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Aaron O'Rourke (performer/song writer/teacher)

Aaron O'Rourke, a former punk rocker turned dulcimer player has made quite a name for himself in a very short time. Aaron was the 2004 Florida Dulcimer Champion. He is quite at home with the traditional dulcimer but has brought the instrument into the modern "New Grass" movement. He is a young man that the whole state can be proud of.


Bing Futch (performer/song                                                                         


Bing Futch is perhaps Florida's formost ambassador for the dulcimer. He is an award winning performer and song writer. Bing also fronts the band Mohave as well as working solo. His Dulcimerica Video Podcast covers instructional topics, festivals and Dulcimer personalities.

Bing is a very warm, chrismatic individual with a smile and twinkle in his eyes that lets  you know he's up to mischief and inviting you to join along.  Loaded with a ton of talent, he is very grounded except when he's playing. Then he soars.


David Beede (builder/performer/ song writer/teacher)

Award winning luthier and co-founder of Unicorn Strings Music Company , much of his music is rendered on instruments of his own creation. David is known for his Boat Dulcimers and his "Edy Beedes."

David is a great craftsman and an innovative builder. Getting One of his dulcimers is not your Grandmother's dulcimers.

Bruce Ford (player, web site owner)

Bruce runs perhaps the most informative and friendly Dulcimer site on the web. It reaches out to hammer, mountain players and builders alike. It has tab, a market and discussion board.

Just Across State Lines


David Lynch (bulider):

David Lynch, a.k.a. Harpmaker is the builder of Sweet Woods Dulcimers, which features an ingenious Travel Dulcimer and a powerful dobro dulcimer dubbed the "Dulcinator." His Student model is the top of the

line in entry level insturments. Like his dulcimers Dave is a quality guy . He keeps his prices reasonable and works hard with and for his customers. David also runs the Gail Knapp Memorial Dulcimer Program which through donations of money and old dulcimers provides instruments for those interested in the dulcimer but unable to buy one.

Contact David Lynch for your dulcimer needs or if you wish to donate to the Gail Knapp Dulcimer Program


Tull Glazener (performer/teacher)

Tull Glazener is both performer and teacher, whose arrangements of songs for the mountain dulcimer are amazing. And they are packaged into lessons that stretch the player's abilities.  These impressive song arrangements, prove that this folk instrument is anything but simple. Tull also generously offers the community a free tab every month on his website.


Tom Yocky (builder)

Tom Yocky began building his dulcimers 2 years after seeing his first one. It was built completely from  memory. He went on to design a dulcimer that is unique enough to be instantly recognizable. From accross the room you know it's a "Yocky." Very playable, and having a fine quality, you also get alot of bang for your buck. But for some, one of the nicest features that this builder offers is the way of ordering. With a list of options every option while fitting into the characteristics of  a "Yocky" is unique. His motto is: "I build my dulcimers one at a time and consider  each one a unique and  special work of art"