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Ev2009 June - FLP SIG Summer Seminar

Report on the Framework & Language Portfolio (FLP) SIG Summer Seminar
held at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies on Saturday June 27th 2009
The seminar was made up of workshops dealing with the learning cycle of self-assessment/assessment, goal-setting and reflection. We first discussed self-assessment using the CEFR grid and how can do checklists can also be used to verify self-assessment and make a year goal (e.g. to progress from level A2 to B1 for spoken interaction). Participants then used specific information about a learning stage (the content of the stage, expressing the main aim of content through can do statement(s) and defining the important skills associated with this stage) can be used for assessment and letting learners know what is expected.

You can find a more detailed report in the attachment below.All the forms used in the seminar, which can be used to plan your classes and align classes with can do statements/the CEFR and language portfolio, are available on the SIG moodle.
Framework & Language Portfolio SIG,
10 Nov 2009, 21:52