SNES, N64 & GBA Soundfonts

Following are some SNES, N64 and GBA soundfonts I've ripped over the years! Use 'em however you want -- I don't own these sounds. Put them to good use!

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SNES Soundfonts

Here's some SNES soundfonts I've ripped from various games. The demo tracks I've written only use sounds from the corresponding soundfont, hopefully giving a taste of what it sounds like.

Also!: the names I've given to the instruments are completely subjective. Sometimes it's obvious what an instrument is meant to be (strings are unambiguous, usually), but oftentimes the waveforms are incredibly abstract, and used in so many different ways throughout a soundtrack that I'll just choose a name based on the track I find the instrument in, and what its role was there. So don't be afraid to use instruments in roles totally at odds with their name! I've seen games use what was normally a nylon guitar as an ethereal pad!

Battlemaniacs Soundfont // Battletoads and Double Dragon Soundfont - Two-for-one! The two SNES Battletoad soundtracks were written by David Wise of Donkey Kong Country fame, and I even recognize a few instruments from DKC in these. But the draw here's certainly all of the sweet rock instruments -- lots of power chords and drums that cut through!

College Slam Basketball Soundfont - I think it's the smallest soundfont I've ripped: only twelve instruments and almost half are percussion. The loop points might sound a bit wonky but that's actually how they sound in-game! If you can look past that though it really is a solid little sound bank. The percussion sounds great and it has a nice booming timpani.

Harvest Moon Soundfont - One of my favorite games as a kid, and the music had a lot to do with that. There's quite a few interesting instruments in this one, including an accordion and even a church bell!

Kirby Super Star Soundfont - Love this game!! Lots of cute, fun, vibrant instruments here. I especially like the synthy instruments and the snappy percussion. And of course, if you need panflutes... Kirby's got you covered.

Magical Drop Soundfont - Tiny and cute! The glockenspiel and toy piano are wonderful, and I really like the strings in this game. There's almost no percussion save for a snare drum, but these soundfonts are meant to be mixed and matched, so it's no big deal.

Pilotwings Soundfont - One of those tiny soundfonts again, this time with twelve instruments. Expertly used by Soyo Oka in the original game, all of the leads are really smoooooth sounding, and primed for melodic riffing, and the minimalistic set of percussion instruments help round things out. Also, there's a vocal sample in there?

Rockman & Forte Soundfont - Also known as Megaman and Bass, this soundfont's full of surprisingly rich synth sounds (the synth voice is a favorite), jazzy keys, and raucous guitars. Perfect for everything from high-octane fusion jams to low-key synth jazz.

Yoshi's Island Soundfont - A fun, medium-sized soundfont from a perfect game. This soundfont is my own personal spin on Yoshi's Island sound set.

N64 Soundfonts

I've also ripped some N64 soundfonts. They tend to have more instruments per game, as well as having no real restriction on sample size or polyphony. Add to that the fact that most instruments are actually multisampled, it's no surprise the sound of the N64 is much different from the SNES.

Glover 64 Soundfont - The Glover 64 soundfont is huge. There are almost 200 patches here if you include the drums (and why wouldn't you?). The Glover soundtrack is one of my favorites, and the soundfont is extremely versatile! There are tons of melodic instruments, drum hits, and sixteen unique drum loops. ]Instruments 75 - 90 are drum loops, and 91-120 are instruments I manually created by cutting out samples from the loops.

Kirby 64 Soundfont - Some of the best music on the system, there's a lot of fun instruments here. My personal favorite is probably the accordion! Or maybe the array of synths? Lovely sounds everywhere!

GBA Soundfonts

Now let's give the Gameboy Advance a shot! I guess they sound somewhere between the SNES and N64 for the most part. For the basic GB channels seek out some square wave samples or a chippy VSTi. Magical 8-bit plugin should be enough to start with!

Drill Dozer Soundfont - This game is so underrated. There's a lot of sweet electric guitars/basses here along with your standard VGM sounds. I also included a bunch of voice samples and some SFX, 'cause why not?

MOTHER 3 Soundfont - This is a huge 300-instrument soundfont, weird and wacky and full of heart. Great instruments. So many instruments in fact, that I released an entire album of MOTHER 3 jams on Ubiktune in 2015 -- links to the album and soundfont here!