MO & beyond: Breeder release. Dogs. 3/24 email.

UPDATES! Breeder RELEASE LIST! yorkies/chi's/beagles/peks/poms/shihtzus/schn/cairns/rat/fox terriers ALL URGENT!!!!!

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**note, I am working today and will not be able to respond right away but I will**

This is the updated most current list.  Can anyone PLEASE help some of the dogs that their breeders have already schedule them to be euthanized.  ANYONE PLEASE!!  These breeders don't mess around, if those dogs aren't placed THEY WILL DIE!!!  ……PLEASE LOOK AGAIN!


All these dogs are located throughout MO.  I don’t have specific locations.  I also DO NOT have transport for the east, west or south, ONLY the upper midwest(N.IL/WI and MN).  We have to move quickly on this list as these breeders are euthanizing and plan to euth more.  Please contact me at if you can help take in any…..and please, only licensed/501c3 groups.  THANK YOU!  Anissa

 Just got word from yet ANOTHER breeder-they are done raising shihtzus.  They have 5 male full shihtzu's 1yr old and 4 shihtzu/poodle mixes, male, under a year old. Also.. -RESCUE Mary L. 2 shihtzus

(2) Min pin--1 female 8 yrs old

                  1 male  4 yrs old


(1) Cockapoo--female  1 1/2 yrs old


(1) Beagle--female  10 yrs old


(1) Australian Shepherd mix--female pup not 1 yet




Female DOB 12/19/2004  Chip #081*063*311  Trixie is a sweet, very smart, house trained girl.  weighs approx. 7#


Female DOB 3/7/2005  chip # 081*023*0300  Jazzamine is a little quirkie.  When youu go to pick her up, she will immediately squat down.  She has done this since she was a puppy.  She is also smaet, house trained and very laid back.  weighs approx. 5 #. -RESCUE Vicki


Female DOB 10/29/2008  chip # 031*271*296  Myleigh is VERY ALPHA,  but gets along with her brother Ryleigh.  She has ripped into a couple of my girls, so she needs to be in a 1 dog family.  She loves people and she is very smart.  I just can't keep her in a cage by herself any longer.  weighs approx 6 #


Male DOB 10/29/2008.  chip # 031*269*344  Ryleigh is also VERY ALPHA.  He is from the same litter as Myleigh.  He hates other dogs except he gets along great with his sister Myleigh.  He has gone at it with other males and I can no longer keep him by himself.  He also likes people and loves to play.  Weighs approx 6 #.


Male  DOB 12/6/20063  chip # 096*854*320  Benito "Benny"  I got Benny from anotrher breeders a couple years ago.  His teeth were a mess and 8 teeth  were removed.  He will probably loose them all as he has periodontal disease.  But he is a very sweet loving little boy.  He has one eye slightly larger thatn the other and he sometimes gets an eye infection, which is treated and it disappears.  Benny weighs approx. 3 1/2 #  Would make a great lap dog for someone older.-RESCUE Vicki




Female  DOB: 11/26/2004  chip # 096*583*877  Jordan is a very smart, loving red dapple girl who loves to go outside and play and is housebroken.  She weighs approx. 12 pounds


Female DOB 3/27/2006  chip # 107*87*561  Kenzie is a litlle bit alpha, especially with other females.  She is hyper and loves to go outside to play.  She weighs approx. 8#.  Color red brindle with white markings.


Male DOB 12/30/2004 chip # 096*781*540  Weenie is the old little man.  I got him when he was 2 years old and he had back problems.  I don't know whther or not the little boy hurt him or its congenitial.  He hasn't been used for breeding for a couple years, after I found out from my vet, he had some back issues.  He is missing his front teeth as he leaped from his cage and hit the cement floor, OUCH.  He is babied alot as he is the only one who gets soft food.  He weighs approx 6 pounds.  color  balck and tan


Male DOB 10/26/2009  chip # 048*258/054  Colby is a black and tan piebald.  He is very shy and has been since he was able to walk.  He has hair loss on top of his head and at the tip of his tail.  He has never been used for breeding due to this issue.  He would do well around an older couple.  Weighs approx. 10 #


3 male Doxie pups, 8 months old, colors are "wild boar", blk/tan, red brindle long-hair 1 green eye/1 blue eye


TH  (scheduled to be euthanized on Monday, 3-28) EMERGENCY!!!!!!!


1, fawn white long coat female 1year old under bite shy but likes people no other issues.

2 blondie her mom a bigger female very happy and playful 5 years old and loves people

3,blue tan smooth coat whisper kisses  nice sweetie  she might have a home will let you know 5 years old

4,annie another one that might have a home with KC lady white long coat year old

5. chance another one that this same lady wants almost a year old.

6. diva cream smooth coat maybe bred  she is very sweet  coming 2 years old just get scared when pushed:0 I have no problems with her.she is a bigger dog about 8 lbs rest are small but blondie smooth coat precious named  bisquit and has weak knees  4 years old

8.mask JR. black white long coat 2 years old very sweet loving and a nice little guy about 5 lbs




female, "Pookie", small, smooth coat choc/tan, '07 RESCUE-Janelle

male, red/white, long hair, 4 lbs, DOB 7/28/09-RESCUE-Vicki

male pup, blk/tan/white, $50   RESCUE-Janelle

male, fawn/white, blk points, DOB 3/07

female, black, "Leah", "06

female, fawn/white, "Babbette", "07 RESCUE-Janelle

famale, choc/tan, "Cadence", '08

female, blk/white chest, '09

Chi-Toy Fox, females, one is '06, and one is '08

Min Pin/Toy Fox female, nice girl, chocolate, '07

Min Pin female, "Micky" choc/tan, small, '08

Cockapoo female, blue roan, curly, '07-RESCUE 2ndhand

Toy Fox females, (2) tricolor, '06s



Cairn Terrier female, 4 yrs


JC  (scheduled to be euthanized Friday 3-25 in the afternoon)

3 female Mini Schnauser, salt/pepper, 2 - 3 yrs and 1 white male, 2 yrs-RESCUE 2ndhand

2 female Beagles and 1 male, tricolor, 3 - 4 yrs



Yorkie Female Blk&Gold Faith 09

Yorkie Female Blk&Gold WinterRea 08

Pom Female CreamPuff 08

Shihtzu Female Blk&White Keesha 08

Pom Female Red Robin 08

Shihtzu Female Gold&White Darcy 05

Poodle Male White&Apricot RustyJames 06

Yorkie Male Blk&Gold Lil'ManRamsey 06 RESCUE-Vicki

Chihuahua Male Fawn Paco 02

Shihtzu Male Gold&White Toby 07

ShihPoo Female Blk&Wht 12 weeks, $50-RESCUE Ann P.



Beagle f 03

Pekingese f 09 overbite-RESCUE Heidi WI

Shih Tzu female 04

Pomeranian female 06- big

Cockapoo f 05



5 rat terrier pups, 4 months

2 f cairn terrier 05

1m mini Schnauser 06 3 f mini Schnauser 05

1 f rat terrier 07, 1 f rat 09

1 f beagle 05

1 cocker f 05

2 cairn terrier/Brussel Griffons mix f 08

1 m affie 04 and 2 f affies 07

1 m shih Tuz 06

1 f Toy Poodle 04, small, white

1 m havenes 04 and 1 f havenes 05

1 f doxie 06  and m doxie 06 and 1 f doxie 07-male doxie RESCUE Janelle

1 m westie 06-RESCUE Paula

1 f shih Tzu 06

1 f cocker 05 wh gray roan

1 f cocker bl and tan DOB 2010



Schnoodle pup, 6 months, shy-RESCUE 2ndhand

Australian Terrier male, 5 yrs, nice friendly boy