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                        Over  70 plant Families      

                        More than 400 different flowers   


                        From the Terai

                        to over 5000m in the Himal!



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This is now the principal site and the only one you need enter to get started.  From here you will be able to access everything I publish.There is still much to do and as I learn more about the web there will no doubt be further changes in design, hopefully making it more practical and more fun.

Authorised viewers can comment on, advise, correct and, hopefully, enjoy the process.  When completed, friends will attempt to produce a more attractive and practical site for publication.

Originally I had prepared a text and selected photos for a book, but as no publisher was to be found, the decision was made to go on line. This allows more species and more photos to be shown.

All my photos are colour slides and have to be scanned.  I first create high resolution files of selected photos and then copy them at a suitably low resolution for the site.

At the same time I revise and check identifications.  Since many photos were taken years ago when I knew less and had less information, there is quite a lot of work involved.  Moreover I now have experts who review material, for which I am eternally grateful.  This does however make me do my homework more thoroughly and I feel like a schoolboy doing exams every time I put a new family on line!

 I am not a botanist, nor even a biologist, nor any other kind of  I have been photographing wild flowers for over 40 years in my spare time, mostly in North East Spain, Catalunya and the Pyrenees, but also wherever I go.  My main objective today is to arouse greater public interest in our natural heritage.  Flowers are fun, flowers are beautiful, flowers are useful - in fact we depend on them, for food, for medicines and much else.  Science is necessary to improve our world but it needs adequate funding and for that public interest and support is vital.

Thank you.

Christopher Witty  

  ****Latest: May 2015 - see my trek to Langtang in May 1994, with reference to the 2015 earthquake ****

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