, Stephen Baldwin as Penn Cove Mussels, Kevin Pollak as Kumamoto Oysters, Benicio Del Toro as Willapa Bay Oysters, Kevin Spacey as sustainable farm raised Steelhead and Keyser Söze, and Pete Postlethwaite as himself.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, FLYING FISH FLYING FISH... You read that right, actual Flying Fish. Flying Fish! Like the winery in Washington! Like the brewery in New Jersey! Like the little fishmonger who could here on SE Hawthorne (and SW Multnomah) in Portland, Oregon! And because it's us, it's fresh, never frozen. We wouldn't have it any other way. It's a special treat from Japan, and it arrives tomorrow

SPLURGIN' FOR STURGEON... Get a load of this dude. Sturgeon surgeon Mark Granger sports himself a new 'do and a 50-pound beast of sustainably raised Sturgeon from recirculating fresh water in Idaho. Mild and slightly earthy, Sturgeon has a very firm flesh and ... hey, weren't we just talking about all the fish fit for grillin'? Go back up to those paragraphs and add this to the list. Or...

WE SMOKE EM COS WE GOT EM: When this email goes out, it's the result of Lyf sending a doughy pile of info to Brad, who takes it and bakes a bread. (Half baked is more like it.) Or some other meta metaphor. (This is getting weird.) The point is, this is the Flying Fish House Smoked Paragraph, and there should be Sturgeon in it. Lyf did not include Sturgeon in the list of this week's Smoked Fish, but that doesn't mean it's not there. It might be! Check the fridge. But if it's not, ask the crew if they can smoke some, because there's enough of it to smoke, and you like Smoked Sturgeon like Brad likes Smoked Sturgeon, enough to put it in a paragraph about smoked fish when he doesn't even know if it exists. Other smoked fish that DOES exist this week includes the crème de la crème of smoked salmon, Smoked Copper River Sockeye Salmon, including, lord have mercy, Smoked Copper River Sockeye Salmon Collars. Also? Smoked Scallops, Smoked Opah, Smoked Escolar, Smoked Steelhead, Smoked King (Chinook) Salmon, and Smoked Albacore Tuna

WHY IS THE OREGON FRESH FISH PARAGRAPH ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE? Why isn't the Tilikum Crossing on the plaque of Willamette River bridges on the new MLK viaduct at Division Street? So many questions just can't be answered. One that can, though, is: what sorts of local fresh fish do you have this week, Flying Fish? We're glad you asked, and we're glad to answer with, "friend, here are our local fresh fish this week": Lingcod, Black Cod (Sablefish), True Cod (one, two, three cod, AH! AH! AH!), Dover Sole, Petrale Sole, Rex Sole (triple shot of sole, YOW), Rockfish that ROCKS, Netarts Bay Oysters that sloop right off the half shell, and a big ol' tub of precooked Bay Shrimp ready to eat. Oregon, you rule.

WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT CHEF MARK? Well, he's a handsome devil so nice his parents made him twice. Brother Paul looks and sounds just like him! Ain't that something. While Paul's out front charming up the ladies, Mark's in the back whipping up chunky chunky Cioppino, Dungeness Crab Cakes and Steelhead Cakes (check the freezer for both), and all the sauce you need: Tartar Sauce, Chimichurri Sauce, and Flying Fish family recipe Cocktail Sauce

BUYING YOUR FISH IN ADVANCE HELPS YOU AND HELPS US TOO: Dag nabbit. Our large walk-in refrigerator has broken and requires a new compressor. Our Credibles program aims to fix that situation, so help us help you like this: With Credibles, you pay up front for our fish and house made products, and the more you buy, the more you get for free - up to and including 15% extra goods, free smoked salmon, and admission for two to our Sushi Class. For our side, the more folks who use Credibles, the more cash is allocated to specific projects, like replacing the compressor on our walk-in fridge. To lend us a hand and to get yourself some extra swag, go HERE.
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