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New Zealand: Lord of the Kings

WIN A TRIP TO NEW ZEALAND*: In your mouth, that is. Every bite of Ora King Salmon is a winner, and you'll see why on your first mouthful. Yes, it's journeyed halfway around the world to reach us, but trust us, it's worth the trip, it's shipped to us fresh, and as you'll read in the feature product below, their offshore operation in the Tasman Sea is second-to-none in sustainable salmon farms. I mean - look at that picture! Ora King is back, babies, and we're ready to serve. When your mouth starts watering, fill it with the ridonkulous recipe on the right that requires only a couple Ora King fillets, some pistachios, and a small handful of other stuff you already have.

(* PLEASE NOTE: We're not actually giving away a trip to New Zealand, but your mouth and belly will take a journey with every bite.) 

SALMON OF THE DOMESTIC AND HYPER LOCAL VARIETIEIS TOO: Want your salmon sourced from American fishermen and fisherwomen? We can do that too. Troll-caught Coho Salmonseason marches on in Southeastern Alaska, so we got those. The season for Columbia River Chinook, on the other hand, is all but done (we're currently out, sorry!), so we may have a batch or two from here on out, but you can count on frozen fillets, so we've got you covered. 

GET YER TIX TO CHEF MARK'S SMOKEOUT! Seriously: don't snooze on this, as there are only 30 spots and this will sell out. Sixty bucks is a pretty sweet deal when you consider this dinner, held in collaboration with Fern Kitchen chef Paul Cockrell, will featuresix dishes of Flying Fish's house-smoked fishes that Mark's been perfecting over the past five years, plated with specifically selected sides that play off of each fish's individual flavor. Oh, and they'll be paired with wines from Anam Cara Cellars. It's coming on Sunday, November 6th, 7pm. That's at Fern Kitchen, 2311 SE 50th Ave in the gorgeous Breathe Building, and you can sign up right HERE

While we're here announcing Flying Fish signature events, keep an eye on these two dates - Sunday, December 4th and Sunday, January 15th - as Flying Fish Sushi Class will make its return. They'll be at Providore Fine Foods at 24th & Sandy, as usual with Bamboo Sushi Chef Kevin Trinh. Online signups to come. 

Party on, party_juan

OKAY, ON TO THE OYSTERS: A big party shoutout to Jon Hildreth, aka @party_juan, for that spicy take on Netarts Oysters. Uhhh huh. (If you make a nice dish and take a nice pic, tag us @flyingfishpdxon Instagram - we wanna see!) Those steady stalwarts from Nevør Shellfish Farm are in action at the Flying Fish Oyster Bar, along withTotten Inlet Oysters, plus Kumamoto and Shigoku Oysters from Taylor Shellfish. (Netarts and small shucked oysters from Washington are also available at the fish shack.)

On the meal menu at the Oyster Bar this week? Albacore Tuna Poké served with coconut jasmine rice, house-made Dungeness Crab Cakes served over an arugula salad, Sesame Seaweed Salad, and Smoked Salmon Dip with a nice crunchy crostini for dippin' that dip.

SMOKIN' TILL THE SMOKEOUT: And beyond, of course. That smoked salmon dip's gotta come from somewhere, and house-smoked salmon is its starting point. We've got that - Smoked King (Chinook) Salmon (including Bellies and Collars), Smoked Sockeye & Coho Salmon, boom shacka lacka. That fridge on the right is stocked and stacked with all the lil' smokies we can smoke: Smoked Albacore Tuna, Smoked Bigeye Ahi Tuna, Smoked Marlin, Smoked Scallops, Smoked Black Cod (Sablefish), Smoked Steelhead, Smoked Pork Bacon, etc etc. For best results, stick head in fridge. 

ALASKAN SWEET MEAT: If you missed out on last week's round of fresh Alaska Spot Prawns, you're in luck, as a second round are coming to the fish shack today. They're the biggest of Pacific Prawns, and in addition to looking the coolest with the red stripes and big spot that gives it its name, it's naturally very sweet. Don't overcook em though, as you'll lose the sweetness!Pacific Halibut Cheeks are likewise sweet, but in a slightly different direction. Nice and delicate, pan sear in coconut oil two minutes per side, serve with spinach and rice. Pacific Halibut Fillets aren't as sweet, but rather mild, as you know, because you've had halibut before and why am I even trying to describe it? Enjoy this hunky chunky fish as you like it - on the grill, in a taco, fried up with fries and call it fish & chips, any way you like. Same can be said for True Cod, come to think of it. 

PERHAPS YOU'D LIKE BOTH SWEET AND MILD: You must be a Swisher Sweets fan. Or better, Backwoods, as they unroll and reroll real nice. In the fish world, sweet and mild pertains to fresh OregonLingcod for sure, and Petrale Sole too for that matter. Bay Shrimp is squeaky chewy sweet goodness (precooked and ready to eat right out the tub), and Rockfish... well fresh wild Rockfish is anything you'd like it to be. 

Striped Marlin: Now that's fresh.

HEYYYYY HAWAIIIIIIIIII: Get on down to the fresh Striped Marlinsound. Pictured above, it'll work for your sushi (call it nairagi), and it'll work on your grill. And fresh Bigeye Ahi Tuna? It's always there for you, deep red, deep flavor (in a slightly different direction thanOregon Albacore, which we still have frozen). 

WASHINGTON CHECKLISTSteelhead? Check. Manila Clams? Check. Penn Cove Mussels? Check. Dungeness Crab Meat, precooked and picked and in a tub to go? Check. Bonus small shucked oysters? Check checkaroonie!

EAST COAST SHOUTS: Here they come! We're gonna park the car in Harvard Yard and unload some fresh Monkfish - includingMonkfish Liver! Monkfish pâté??? Spread some. Plus Atlantic Scallops, you know it. 

Surf & turf à la Cullinan: fresh elk steak, Dungeness crab cake,
wilted greens and cherry tomatoes, Flying Fish tartar sauce

MEAT MONGER TIME: Last couple weeks we've been going on about the mega marbled Wagyu Beef, grass fed and finished, and the fresh cuts of Elk from Rosse Posse. Well dig it: they're here now. In fact the whole elk is available, so when we say all cuts, we meanall cuts. Steady neddy meats too: Rain Shadow's Fresh Pork, Reister's Fresh Lamb, Chicken Scratch's Fresh Chicken. Come and git it!

CASH MONEY SUPERSTARS: Another friendly reminder: to avoid Big Bank big fees, we love when our customers use cash, so much so that when you do, you can enter a drawing to win $25 in Flying Fish credit. Pay in cash and drop your ticket in the raffle bucket, and once a month we'll announce a winner who'll go home with 25 bucks more of freshies.

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