Flowers Paintings Images - Different Wedding Flowers.

Flowers Paintings Images

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flowers paintings images
flowers paintings images - 11"x 14"
11"x 14" Poster. Naked lady by flower pot Painting Poster. Decor with Unusual images. Great wall Decoration. Perfect for your home or office.
11"x 14" Poster. Naked lady by flower pot Painting Poster. Decor with Unusual images. Great wall Decoration. Perfect for your home or office.
This poster is brand new and measures 11"x14"(28x36cm) with a narrow white border around the image and reproduced on the highest quality paper and laminated for extra durability against scratches and UV rays. We digitally remove tears, tape, stains, library stamps as well as pen and glue marks. Once the image is clean, the high resolution scanned image is sharpened and the colors are enhanced to bring out the artwork original brilliance. Ready to be framed and perfect for a unique and long lasting gift.

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These paintings are my response to the queen of flowers...the rose. When they work for me it is with a sense of mystery communicated, but never contained or explained. I never try to "figure out" or understand anything about these images. When they work, I simply enjoy them as I might a stained glass window in an old cathedral. I hope you will too!
taos flower 32
taos flower 32
Photography & Art by Richard Lazzara, Boulder,CO.USA.

flowers paintings images
flowers paintings images
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