Fly Creek Valley Corn Maze

Opening Weekend!

September 4-6, 2021

Open every weekend from September 4 to October 31.


Night Maze -October 2 7-10pm

Dog Day at the Maze -October 16 10-5

Open Columbus Day Weekend!

Check out the events page for more information about these and other events

Teachers! Call 607-358-5748 or email for information about field trips!

Prefer to pay online? Click here to purchase online tickets:

Worried about Covid, work on the weekends or just want to avoid the crowds? Schedule a private 2 hour weekday slot at the maze! $50 for a group up to 12, or $5 a person for larger groups.

Call 607-358-5748 to book now!

2021 Aerial View

It's finally here! Do you think you can do it?

Dogs love the maze too!

We have many different varieties of pumpkins!

Mark works hard to keep the paths clear. This is also how he cuts the design in the maze.