The purpose of this site is to provide direct links to some flow mapping geovisualisations that have been produced using United Kingdom migration data for 2000-2001. All flow map images have been created in ArcGIS 9.x using Alan Glennon's Flow Data Model Tools, in addition to standard ArcGIS techniques. Raster images were created using the Line Density function within ArcToolbox. KML files were created in ArcMap 9.0 using Kevin Martin's excellent Export to KML tool for ArcGIS. The different parts of the site are navigable via the links on the left of the screen.

The images provided here are part of an attempt to increase awareness about flow mapping within proprietary GIS more generally. Spatial interaction processes (e.g. migration, commuting) are inherently difficult to map in two-dimensions so the increased freedom provided by online dissemination allows us to more richly present work in this area. An exemplary image is provided below.

You can search the site using the 'Search Site' box in the top left of the page. And the colours? I can only say that I must have been into psychedelic music at this time (but, in mitigation, it was also one of the default colour schemes in the software I used).

The follow-up paper to the one which this website is based on is published in Environment and Planning B, volume 38, p. 776-794. It's called 'Flow-data analysis with geographical information systems: a visual approach'.

Spatial Interaction Geovisualisation for Glasgow