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Puerto Vicente Guerrero Package Deal

For a great opportunity to experience the non-tourist side of Mexico, with the luxury of an air-conditioned room, pool, excellent meals, and fishing nearly virgin waters for two people in Puerto Vicente Guerrero.

Plus, excellent beach fishing in the afternoon; if you are really that devoted of a fisherman. (After a day on the water, most of us prefer to kick back under the palapa with a cold one and just watch the ocean).

The week includes airport pick-up and return, 6 nights and 4 days of fishing. All meals and refreshments are included, with the exception you pay for your own alcoholic beverages.

Compare this to a 6 night stay in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, plus meals, 4 days of fishing, and transportation, and you easily will see the $2,400 (U.S) package for 2 people is a great way to get in some serious fishing time. Contact me about an incredible week in Puerto Vicente Guerrero at edkunze@gmail.com.