This is a basic set of rules to get things started for PvP gaming in a convention format.

0.   Rule Zero

Don’t be a d*ck.

1.   Character Creation

Characters are generated at the correct APL for the slot using the reference given in the session instructions. All items must be listed in the allowed resources for the game.

Each slot has four teams of four players each. Each team will play every slot. Teams may not forfeit. Teams may not win a bye round. Initiative is individual, each player rolls for themselves.  

Character for DnD 4e will have starting gold as page 143 of the DMG. One magic items at level + 1, one item at level, and one item at level – 1. Starting gold pieces equal to the value of one magic item of your level – 1.  

Level five Pathfinder characters start with 10,500GP with the largest item no more than 5,250GP. Level ten characters start with 62,000gp and the largest item 31,000gp. 

2.   Players

This is not age limited, there can be 50 year old children. We are adults and this is a game for adults ONLY.

Each player plays his/her own character. No advice shall offered by players or spectators.

Each player supplies his/her own dice and figure. All miniatures must be size appropriate.

Players must have a clearly visible sheet showing expendables and indicating they are used. Players must also indicate clearly when abilities are used. Abilities that are replenished in shot rests may be in erasable media, expendable that are not replenished shall be marked of indelibly.

On the board PvP is not personal. Both teams want to control the field. Sportsmanship is rigidly enforced. Trash talk, hazing, screaming, crying or whining will not be tolerated. There is to be no profanity on the floor, or in the gaming area.

1.       On the first infraction there will be a warning issued by the organizer, GM or head judge.

  1. Second infraction will cause the player to delay one round.
  2. Third infraction will cause the opposing team to have a surprise round.
  3. After that players will be ejected.

5.       Outrageous behavior, not limited to, any form of bodily contact, throwing projectiles, language, threats or assault will result in ejection from the floor or the convention premises with no warnings.

3.   Maps and terrain

Maps are randomized and supplied to each table. There is a setup area for characters.


4.   In Game Conditions

All inter team discussion is considered to be yelled in the common tongue and heard clearly by all players.

Players in silence, or other speech areas are not to speak, characters in silence can lip read and understand enemies only.

Zones will be marked with removable markers, wire templates or plastic templates.  

Abilities that affect allies are applied to the team with that player only; abilities that affect enemies are applied the opposing team. Effects that affect all are applied normally. 

Any mind effecting spells may be cast on opposing team, and the DM will carry out the written instructions of the spell caster only. The spell caster must write the instruction without team members’ advice.

5.   Slot and Sets

In a single four hour slot, there are three one hour sets are played. Each set is considered part of the same day. Each set has an increasing weight for victory points. The tournament is a weighted round robin; every team plays every other team. Each win scores the point value that round, the losers score zero.

Unless there is an emergency, there shall only a 15 minute break between sets.

Slot time




One hour set



One hour set



One hour set






At the end of a set, the judge reviews the expendables and players have 15 minutes to assemble at the new table. The last player standing wins the hour set. If not the team with the most players left wins. In a tie the team that has dealt the most hit points of damage, before healing, compared to the other team wins. If there is still a tie, it is resolved by an opposed d20 roll with no modifiers. There can only be one.

Characters are considered to take a short rest between hour sets. Dead players are not dead yet and revive after each set with 1 hit point, players shall expend spells or surges as appropriate to heal. Spell abilities may be used between sets, unless they are triggered off attacks.

Daily abilities or spells are not replenished between sets. Expendables are used without replenishment. 

Published by Dominick Trascritti, reuse allowed with attribution.