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Only trust a fishmonger who knows how to fish: 

Lyf on location in Alaska with the freshest darn Coho you're about to eat


KICKED OUT THE JAMS: A big, giant, huge, gargantuan, halibut-sized THANK YOU to all 436 of you who donated to our Kickstarter campaign, making it a huge success. We aimed for $50,000 and finished with nearly $10,000 more than that. Northeast Portland, we're comin' for ya this fall -- hope you like oysters. Again, thank you for everything you do. 

I THINK I'LL TRY ALASKA: As pictured above, Flying Fishmonger numero uno is currently up north on a research-and-fishin' mission. He's visiting with Seth and Anna and their crew at Yakobi Fisheries, a family fishing operation based in Pelican, AK, a wee town on Chicagof (not Chicago) Island between Juneau and Glacier Bay National Park. Yakobi provides us with amazing troll caught Coho Salmon, and Lyf's goal for this week is to return 100 lbs of the stuff fresh -- that he caught himself! Learn more about this awesome Coho in our feature product below, try the recipe at right, and get in for this week's special price (also at right).

That fish cray

YOU CAN CRAW ALL OVER ME: Crawfish or crayfish? Jake's Famous downtown has "crawfish" right on their marquee, the second oldest restaurant in ol' Portland. (Huber's is oldest.) And they love them some crawfish étoufée down south. But in the Northeast and across the Midwest, the little buggers are crayfish. Or perhaps you prefer crawdads. Crawdaddies? Mudbugs? Call 'em what you will, but you'll definitely call 'em delicious. These freshwater crustaceans have a low tolerance for pollution, so you know they're clean. And we've got em live, so fresh isn't even the word. Grab some ears of fresh sweet corn from Kruger's and get your crawfish boil ON. 

MAKE IT A SURF N TURF: Shirts are always optional when Chef Mark's steaming out the kitchen for his own crawfish boil. Well daddio (crawdaddio?), you oughta double down on flavor and wrangle up some Elk Steaks. It's the time of year for our friends at Rosse Posse Acres to shine. They just celebrated their 10th anniversary down in Molalla, and we are happy to have em on the team! Their pasture raised Elk are fed top quality local hay, resulting in an extremely lean and flavorful meat. Learn more about their farm and process HERE.

I'M A SOLE MANYou ain't seen nothin' yet. This paragraph goes out to Flying Fish's own SAM AND DAVE. For you Sam, the Cadillac of the flatfish family: Petrale Sole. For you Dave, the fish that improves with age, Dover SoleAnd just like Sam and Dave, this sole is local, and this sole is FRESHHHH. 

BRIDGE OF THE CODS: That's what the bridge to Japan will be called when it is built. As it has to span the Pacific Ocean, it will be very large -- a suspension bridge with three spans and two towers. The towers will be mounted on the ocean floor where cod dwell (thus the name, Bridge of the Cods). The first span will carry Highway 26 from Cannon Beach to, like, one-third of the way through the Pacific, and will be called the Lingcod Span, for Lingcod is native only to the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest. The middle span, due south of Alaska, is the True Cod Span, so named for the fish's northern Pacific habitat and a nod to the Magnuson-Stevens Act of 1976, from which overfishing in Russia and Japan was curtailed and True Cod population rebounded. The third and westernmost span of this soon-to-be famous bridge is the Black Cod Span (or Sablefish Span), for that most wonderful buttery fish that's just a little more wonderful in a miso marinade. Remember to fill your gas tank and use the bathroom in Cannon. 

Kan U Kampachi?

BRIDGE OF THE HAWAIIANS: We're equally excited to see construction of the spur bridge to Oahu. It will feature pneumatic tubes (called a "Series of Tubes" in honor of the late Senator Ted Stevens, who co-authored the Magnuson-Stevens Act) that zip our fresh goodies from our pals in Honolulu in lightning speed. Until those tubes appear (they will light up in an environmentally-sensitive fashion powered by those light-up squids and be visible from space), though, we'll take our fresh overnight delivery, like this one: Kampachi, Bigeye Ahi Tuna, Opah, and Escolar, all fresh, all Hawaiian, all nui (great). Aloha. 

WE HOPE YOU LIKE SALMON TOO: While Lyf's up north jammin' on some Coho Salmon, Mark's been reeling in the usual connects for a slammin' Salmon selection: Washington Sockeye SalmonColumbia River Chinook Salmon, and pictured here with Maria for scale, Troll Caught Ocean Chinook Salmon. Slammin. Jammin. Salmon. (We're also clammin' a little farther down in this communication.)

ANY ALBACORE? MAN FOR SURE. The Oregon Albacore scene this week is, to use an expression, off the hook. In addition to fantastic sushi-grade Fresh Albacore, we've got some of our ownAlbacore Poké made in-house today, with Josh's Hung Far Low Sauce. (Can we call it that? It's a nod to a landmark. We love them. Get the egg foo young.) At any rate this poké is delicious, fresh, and ready to eat. And straight outta the smoker? Smoked Albacore Loins and Smoked Albacore Bellies. Bellies! You gotta try some.

SPEAKING OF SMOKED...We've been crankin' out them salty-smoky-sweet hits just as fast as the local-raw-honey-and-sea-salt brine sets in and the smoker starts smokin'. On top of the Smoked Albacore options above, all the usual in-house suspects plus one delightful newcomer: Smoked Chinook Salmon (including Bellies and Collars), Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Smoked Coho Salmon, Smoked Steelhead, Smoked Black Cod (Sablefish), Smoked Scallops, Smoked Kampachi, Smoked Opah, and all new this week from some folks who know a thing or three about oysters, Nevør Shellfish Farm's own Smoked Netarts Bay Oysters,pictured here. So much smokin' goin' on.

AAAAAND SPEAKING OF OYSTERS... We've got those. Netarts Bay Oysters from the Oregon Coast and Kumamoto Oysters from Washington, to be specific. Need help shuckin'? Paul's got ya covered. Need a shuckin' knife? We can probably help with that too. 

Elsewhere in the shellfish department: Penn Cove Mussels(Washington), Manila Clams (Washington), Bay Shrimp (Oregon Coast), Dungeness Crab Meat (precooked and picked) (Oregon). Sound good? Good!

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