Our Story

I have always loved stuffed animals. When I was a child, I would prefer a raggedy doll over the most beautiful, stiff, plastic dolly. I thought stuffed animals had more movement to them and enjoyed them more. Traditionally, bears have been a comforting toy, beloved of all children (even grown ones!) Being an artist by training, a craftster by heart and a lifelong crocheter, stuffed, crocheted bears were something that came out one day...almost spontaneously. Flowerumi took shape even as I worked and became lively characters almost all their own. Each one of my bears has a unique "face" and personality. I don't (I could say I can't ) repeat any of them, since they are handmade, each one comes out different, and as the colors and the shape of the bear moves in a given direction, the face and personality are born and the bear becomes different from all the others. A treasured future friend for someone already special. Why am I almost giving them away? Handmade toys are not cheap. They take TIME to make and require skill, artistry, imagination and ingenuity to put together, all of these elements have gone into my Flowerumi bears. I take pains to make them beautiful and fun, appealing and lovable, but at the same time, practical (washable, non-allergenic, and safe). Why, then, do I sell them so cheaply? Because I work all year round for charity causes, and I see that times are tough. Not everyone is prosperous and I just wouldn't like a child to be without a toy if one can be made available! If you are doing really well, then you can buy half a dozen of them, but if all you can afford is 1 bear to make your child happy for his or her birthday, or for Christmas and one of my Flowerumi can be that one special toy, that means a lot to me. I also know that it might mean a lot to your little one. That is what my Flowerumi are all about! If you have a number of gifts to make this soon coming Holiday Season and you figure your budget could use a break, but you still want to give something that's really wonderful to a little one who would just go crazy about it, visit my shop. I treat it like a brick and mortar store. It is open from Monday through Thursday (I have really important reasons for that) and you will find automatic PayPal buttons to shop. If you visit at any other time, you will be window-shopping. Here's the link you'll need: http://www.flowerumiplace.blogspot.com/ Please, spread the word about Flowerumi, you might make a difference for another parent's Christmas budget!