2016 - 2017 Programs

It’s presidential election season!!

No doubt you’re thinking about how to connect your 2016-17 teaching to current political events. And, of course, Town Meeting always comes around in March. What better way to engage students in civic conversations than researching local history and getting them out into the community? The Flow of History is pleased to offer workshops this year that will help teachers and students put contemporary events into historical perspective, on both the national and local levels.

The Common Core and C3 Framework (College, Career, and Civic Life) both emphasize the importance of students engaging actively with their communities. Our pedagogical framework will focus on designing project-based learning units that immerse students at a local level that then serve as a springboard for study of national and global issues.

Project-Based Learning that Inspires Civic Conversations
Fall after-school workshops on immigration flash points in history and a winter day-long workshop focused on social welfare.  Offered in Hartford and Windsor, VT.

Day-long workshop examining immigration flash points in American history through primary sources. Offered at the Learning Collaborative in Dummerston, VT.

Day-long back to basics workshop on Abenaki and Early Settlement History. Offered in Claremont and Dummerston.