Flowertree Cottage

Dear Visitor, how lovely to see you here!  Please take your time to look around and relax your weary mind...

Where to go?

You can find your way through the cottage by clicking the menu on the right. You can always return here by clicking the 'home' button.

If you can't open one of the doors, then it probably means we didn't finish decorating yet and you need to try again later!

Welcome to Flowertree Cottage!

You may wonder where you have ended up; what is Flowertree Cottage, and what can you do here?

Well, Flowertree Cottage is one of those places where you go to when you are tired and need to relax a little. So take off your shoes, get yourself a cup of tea, and make yourself at home.

You are allowed to enter all rooms in the house, no matter how long or short your stay is. You are even allowed to open all cupboards, drawers and boxes! As long as you put everything back where you found it; then everyone is happy.

When you are done exploring Flowertree Cottage, please be so kind to leave a message in the guestbook with your comments, well-wishes or tips. Rude remarks however will be removed, as you can probably understand.


Enjoy your stay!
Flowertree Cottage


Living room

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