Reporting attendance is very simple.

The attendance form has two lines:

Your Email

Student’s Last Name, Student's First Name.

The next attendance report will be due by January 1 so you will have from December 25 through January 1 to report.

That’s it -- a very simple form and one week to submit it.

If no attendance report is received, your child's enrollment will be terminated.

Everyone will be sent one courtesy attendance reminder email one week before the due date. This is a group email and includes a link to the attendance form.

The same attendance reminder will be posted on the Facebook page one week before the due date.

It is your responsibility to go to the attendance form and submit a report whether or not you get the courtesy reminder.

Bottom line: If no attendance report is received, your child's enrollment will be terminated. You will need to enroll your child with a different school or register with the county as a homeschooler.

Due Dates

Attendance is due at the beginning of each calendar quarter.

October/November/December attendance is due January 1

January/February/March attendance is due April 1

April/May/June attendance is due July 1

July/August/September attendance is due October 1.



You should submit a separate attendance report for each of your children.

You will see a window pop up when you hit the submit button, confirming the report was submitted. You may also get an email confirming the report was received but this Google feature does not always work for everyone.

You may print out the screen before you hit submit or otherwise keep a record that you sent in your attendance report.

If your email changes, contact me.

If you are going to be away from the internet during the reporting week, contact me.

If you are withdrawing your child for any reason, contact me.

If there is some special circumstance -- not just forgetting or being busy but an actual life event -- that prevents you from reporting on time, contact me.

You will be sent an email informing you that your child is no longer enrolled with Florida Unschoolers if an attendance report is not received. If you believe you have received this email in error, contact me.

See the Attendance FAQ for more.