Welcome to the Virtual Production Office for FUCKLOAD OF SCOTCH TAPE - the new independent feature film by Julian Grant. There are low-budget films, micro-budgeted films - but never before has there been a NO-BUDGET film. That's right - there's no budget for this picture. In keeping with the DIY aesthetic, Julian Grant and friends are forging ahead using the stone soup philosophy. Everyone contributes time, resources, skill and talent - and we all share in the finished film. We shoot nights, weekends, at my studio and on the wild streets of Chicago as we bring to life a murder musical like no others.  There are a lot of talented people adding to this film-noir musical and you will meet them all here.

Read on.

So what can I tell you?

  1. It's a ROTOSCOPE movie tracing LIVE ACTION onto FILM/VIDEO for your visual enjoyment.
  2. It's based on characters and stories by Jed Ayres.
  3. It's scored by Kevin Quain. You can find out more about him here.


I love film noir - and I also love musicals. So I put together two of my favorite genres and mashed up Kevin Quain and Jed Ayres and came up with FLOST. I owe a debt to Dennis Potter and his magnificent work over the years ("Pennies From Heaven", "The Singing Detective.") and Lars Von Trier's "Dancing In The Dark." All of this work has come together in FLOST. The added bonus of using rotoscope animation came from my own studies of early code animation and the fledgling efforts of the Fleischer Bros. and other artists experimenting with this new technology called filmmaking. So, here we are - with FLOST - a bare knuckle, no apologies love letter to James Ellroy, Busby Berkley, poverty row cinema and the genius of Edgar Ulmer.