Fly - a Java Game Engine


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Fly is a java game engine library. Distinction from other java game library, the engine is small in size, easy to use, powerful functions, and very flexible to be embedded in you game. Making a game is just a fly away!

The reason you should use a game engine is that you don’t have to recreate basic functions which sometimes can be troublesome to complete and require some degree of time and knowledge. Thinking of choosing of game engine, Fly may be the perfect one for you since it is using only a small amount of memory, and easy to understand. Moreover as your knowledge developed, it can be enhanced easily to suit your need.

Fly is freely available to be used as long as it is not to be meant for commercial use. Please acknowledge the engine if you’re using it. To make it more interesting, we have made a small logo to be included in your game. Please visit Fly logo page to find out more

Hope you enjoy developing your game with Fly, have passion on it as we do, and welcome to the community!

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