Advanced Digital Imaging

 Course Description:

Digital imaging begins with basic photographic concepts such as, composition, lighting, and color as they relate to photo manipulation. Advancing skills with PhotoShop, PageMaker and Illustrator will be emphasized, as well as understanding file formats, image size and resolution. This is an articulated course with Century College. If a student earns an A or B in this class, college credit is earned.



·         To address the basic principles of creating imagery in a two-dimensional space and learn how to use effective composition of the elements of design.


·         Become more creative in using PhotoShop tools and techniques to manipulate and process images for a variety of different print purposes.


·         Being able to navigate different printers and peripherals, and to select the best ways in which to create, save, and output images.



All projects will have designated point values assigned based on difficulty. Projects are due on assigned dates and points will be deducted for projects turned in late.


Attendance / Tardies =10%

Each students is given 100 points at the start of the term. Each unexcused absence is a 10 pt. Deduction.

A student will be assigned ½ hour of work in the art department after school if they have more than 4 tardies.


Participation = 10%

Students are expected to be here to listen to instruction as well as use the lab. All in class worksheets, videos, and class activities will be participation and unable to be made up unless of an excused absence.





    All projects are = to 80% of the grade

    Review chapters 5 & 6 in PhotoShop book if needed – Use laminated quick guide for references


1.   PhotoShop techniques – Alphabet poster

2.   Magazine cover

3.   Personal Dreamscape

4.   Book Jacket

5.   Web Page Design

6.   Movie Package logo, ticket, newspaper ad, poster

7.   Restaurant Package logo, menu, table tents

8.   *Promotional poster for an event / logo design

9.      EXTRA if time permitting Packaging design – (Cereal box, candy wrapper, chips, cookies, snacks)


**extra credit can be done on specific assignments. See instructor for options.