Social Media/Networking Specific to Florida

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 Quote from Wayne, Boynton Beach
This iToolkit has specific information to Florida but any government entity is welcome to use any of the resources provided. This iToolKit is provided to you based on experiences. Social Media/Networking sites are in a constant state of flux, so please continue to check back as information is updated.
What is Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 takes a static web site to the next level making the web site more interactive for information sharing, interoperability, collaboration, content syndication, and user-centered design. Social media/networking includes sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, wiki's and blogs. Social Media is just that -  "Social".
Social media is not a filtered or controlled media. Social media is not about being in control anymore   It is about being able to transmit, or share information with a broad audience. 

Governments in general are finding that they gain more by pushing their information out to many channels already inhabited by the public such as traditional, social, and mobile.  Boyton Beach’s Director of Public Affairs Wayne Segal says “I see blogging and all social media as a way to extend our reach to people who might not get their news from more traditional sources and I look on it as a way to be more interactive with our residents.”   On the other hand, social networking is an act of engagement. Groups of people with common interests, or like-minds, associate together on social networking sites and build relationships through communities. Agencies have many really great programs that could be highlighted and promoted via the social media/networking tools.  Using these tools also gives agencies another avenue for turning around the negatives into a positives “here’s what we are doing.” 
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Updated: October 11, 2011

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Wayne Segal retired from the City of Boynton Beach, FL in June 2011. Thank you Wayne for all your expertise in social media. 
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