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Detachment History

The Citadel Detachment: It’s History & Accomplishments

The Citadel Coast Guard Society was formed on campus in the spring of 2007 as a student run club established by Cadet Ryan Kilgo ('07), with the help of USCG Chief Warrant Officer Tom Gelwicks ('74). This was unique because the Citadel could now boast that all military branches of service were represented on campus. The purpose of the unit then and now has always been to orient and educate cadets of service options within the United States Coast Guard, ranging from officer candidate school (OCS), to active duty enlistment, reserve enlistment and continued service with the auxiliary upon graduation. In the spring of 2008, with the help of USCG Auxiliary Division Captain Bill Riley ('61), the club on campus was activated as Auxiliary Flotilla 12-8A Citadel Detachment, under the command of cadet Stan Kablick, Class of '09.

The Citadel Detachment Badge & Field Jacket Patch

The detachment is the first of its kind on any college campus in the country and is a point of pride. We have grown to over twenty Cadet-Auxiliarist’s and are avidly seeking new members. Since the founding of the Coast Guard unit on campus, we have produced two cadets that attended Coast Guard OCS, two active duty enlistment, two reserve enlistments, and numerous graduates who have continued their Auxiliary career.

Class of 2007
Brian Dubois ~ OCS Graduate
Ryan Kilgo ~ OCS Graduate

Class of 2009
John Havers ~ Reserve Enlistment
Stan Kablick ~ Auxiliary
Cameron Woody ~ Auxiliary

Class of 2010
Justin Strassfield ~ Active Duty Enlistment / OCS Graduate

Class of 2011
Cody Westall ~ Active Duty Enlistment

Class of 2013
William Singletary ~ Reserve Enlistment

Class of 2014
Christopher Zeller ~ Reserve Enlistment
Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation

This was awarded to members of the 2011 Flotilla 12-8 National Safe Boating Week Team.

The photo shown above as well as the photo at the top of the 
page are from the unit activation ceremony.