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Welcome to FlyAshBack – the discussion domain of NCAB. Visitors to NCAB's website are invited to take part in discussions conducted by NCAB regarding issues related to its activities and policy.

While referring to documents dealing with these issues, participants can contribute to better understanding of professional and public aspects related to NCAB's decision making process in order to optimize the utilization of coal ash for the benefit of economy and society.

In order to send a response to the documents, please follow the instructions below:

Create a Google account (e.g. by clicking here.

Send your details in the "contact us" NCAB page. An approval for joining the discussion group will be sent back to you.

Now that you are authorized, you have to do the following in order to enter the FlyAshBack site and install your input in it: 

Please go to, enter the account details you created (or any other google account you already have) and choose the site FlyAshBack. Now you are allowed also to edit the text, not just view it.


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