We are the only IKO-registered 
kitesurf training provider in 
Upstate New York and are conveniently located in the Finger Lakes.
Get IKO certified today!

Always one-on-one.
All equipment included in lessons but bringing your own helmet and life jacket during the water lessons is highly recommended. Gift certificates are available!

Checkin it Out $0
  • Meet Real Kiters
  • See What Goes on
  • Learn About Kites
  • See if the Sport is for You
  • Discuss Ideas
Intro on Land/Snow (2hrs.) $99
  • Wind and Kite Behavior
  • Kite Setup
  • Safety Systems 
  • Control Systems
  • Launch & Land
  • Emergency Release
  • Fly the Kite
In The Water (2hrs.) $99
  • Water Launch
  • Fly the Kite
  • Power Stroke
  • Body Drag 
  • Emergency Release
  • Self Rescue
Up and Riding (2hrs.) $99
Note: students who state they have had previous lessons and that they are ready for water starting will be assessed prior to the lesson to determine whether or not they are actually ready by the instructor.
  • Body Drag with Board
  • Getting on the Board
  • Power Stroke
  • Water Start
  • Short Rides
  • Emergency Release
  • Self Rescue
Supervision (2hrs.) $49
  • Safety Chaperon
  • 1 on 1 Session Safety Monitor
  • Launch & Land Assists
  • Water Start Feedback
  • Shoreline Monitoring
  • Shoreline Signal Tips
  • Emergency Assists
Advanced (non-IKO) $49
  • Self Launch Carabiner
  • Self Land Carabiner
  • Self Launch Spin
  • Self Rescue Sail
  • Bar Tuning & Line Awareness
  • Bladder Removal & Install
  • Bridal Maintenance Awareness
  • Line Sleeving
  • Canopy Tears & Pin Holes



Surgical repair performed on a kite bladder that is no longer available. Total materials cost

Brad Muise
Brad spent eight years in the Hawaiian Islands surfing the North Shore and attended the University of Hawaii. He became an IKO instructor in 2013. Brad also has a PhD in public health.
  Contact Information
   Brad Muise
   726 White Springs Drive
   Geneva, NY 14456
   (315) 759-4396

(send to bradmuise@gmail.com)

Ocean Rodeo Partner
Ocean Rodeo Partner

Where can a beginner kite in central New York?
Seneca State Park in Geneva
Woodlawn Beach in Hamburg
Oneida Lake outside Syracuse
Southwick Beach north of Oswego

Can a beginner kite in Rochester?
Ontario lake becomes deep close to shore, subsequently all locations along Rochester are hazardous for students who need room to make mistakes.

What is the access like on Seneca?
Seneca lake has great access for beginners. The state beach is wide and the north end of the lake is shallow for the entire length of the wall. We generally launch from the east side where the beach park is. Another advanced launch is located on the eastern corner but there are many large rocks and it gets deep quickly - experts only (download the ppt presentation above for more details).

What is your availability?
I work part-time at the HWS colleges. I am available most every day at noon for lessons (pending the wind is up).

How many months can you kite in central NY?
A few of us kite year-round on Seneca - it never freezes because of the extreme depth in the middle of the lake. We wear dry suits and exposure equipment. Unfortunately all other lakes will freeze over in December. Some of the very small lakes like Cayuga will become weed infested in August and can be hazardous if one gets stuck in the middle. The best winds arrive in the spring and fall - the summer and dead of winter tend to be still.

How can I prepare for my lessons and minimize the amount of lessons to take?
Purchase a used 3m trainer kite for under $100 and begin flying it every chance you get in a large field. Become very comfortable and proficient at flying. Purchase thin booties for your feet and
a kite impact vest. Ideally, several weeks of flying will go a long way toward accelerating your lessons. 

How do you work with students?
I encourage my students to start planning ahead for lessons by watching the winds using sailflow.com Seneca needs S or SW winds and Lake Ontario needs NW winds to ride. Lessons are ideal in 13-18 knots. Often times (particularly in summer) the wind forecast can fluctuate and winds can taper off in the late afternoon. If your working with me expect to get texts throughout the day - I like to ensure that no one wastes time driving to the beach only to find the wind is dead. Look at my forecast, if it coincides with your schedule email me and we can work on setting up a lesson! 

How can I ensure a good  working relationship with  you?
I prefer students to be very good communicators. If I attempt to confirm a time -text me about it - or call me. If you dont have a cell phone, email me. Call me. Communication is my biggest problem with water folks. SO COMMUNICATE (this means you). 

Are there any waves to kitesurf locally?
A small group of us kite specifically to ride waves on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. In many respects riding waves on the great lakes is much more challenging than ocean waves. The periods are extremely close together and waves sometimes as high as 5 feet will coming through every 3-5 seconds. The freshwater means buoyancy is 
much less than salty ocean water and balance becomes trickier as the boards sink more. We like to say that if you can ride the waves here,  you can ride any ocean wave. 

A kite is a kite is a kite:

Looking for used kites? Stay away from anything older than 2008 (no safety releases). Several local guys are currently looking to upgrade and have top notch 12m and 9m available. A great website for used kites is windance.com What are the top brands?: North, Cabrinha, Slingshot, Wainman.

Kite Philosophy 101:

Kiting is an extreme sport. It is not something that can by fully appreciated simply by trying it. Learning to kite is a process - expect to take baby steps and view the experience as a journey. Since we do not live near the ocean we require winds associated with incoming fronts. These fronts take time to arrive and we plan around them. Subsequently, the learning curve is extended, but if you commit and have patience the rewards are great.