Welcome to Fluid Mixing Processes Group

The Fluid Mixing Processes research group is mainly concerned with mixing phenomena in which at least one component is a liquid. Research activities include the following but not limited:
  • Mixing ~ gas-liquid, liquid-liquid or solid-liquid
  • Computational fluid dynamics of separation and chemical processes i.e. cyclone, stirred tank, fluidised bed, filter, bubble column, airlift bioreactor, spray drying, spray freezing
  • Population balance and CFD modelling of pharmaceutical crystallizers, bioreactors, spray drying, cyclone, mixing tanks and downstream process units
  • Crystallisation systems engineering
  • Experimental measurements of flow and turbulence in chemical reaction vessels
  • Production of pharmaceutical and food powders by spray drying
  • Microencapsulation
  • Natural product extraction and spray drying

"Costs associated with poor vessel design and/or process performances are estimated to be 3% of its total turnover, equivalent to $2–11billion/year" Butcher and Eagles (2002).

“Over 50% of all mixing processes involving solids failed to start up 'right first time', leading to an average of 4 months additional development and engineering” AIChE.

Dr. C. K. Cheng


Fluid Mixing Process
Faculty of Chemical & Natural Resources Engineering,
Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Tun Razak Highway,

26300 Gambang, Pahang, Malaysia.

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