Monetary and Fiscal Policy over the Business Cycle

Taught at the Paris School of Economics, Campus MSE ( APE Program


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Course Outline and Readings

There is no single textbook for this course, but two (excellent) useful textbooks containing complementary material are Michael Woodford's encyclopedic "Interest and Prices", (which is the book I refer to most often for these topics) and Jordi Gali's "Monetary Policy, Inflation, and the Business Cycle ...".

Lecture notes: 

Monetary and Fiscal Policy with Monopolistic Competition and Sticky Prices

(Errata for Chapter 5)

Simple financial frictions and heterogeneity: hand-to-mouth, limited asset markets participation. Dynamics, monetary and fiscal policy.

Fiscal Policy

Zero Lower Bound and Liquidity Traps: Saving, Borrowing, Sunspots. Fiscal and Monetary Policy in a Liquidity Trap.

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Slides used to summarize my papers with Ghironi and Melitz