The Fluorescence Imaging Group (FIG) was created in 2009 by Prof. J. García Solé (Faculty of Sciences UAM), D. Jaque (Faculty of Sciences, UAM) and M. C. Iglesias de la Cruz (School of Medicine, UAM). It is nowadays composed by a total number of 17 researchers belonging to the School of Medicine, the Department of Biology, and the Department of Material Physics of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The main objective of FIG is the application of luminescent nanomaterials as novel solutions for current problems in biomedicine. This objective implies the simultaneous development of different research lines including new materials research and characterization, implementation of new microscopy and imaging techniques and the design and development of small animal models to test the potential application of both materials and techniques developed. FIG activities are not focused on the study of a single system, but they aim to cover from the study of biosystems to the basic characterization of inorganic materials. FIG is a multi-disciplinary group also belonging to the Ramon y Cajal Institute for Biosanitary Researh (IRYCIS).

 Our Research

We specialize in the applications of luminescent nanoparticles in different fields:

  • Optical Trapping
  • Nanothermometry and hyperthermia
  • NIR Bioimaing
  • Fluorescence Imaging of Photonic Devices.

You can find out more about our work here.


Last news

  • July 2016 We have attended the "la nanofotonica aplicada a la biomedicina" which has take place 6-7th of July, 2016 in Tenerife. Soon, our presentations will be available at this webpage.        read more at ull webpage
    Posted 8 Jul 2016, 01:30 by Patricia Haro
  • June 2016 One of the last work of our group have been selected for publication on uam Scientist Magazine. Read more here.
    Posted 8 Jul 2016, 01:33 by Patricia Haro
  • May 2016 Erving Ximendes participated in the "1st conference and spring school on properties, desing and aplications of upconverting nanomaterilas", winning the special award for the best poster. Congratulations!
    Posted 8 Jul 2016, 01:35 by Patricia Haro
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Our Group

 The FIG group, May 2015. From left to right:Lucía Labrador, Emma Martín, Francisco Sanz, Patricia Haro, Daniel Jaque, Paloma Rodríguez, Dirk Ortgies, María del Carmen Iglesias, Uéslen Rocha, Blanca del Rosal, Erving Ximendes, José García Solé, Irene Villa and  Laura Martínez. 

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