Studio Photography



10% of the grade is based on attendance – unexcused absences

10% of the grade is based on participation – utilizing time effectively

80% of the grade is projects completed


**Extra credit will be accepted only if the initial projects have been completed.

Based on discussion with the instructor, points will be assigned appropriately.


Projects are based on technique, technical quality and presentation


Project #1  (80 pts.)

            Studio Lighting

Select a product that can be shot in the studio. Ex. Food, clothing, perfume, jewelry, cosmetics, sporting goods etc. People can be used as models & or props used to enhance the images.

            Create either a brochure with a minimum of 4 photos – text included


Create 4 different full page ads – with text


Project #2 (100 pts.)

            Photographic History

            Using three or more resources, research a photographer and write a 2-3 page paper on the history ( influences and impact) and style in which the photographer work. All reports will be typed, double spaced, 12 pt. font. A min. of three works should be included within the paper to show the style of work. Bibliography also included. (see handout for resources)


            In addition to showing examples of the photographer’s work, you need to mimic the style of this photographer and print up a min. of six prints to be mounted and presented with the paper.

Include a short paragraph as to how you tried to copy the style & techniques of the chosen photographer.


The reports will be graded on their completeness of information and the photographs include. Prints will be graded based on technical quality and similarity to the chosen photographer.



Project #3  (100 pts)

            Photojournalism – Using InDesign & PhotoShop

            Photojournalism is difficult in that the pictures need to tell a story and evoke emotions.

¨      Select either a current issue, such as the war, homeless, recycling, environment, pollution, etc. OR an event, such as a school function. It will be easier if you were able to attend a function. Think carefully how and what the pictures will say.

¨      Have at least 5 photographs that tell a visual story.

¨      Have a two sentence caption (typed) for each photograph.

¨      All should be mounted – photo with caption



Project #4  (100 pts)

Magazine Spread – Using InDesign & PhotoShop

¨      Choose a theme. All photos need to relate to each other.

¨      Create a headline and a short paragraph explaining the topic chosen

¨      All photos must have captions – two to three sentences

¨      The magazine layout can be done digital

Double page spread – no text crossing the gutter. Photos and text should span 1 – 4 columns. Have consistent interior margins.

Project #5  ( 100 pts.)


            These portraits can be shot in or outside the studio. Think of creative poses W props and different setting to have subjects. Close up, or full body, vertical or horizontal. One or more subjects – no pets.

See hand out from Photo II


Project #6 ( 100pts )

            Student Choice


Final Presentation / Portfolio (100 pts)

            Create a digital PowerPoint presentation, with a minimum of 10 original works. Each slide must have an artist statement, slide transitions, and sound is optional. It needs to have a message or theme. These will be presented to the class near the end of the quarter. OR print out the 10 best images and present them in a portfolio