Local restaurant's menus and directions are provided at the house.

This is a list of our personal favorites.  Menus and directions for most of them are at the house.  Look inside the notebook on the desk in the kitchen.

Ellie's Diner-Really good sandwiches.  Make sure you take cash because they don't take plastic.

Hurricane Alley-We all love this place.  The smoked fish dip is worth the trip to Florida.  However, don't go here if you are in a hurry.  They are about as slow as they can be.  I don't mind this on a beautiful day or evening when we have a table on the outside walkway.  The sangria is really good too! 

Two Georges-Great seafood, great atmosphere!  This place makes me happy!
Banana Boat-This place makes me even happier!  Lots of action if you eat on the patio and the food is awesome.  It is right on the intercoastal waterway, they have live music many nights, and is just a fun place to spend the evening.  It is right across from Two Georges.
Prime Catch-Again, great food, but this place is nice if you want something a little quieter and romantic!  It is also on the waterway with a patio you can eat on.

Doc's Soft Serve-I grew up on this ice cream and it is not as good now as it was then.  They may have spread themselves too thin as they now have a menu that includes burgers and such.  However, with that said, it is still pretty good icecream and it is fun to stop there after a night on the Avenue.  If you are fond of really greasy burgers, you will like theirs.

Boston's On The Beach-The food is good, but not great.  However, just the act of dining on their patio makes me happy.  It is right across the street from Delray Pubic Beach.  I prefer to go there for the night life.  They generally have live music on the weekends.  Check them out at

The Sandbar @ Boston's-When I was there in April 2012, this was the newest bar in Downtown Delray.  It was like being at a Tiki bar on a caribbean island.  I thought I had found the best ever lobster roll at Linda Bean's Lobster Roll (which is up the avenue), but I was wrong.  The lobster roll I ate here is something I dream about!  They served the best lobster roll I have ever tasted and can't wait to go back to Delray for another!  It is actually more of a bar than a restaurant, so kids are not allowed.

Cabana El Rey-Of all the places I could choose for my 50th birthday party, I choose this restaurant.  Need I say more?  It was delicious as always and I never tire of the  Chimmichurri steak!  It is an excellent Latin American restaurant.

Burgerfi-This is a really good burger place right across from the beach.  Delray really needed a casual little lunch place so close to the shore.  It is not your usual greasy burger joint.  Burgerfi serves Natural Angus beef that is certified humane.  It is antibiotic and hormone free and vegetarian fed.  I am not generally a big burger fan, but I have been back to Burgerfi on several occasions and it is consistently good quality.

Just a few miles up or down US 1 there are your usual places such as Subway, Quizno's, McDonalds.  If you venture over to the west side of Delray you will have ALL the chain restaurants you could wish for.  Going to Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Delray will provide you with an abundance of upscale dining and nightly entertainment.