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It is exciting to know that there are number of games are built based on Fly engine. We can share our knowledge, tips and tricks, solving problem together. To make it simple, we have created a logo to tell everyone that our games are built on fly and java. 

Our Logo, Our Community, Let’s be heard. How? 

One of the solutions, you can create a splash screen that include fly logo on the right-bottom.

Fly Splash Logo

Download the image

Alternatively, you can use the semi-transparent logo to be displayed on the right-bottom of the screen. Your game will look nicer as it is displaying a semi-transparent logo that won’t be a distracting element.

Fly in Game Logo

Download the zip


  • To do that, you need to download the zip
  • Open the and update the image path & logo location
  • finally, activate LogoFly class in your game


Are you hosting your own site? Why don’t you put Fly logo as an affiliating site? Your site will be recognised as Fly exclusive ring members, and it will add more prestige.

Fly Affiliation Logo

Download the image

For adding java logo, please go to:

Be heard, and be known.
Let’s build a Fly Community. It’s fun!