ID Cards

There are a couple of good websites where you can make an ID card.

Big Huge Labs has a free "make your badge/ID card" page.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op has a free homeschool ID page.

You can use a photo of yourself or your child or the logo to the right on either of these ID cards. Customize the card to suit your needs. Are you a teacher or a homeschooler? Is your child a homeschooler or enrolled in a private school or a student? Depending on what you want the card for, any of these answers and more can be right.

This is only an option -- you may not need or want an ID card -- and it is completely up to you to create the ID card that works for you and your family.

Special Note of Thanks:

The logo you see here was designed by a wonderfully talented Florida Unschoolers student. Thank you, Karin!