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Attendance -- Why?

Why all this fuss about attendance?

Enrollment paperwork and attendance. Those are the requirements to have your child enrolled with Florida Unschoolers.

But why? You are homeschooling. Living a lovely life with your children and now there’s all this strict stuff about attendance when everything else is not strict at all.

Because it’s the law.

Florida Unschoolers is a private school. Private schools are required to keep certain records. I have to keep a list of students and a headcount and other internal paperwork that you never see. I am required to keep the paperwork you send me when you enroll your child. I am also required to keep attendance records.

That’s just the deal when you run a private school. Records.

The point of it all is that enrolling your child in a private school is one way to be in compliance with the compulsory attendance law in Florida. Public school, register with the county as a homeschooler, hire a private tutor or enroll your child in a private school -- if you don’t do one of those things, once your child is of compulsory attendance age, your child is truant.

Now, if we met every day and I saw that your child was there, I wouldn’t need you to check in online. But we don’t. We are spread all across Florida. So I require you to check in online each quarter to let me know you are still there, that you are still homeschooling, that you want to continue to have your child enrolled with Florida Unschoolers.

It’s a very simple process but it is a required process. If I don’t get an attendance report from you, I will send you an email informing you that your child is no longer enrolled with Florida Unschoolers. Because it’s the law.