Further Information

These pages have been created as part of a larger research project into the mapping of spatial interaction data. The intention was to take a very large spatial interaction dataset (in this case, the MG201 table from the UK Census in 2001) and, through various techniques and manipulations, to arrive at an end result that makes some sense of the huge number of interactions hidden away in the data. It is very much about filtering out the 'noise' so that the underlying story can be articulated. These web images and links to different Google Maps and Google Earth files are part of all that.

The academic paper on which this site is based has been published in Computers, Environment and Urban Systems. If you are interested in a more detailed insight into what this work is about, I suggest you look at the paper in the first instance. Here is the citation:

Rae, A. (2009) 'From spatial interaction data to spatial interaction information? Geovisualisation and spatial structures of migration from the 2001 UK census', Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, Vol. 33(3), 161-178.

About the Author
Alasdair Rae is currently a lecturer in the Department of Town and Regional Planning at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. More information on his work and interests can be found on his web pages, and on his blog. If you don't have the time to click, then here's the basics: I'm intersted in urban policy, regional policy, spatial interaction, spatial analysis, spatial planning, geographical information systems, neighbourhoods and lots of other related stuff.