Symposium on the dynamics of influenza infection and immunity

Southern China plays an important role in the evolution of influenza viruses because of the combination of a large population, year-round influenza virus circulation and strong global connectivity. Hong Kong’s next door neighbour, Guangzhou is one of the largest cities in China, characterized by a rapidly decreasing population density gradient as one moves away from the city centre. An important role for southern China in global influenza diversity and new methods for understanding influenza immunity was suggested. 

Nowadays, the common use of serological studies to detect infection with a novel influenza virus in the absence of symptoms or positive virology provides useful information on the infection that goes beyond the estimates from epidemiological, clinical and virological data. Coincided with the 2009 pandemic of a novel H1N1 influenza and the support of a National Institute of Health Fogarty Institute grant, the establishment of a cohort called “Fluscape” was started in the Guangdong province of southern China to explain temporal and spatial patterns of influenza incidence in urban and rural settings, using contact surveys and serology. This study provides a unique position to FLUSCAPE teammates to study how a major influenza reassortment, newly emerged in humans, interacts with existing H3N2 strains and population immunity as it seeks to establish itself. 

Co-organized by investigators of FLUSCAPE and the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the symposium on the dynamics of influenza infection and immunity was successfully held in KCTCRC, School of Public Health Building, Prince of Wales hospital on 18th October 2017
In this symposium, we are very honoured to have 

    Prof. Eng Kiong YEOH, the director of Jockey Club School of Public Health 
    and Primary Care, CUHK 

to give a welcoming address and distinguished speakers from local institutions and overseas institutions including 

    Prof. Derek CUMMINGS from University of Florida;
    Prof. Chao Qiang JIANG from Guangzhou People's  Number 12 Hospital;
    Prof. Kin On KWOK the Chinese University of Hong Kong; 
    Prof. Justin LESSLER from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health;
    Prof. Steven RILEY Imperial College London;
    Dr. Jonathan Read Lancaster University;
    Prof. Hua Chen ZHU from Shantou University and the University of Hong Kong;

to share their research findings from this cohort and exchange the research ideas with the local and overseas audience.

Prof. Yeoh chatting with distinguished speakers before the start of the symposium
Welcoming address from Prof. Yeoh
Souvenir presentation to distinguished speakers from Prof. Yeoh
Opening Speech from Prof. Kwok
Talk delivered by Prof. Jiang
Talk delivered by Prof. Cummings
Talk delivered by Prof. Riley

Talk delivered by Prof. Lessler
Talk delivered by Prof. Zhu
Questions raised by Prof. SS Lee from Stanley Ho CEID
, CUHK in Q and A session.
Questions raised by Prof. Julian Tang from Leicester University 
in Q and A session

Photos Credit to Symposium Photographer: Mr. Cyrus Leung