Florida Victory Outreach Center



Florida Victory Outreach Center is a non-profit community-based organization, that is primarily dedicated to assisting, disadvantaged individuals within our society. We believe that everyone is entitled to legal services, that's why we offer assistance with legal documents at a very low cost. When certain situations require representation we network with several attorneys that care.


*Naturalization/Citizenship *Adjustment of Status *Deportation or Removal *Employment Petitions *Family Petitions *Political Asylum and Refugee Status *Self-petitions and Waivers for Battered Spouses * Dream act

Family Petitions:

*Paternity * Child Support *Custody and Visitation *Divorce-Contested and Uncontested.

Clean Record/ Expunge:

If you ever been arrested you might want to consider Expunging or Sealing your record. Florida provides both expungement and record sealing to individuals who want to remove their records from public views. If you received withheld adjudication, were found innocent at trial, or charges were dropped before trial, you may be eligible to have your record sealed or expunged.                         

501(c) 3 Applications:

Churches or organizations accepted under section I.R.S 501(c)(3) of the tax code are exempt from federal tax, thus allowing the organization to focus monetary resources on its operations. They also may be exempt from certain employment taxes. State officials may grant exemptions from state income, sales and property taxes.

Other Services:

Home Loan Modification, Notary Public, Set up new corporations, and Simple Contracts and more. 

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   Registered 501c3 Organization 

  This program is a Non-profit organization help us support this mission, and Donate.