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Reel em in with Chipchop


GET IN THE SWING: Say, doesn't that look like Flying Fish's chief chopper Barrett Ames out on the river?It sho nuff is! The man's been around fish his whole life, from his boyhood along a river in Connecticut to our kitchen out back, filleting up giant Chinook Salmon with the sharpest knife in the arsenal. And now he'd like to bring you into that world. Barrett's one of the guides with Fish The Swing, a full service fishing guide providing day trips and overnight trips to mountain rivers and coastal rivers, on jet boats, drift boats he'll teach you how to fly fish, or if you already know how to then he'll bring you to the lunkers in summer and winter, for steelhead and trout, with lunch included ... heck, just go check 'em out HEREThat gorgeous photo was taken by Kate Daigneault Photography

CLAM STEAKS UP: The Razor Clams are coming in in droves, and we're not complaining. These big ol' bivalves are a Pacific Northwest classic, clams that exceed the half shell (literally), rendering vegetables unnecessary in a surf & turf. Just bread 'em and fry 'em as pictured at left and in last week's recipe - simple and sensational. We're featuring them again this week, so be sure to read up on 'em below, and if you want to get out there a little, chop some up with some zukes with the recipe at right. Kids love fritters - kids of all ages - especially when they're local. These Razor Clams are fresh out of Seaside. 

OUT IN OREGON WHERE THE FRESHIES LIVE FREE: Razor Clam is the star this week, but it's got lots of Best Actors in a Supporting Role. JK Simmons has been known to tear up some shrimp scampi burritos at a California fast food chain, so just imagine the Oscar-worthy reaction he'd have if he tasted one with local sustainably raised White Leg Prawns rolled in a fresh organic Corn Tortilla made with fresh nixtamal masa from Three Sisters here in Portland. You know, real food. Oregonians can score additional real flavor with fresh Sablefish, Black Cod if you're nasty. It's as rich as fish gets. If you want to tone down the flavor, keep it mild withPetrale Sole, Dover Sole, Rockfish, Lingcod, and Southern Oregon aquaponics farm-raised Tilapia, all of which have a nice easy flavor that's perfect for topping with a savory sauce or slaw.

DUCK ... DUCK ... OEUFS: Quacking their way back into the rotation this week, Duck Eggs make their triumphant return from Rain Shadow El Rancho, our favorite farm in the greater metropolitan Scio region. Fresh Chicken and Fresh Pork hitched along for the ride. 

As usual, Reister Farms' Fresh Lamb joins them in the fray. And if you're looking for Grass Fed Beef - oh you want Beef? - Pat-n-Tam's quarter- and half-cows will arrive this week, so get a leg up (or a side up, as it were) now. $3.49/lb hanging weight plus a little under a dollar a pound processing and packaging. Contact Lyf to reserve yours:

Aha. Tombo!

HAWAII SIXPACK: Our Honolulu fish connection's cup runneth over, and we're left with an embarrassment of riches from the deep blue Pacific. Those sherry, almost cherry fillets above, belong to theAlbacore tuna (Tombo), and you can guarantee success with a poké; don't forget the pineapples for extra island vibes. Also out of Hawaii this week, Opah, Kampachi, Escolar, and Blue Marlinfresh times five, fresh like Doug E, fresh to death. 

DAISUKI DA SUSHI: "I love you, sushi." That's the motto of Flying Fish Sushi University, and class is in session. The next one is nextSunday, March 8th, as always 6-8ish pm at Jam on Hawthorne, just across the street from the fish shack. Heads up: there are only four seats left, so sign up now! Sixty bucks gets you expert instruction from Bamboo Sushi chef Kevin Trinh, a headful of sushi know-how, and a belly full of everything you roll. So come hungry. And if you daisuki da saké too, that's great - we provide complimentary saké tastings throughout the class. We've also updated our saké (and wine and beer) list at the right. 

FLYING FISH À LA BUTCHER: Just like you eat what you roll at sushi class, students at the Portland Meat Collective's basic fish butchery class will take home their fillets - and fins and bones, to make their own fish stock at home. Flying Fish is supplying the fish for the class, which is next Tuesday, March 10th, at Elder Hall, on NE MLK at Failing. Check it out HERE.

DUA DUA WANT MY LOVE: As a tip o' the cap to our non-fish non-meat vendors, we're going to revisit something we should have been doing all along: profiling some of the great products we carry in-house to make your meal more of a one-stop-shop when you visit the Hawthorne Fish Shack or Multnomah Village Fish Truck. In addition to Three Sisters' Maza and Tortillas above, we've built a nice little spread, one that includes this Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Dua Dua. Lots of the recipes we share calls for a cooking oil, and while vegetable oil is easy and affordable, this Coconut Oil is extracted raw via centrifuge, producing the most incredible fresh taste - the subtle finishing touch to, say, a pan seared fillet of Tilapia. 

CELEBRITY SEAFOOD CRUISE: Book your berth for the Seattle to Skagway express, baby, we're sailing the Pacific seas like it's the Klondike Gold Rush. We're setting off from Washington State with a trunk full of Dungeness Crab and sustainably raised Steelhead. First port-of-call's on the west shore of Vancouver Island, and the locals are bringing some of Canada's only certified organic salmon farm's King (Chinook) Salmon. And by the time we disembark in Skagway, we'll have made one last stop in Juneau for some fresh Alaska True Cod


As though we don't smoke enough fish ourselves... 

THE SMOKE IS SPREADING: You know all our hits. We sing them every week: Smoked Chinook Salmon (including Bellies andCollars), Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Smoked Albacore, Smoked Opah, Smoked Steelhead, Smoked Scallops, Smoked Bacon, the whole nine. Well now here we are touting someone else's smoked goodies, these Smoked Oysters from Ekone Oyster Company in the Willapa Bay. We're happy to do it - when everyone's doing the right thing, there's room for everyone. The sustainable seafood industry is not unlike the Portland brewing scene - the more the merrier. Cheers!

CULINARY CULLINAN, THE SAUCE BAUSE: Chef Mark's still out back tweaking his secret recipe that he's planning on unleashing this spring, as though the winter hasn't already acted like spring. All the star magnolias are in bloom! The downtown riverfront is a pink blossom extravaganza! And it's the First of March! But until Mark's big reveal, you can count on his triple sauce shot: Tartar Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Chimichurri Sauce - the only condiments you need when you leave the fish shack. (And if you need more, well all right, we've also got Chef Erika's Special SauceDa Hot Sauce, and like any good Portland market, Special Aardvark Sauce.)
BUY IN ADVANCE, GO HOME WITH EXTRA FISH: We're very grateful to everyone who uses our Credibles program, in which you buy credit ahead of time, saving yourself money in the long run and earning bonuses to take home with you. It helps us, too -- our Credibles campaigns have gotten us a new refrigerator and now a new freezer, and obviously we couldn't do it without you. Currently with Credibles? Purchase $150 in advance and get $15 in bonus credits. Buy $300 in advance and get $36 bonus AND a $5 hunk of smoked salmon. Buy $600 in advance -- think at how long you'll be using that, or alternately, the extravagant fish party you'll be hosting -- and earn yourself $90 in credits and $10 smoked salmon. Wanna just knock it out of the park altogether? Buy $1000, get $150 bonus food AND a free sushi class -- for two! We think they're pretty sweet deals, and we're happy to offer 'em. Click HERE to partake, then come on down to the fish shack to collect your winnings. 

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