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Here's some quick and eye-opening facts:


·         While bicycling, humans waste much of their energy accelerating up to speed.  This is exasperated at stop lights, stop signs, and precautionary slow-downs when approaching mall & store driveways. 


·         How can we store this braking energy efficiently, to use it for the next acceleration?  Electrical motors, large springs, pressurized air/hydraulics?


Here's some great solutions: 


 ·         The Hydraulic Launch-assist Bike is patent-pending technology being developed with the assistance of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), the University of Michigan, BlueHorse.com, and GeneralVelo

·         The Hydraulic Launch-assist Bike uses the front wheel to accelerate WITHOUT external energy (no batteries, no gasoline),  . . . and the wheel is being developed as a retrofit front wheel for any adult bicycle.

·         The Hydraulic Launch-assist Bike stores braking energy from 20mph down to 0mph.

 At the touch of a button, the rider can release this energy for an exhilarating acceleration up to 17mph without pedalling !

·         The Hydraulic Launch-assist Bike's components weigh less than 17lbs, so the added mass to the average bike+rider is minimal when engineered well.

·         We need help bringing this product to market.  Please help us.


Some interesting supporting facts:

·         The average 220lb(100kg) rider+bike  requires nearly 5000 Joules of energy to accelerate up to 17mph (27.4kph).  That's running a 1000 watt hairdryer for 5 seconds.  That’s wasted energy without regenerative braking, for every stop and/or precautionary slow-down.

·         The Consumer Product Safety Commission has defined a bicycle as optionally having a motor which can assist the rider up to 20mph with a maximum of 1 horsepower (745 watts).  This helps a lot, but most of us want better acceleration.   Hydraulics can provide this extra assist.

·         FYI, on a side note . . . traffic studies have shown that it is safer for bicycles to travel in bicycle lanes than on sidewalks.  Always ride safely with a helmet and flashers.

·         What is a Velomobile?  Here's some great examples: the Go-One, the Aerorider.

·         And the best electric vehicle retailer in the U.S.A !    ZAP

·         Here's the most totally awesome bike-gadget magazine I have ever seen: VeloVision


What's New ?      Electric-Hydraulic Hybrids ! ! !

·         The U.S. EPA provided a grant which is being used to demonstrate the benefits of hydraulic launch assist on small electric vehicles starting in Fall 2007.  The pilot vehicle will be the ZAP Xebra PK.  Stay tuned for the progress !


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