News: December 2nd - 9th

Hawthorne Fish Shack
Friday & Saturday9am - 7pm
Sunday -
Thursday11am - 7pm

 Flying Fish Oyster Bar & The Meat Monger
at Providore Fine Foods
Fish & Meat retail counter9:30am - 7:30pm
Oyster Bar, Noon - 7:30pm


SPANISH PLATTER MAGIC: Ayyyooooooo! Dig these boquerones en vinagre from Flying Fish super customer Charlene Murdock for grabbing a bag of Spanish Anchovies out of the freezer, marinating them in vinegar and salt, and finishing them with olive oil and herbs. Yeah, it's that easy. 

While we're here in the freezer, help yourself to 10% off of EVERYTHING. Seriously. Fish? Shellfish? Meat? Take it off, baby. Peep the special of the week on the right for more words saying the same thing, just git on down to that freezer and git to saving. (NOTE: Hawthorne location only.) 

HAPPY HOLIDAZE TO YOOOOU: Aaaand while we're over here talking platters, let's talk about the nondenominational, inclusive, secular, consumerist holidays. It's already December, so big December parties are coming, especially heading into a great unknown new year, so let's take them on face first with some Flying Fish holiday platters. Oysters, smoked fishes, shrimp cocktails, albacore poké, veggies, pickles... what would you like? How big would you like it? Here are just four samples - take em as they are, take em and flip em around, don't take em at all and make yer own. The choice is yours, friend. 

Shrimp cocktail.

Poke us for some poké.

The platter that matters.

Hope that's enough oysters for ya.

ON OYSTERS AND AN OYSTER BAR: Let's go aead and use that oyster platter as oyster segue. You may have caught this in Willamette Week or on your smartphone Pearl app, but Flying Fish Company done got ourselves an Oyster Bar! Live and direct at Providore Fine Foods market at 24th & Sandy, we got oysters, mad oysters, for sale à la carte, by the dozen, to-go... however you like. Oysters like: Kumamotos, Shigokus,  Totten Inlets and Fat Bastards(!), all from Taylor Shellfish, and other fine selections like Minter Sweets, Capitals, Hammerslys, Fanny Bays, and Barron Points. Yo that's a lotta oysters! Always check the Pearl app for the latest. 

Elsewhere around the Oyster Bar menu, we've got Chef Mark's Dungeness Crab Cakes and Salmon Cakes, Albacore Poké, Smoked Salmon Platters, Smoked Salmon Dip, and Seaweed Salad. And to wet your whistle and wash it all down... if it's the weekend, peep the Mimosas with Evolution bubbles and Columbia Gorge OJ, and if it's a weekday, pop in 3-5pm for 50¢ off all oysters and $1 off all beers. And if it's ANY ol' day of the week, have all the beer and wine you like. We don't judge. 

BACK AGAIN TO THE HOLIDAZE: Rather than going back up and editing the first paragraph about the holidays, I'll go ahead and belabor the matter and create a new one here to offer you two other Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice/New Years items: first, and really any time for ANY holiday, Flying Fish gift certificates that are good for pretty much anything we sell. Inquire within at Hawthorne while we're still at Hawthorne (through this month). And second, FF swag 2.0: 

T-shirts and hoodies, season two.(Arriving soon...)

ALL RIGHT THEN, FOR GOD'S SAKE, COULD YOU JUST LET US KNOW WHAT FRESH FISH YOU HAVE FOR SALE: Absolutely! Let's kick it off right here in the Beaver State, our beloved Oregon, where what a shock, it's raining again. What we got: Rockfish, FRESH, Petrale Sole, FRESH, many many Oysters, SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN CLEAN. 

CALIFRESHIES: The Squid is back on the scene, fresh from California - tubes and tentacles, whichever your pleasure - and here's some Flying Fish trash fish principle for you: we got the bycatch too. Sardines are back on the shelf, and they're so easy to prepare. Brush each side with the oil of your choice, pinch a little salt and pepper to your taste, pan fry for two minutes tops on each side, serve with a squeeze of lemon. Boom. 

And then there's the whole cooked Dungeness Crabs...

All you need to know in one pic. But please do know more and read about California Dungeness Crabs in the feature product at the bottom of this message.

ALOHA FRESHIES: Catch a wave and you're sittin' on top of the world. Catch a fish and you'll feed your family and yourself with the freshest freshness from Honolulu: Bigeye Ahi Tuna, FRESH, Tombo (Hawaiian Albacore Tuna), FRESH, and thick & meaty Marlin, FRESH.

Elsewhere in Hawaiian delicacies so good you don't need to cook em (but you can and be perfectly satisfied), count on Bigeye Ahi Tuna, Tombo (Albacore Tuna), and mighty meaty Swordfish to suit all your fancies.

SUPERSONIC WASHINGTON FRESHIES: Standard issue babe, as reliable as a Gary Payton pass to Shawn Kemp above the rim. Steelhead, FRESH, Manila Clams, FRESH, Penn Cove Mussels, FRESH, Dungeness Crab, precooked and picked and ready to THROW DOWN like the REIGN MAN.
BEEN ALL AROUND THE WORLD, STOCKIN THAT FRESH: Keep your passport handy friends, it's about to get stamped. Takin' it to the NORTH, let's grab some fresh, sustainably raised Creative (King) Salmon from Canada. Heading over EAST, we're gonna bag some fresh Atlantic Scallops from Massachusetts and head even farther east, all the way to the eastern Mediterranean, to Greece, where they know a thing or two or three about Branzino (whole fish, 1-2 lbs each). Then we're gonna head SOUTH, to Ecuador, for sustainably raised Tilapia. And wrapping up this whirlwind worldwide, even farther south and way WEST, to New Zealand, home of fresh, sustainable, coldwater offshore Ora King Salmon.

STURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Eating too much of Flying Fish's house smoked Sturgeon will leave you fat and happy, and probably in need of a wine pairing, say a Cooper Mountain Chardonnay to swirl in yo glass, swish in yo mouth, and live happily in yo belly with Smoked Sturgeon. We're smokin' all right, smokin' that Hawthorne smoker while it's still the Hawthorne smoker, smokin' out with Smoked Scallops, Smoked Marlin, Smoked Swordfish, Smoked Trout, Smoked Black Cod (Sablefish), Smoked Steelhead, Smoked Albacore Tuna, Smoked Bigeye Ahi Tuna, and last but certainly not least, the smokinest, sweetenest, salt-where-you-want-it-est, that fish de résistance, Smoked King (Chinook) Salmon.

COULD YOU BURY THE MEAT PARAGRAPH ANY FARTHER?Well honestly we could do a postscript down even past the "Sincerely, Lyf and crew" signoff, but would you make it that far? Have you made it this far? Thank you! Here's our fresh meat: Chicken from Scratch Farm, FRESH, Pork from Rain Shadow El Rancho, FRESH, Lamb from Reister Farms, FRESH, and doo doo doodily doo, pasture-fed Beef from Painted Hills, FRESSHHHHH.

USE CASH, WIN STUFF: Another friendly reminder: to avoid Big Bank big fees, we love when our customers use cash, so much so that when you do, you can enter a drawing to win $25 in Flying Fish credit. Pay in cash and drop your ticket in the raffle bucket, and once a month we'll announce a winner who'll go home with 25 bucks more of freshies.

SOCIAL MEDIA WILL KILL US: Here's a weekly and friendly reminder: while this email is accurate at the time of its delivery, the best way to stay current on what's fresh and in stock (like our fresh poké at the Oyster Bar) is to follow us on the social medias: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram. Post pics of your dinners and tag us @flyingfishpdx, we'd love to see 'em. Our fresh catch varies from day to day, and sometimes short shipments come and go quick in between our Friday newsletters. And when you're satisfied with your purchase, show us some love on Yelp

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